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Course Description

This online police exam prep course is designed to help prepare you for the police officer entrance exam.
The course includes a comprehensive review of all the topics typically covered on the police officer entrance exam, including mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar and writing skills, problem solving and critical thinking, memorization and recall, logic, spatial orientation and judgment.

What You’ll Learn


Techniques to improve your problem solving and critical thinking skills

Sample questions, quizzes, and exercises to help you prepare for the exam
A comprehensive review of all topics on the police officer entrance exam
Tips for improving your reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills
Strategies to improve your ability to memorize facts and recall them quickly
Methods for mastering spatial orientation and judgment tasks
Practice tests with complete answer explanations
Judgment skills needed to be successful in a police officer’s role
Ways to improve your spatial orientation and judgment through practice tests
The importance of logical reasoning in police work, and how to use it in your exams
How to avoid common mistakes and maximize your potential on the police entrance exam
Detailed Tips for every type of question on the police officer entrance exam
The skills necessary for success in a police officer’s career
And more!


I Will Help You Fill Out the Application the Right Way the FIRST Time—with The Pass the Police Exam Online Course!

One of my friends decided he wanted to be a police officer. He went through the application process and was quickly disqualified. So he went through the process again—but this time he asked me to review his application before he sent it in.

I was shocked to see all the major mistakes he had made. I helped him complete his application correctly and trained him for the written exam and fitness test, and finally the oral interview. He aced everything, got on the eligibility list, and eventually got hired within nine months!

I can do the same for you! I will walk you through the application step by step and make sure you do not leave any careless mistakes behind—mistakes that will get your application rejected.

The application is the crucial first step. It has to be 100% perfect! I will help you make sure it is!

You’ll also learn:

How to complete the application so you’ll be noticed (in a good way!) by the recruiter and move to the head of the eligibility list.
How to make sure you supply all the material the department needs to process your application. Do you need a resume? I’ll answer that…
How to maximize your chances for a position by knowing who is hiring.
How to make sure you show that you have the special qualities that departments want in their officers. They don’t always tell you what they are looking for. But rest assured—they ARE watching you to see if you have these qualities!

There are a lot of key points you need to know, and Pass the Police Exam covers them all.

How to study for the exam in a focused way, so you don’t waste time and stick to the best study material and techniques.
I supply you with sample practice questions with detailed answers and explanations that are closely based on the actual questions found on real exams used by departments across the country. You will know exactly what’s waiting for you in the exam room! No surprises with Pass the Police Exam training!
I cover key topics including: problem solving; exercising good judgment in various scenarios; verbal abilities; clear writing skills; physical orientation and how to judge direction and distance; memory optimization and how to maximize your observation skills; how to apply mathematical problem solving to real-life situations, and more.
Test traps! All the little tricks that are designed to trip you up on your exam. If you’re nervous (which you will be) you are far more likely to get caught by these clever tricks. You need to know what they are before you go in, so they will stick out and you can deal with them properly.
How to pick the most likely correct answer when you haven’t got a clueDon’t panic and don’t just guess! There are tried-and-true ways to do this. I’ll show you how to use intelligent elimination to arrive at the right choice.

Plus more police test tips, tricks, and secrets that will help you breeze through the exam!

If you follow everything I teach you in Pass the Police Exam, you will walk in owning the exam, and walk out having passed it and ready to move onto the next phase.


Who Is This Course is for

This course is designed for those who are preparing to take the police officer entrance exam. No prior knowledge or experience is required, as the course covers all topics found on the exam.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced veteran, this course will provide you with the necessary tools and information to help you succeed in your police entrance exam.

By the end of this course, you’ll have all the skills needed to ace the police officer entrance exam and pursue a successful career in law enforcement.

Why Me? Why My Course?

About The Course Creator

My name is EL Forestal and I’ve been a police officer for 20+ years. The original Pass The Police Exam online course was developed way back in the mid 2010’s.

I’m proud to say that after many revisions, it remains one of the most successful resources for those looking to pass the police officer entrance exam.

Since the course’s creation, thousands of students have used it to successfully pass the police officer entrance exam and move on to pursue their law enforcement dreams.

I’m passionate about helping aspiring police officers achieve their goals, and that’s why I’ve included 5+ complimentary Add-Ons to this course.

These complimentary add-ons provide additional guidance, tips and advice on how to carve out a successful career in law enforcement.

My goal has always been to make sure that everyone who takes this course is prepared not just to pass the exam, but also to be successful in their careers as police officers.

So, if you’re ready to start your journey towards becoming a police officer, I’m here to help.

With my Pass The Police Exam online course, you’ll have all the tools necessary to ace the exam and pursue a successful career in law enforcement.

Best of luck!

E.L. Forestal
Founder/Author – Pass The Police Exam
Email: el at

Here are 8 complimentary Add-Ons included in The Course:

Free Bonus #1

1) How To Overcome Fear (Valued At: $17.99)

Police work can sometimes be like the military: long periods of routine calm, punctuated by short bursts of adrenaline-pumping terror! Fear is a perfectly natural response, but it can cause problems if it becomes overwhelming.

In this lesson, you will learn how to develop the mental and emotional strength to cope with the unexpected. You’ll be equipped to take on any situation with confidence!

Free Bonus #2

2) How to Become a Better Leader Audio Book (Valued At: $19.99)

Leadership is an essential skill for any police officer, and this audio book will help you develop the necessary leadership skills to excel in your career.

You’ll learn how to inspire others, share and delegate tasks effectively. This course will provide you with the tools needed to become a successful leader.

Free Bonus #3

3) How to Beat Burnout Audiobook and/or eBook (Valued At: $39.99)

As police officers, it’s essential to stay focused and productive for long stretches of time. This audiobook or eBook will provide you with the tools needed to avoid burnout and stay motivated in your career.

You’ll learn how to manage stress, focus on the task at hand and stay positive even when things get tough. The tips and strategies outlined in this book will help you stay energized and productive!

Free Bonus #4

4) Being More Accepting of Others: Video Only Course (Valued At: $16.99)

In this video course, you’ll learn how to be more accepting of others and build better relationships with your colleagues.

You will learn tips on how to effectively communicate and develop a understanding for different perspectives.

These skills are essential for police officers as they will help foster good working relationships and create a more harmonious work environment.

Free Bonus #5

5) Managing and Dealing With Anger: Video Only Course (Valued At: $17.99)

Anger is a natural emotion, but it can easily be mismanaged if left unchecked. In this video course, you’ll learn how to effectively manage and deal with anger in a positive way. You’ll receive tips on

Free Bonus #6

6) Secrets To Overcoming Test Anxiety (Retail Value =$21.99)

Unfortunately, even with all the preparation I have included in Pass the Police Exam, there are still some people who suffer from test anxiety. Some of them freeze up. Some of them forget everything they’ve studied. Others get so emotional that they can’t concentrate and start to panic.

The end result is that all their preparation goes out the window and they end up failing the exam, which is a real shame. I would be remiss if I didn’t address this issue for those of you who might be prone to test anxiety. I don’t want you to go to all the trouble of studying the information I give to you, only to have a meltdown in the exam room. This bonus book will help you cope with your fears and overcome them.

Free Bonus #7

7) How To Stay Positive In The Workplace (Value At: $14.99)

I see this scenario play itself out all too often. An excited applicant makes it through the hiring process, and then the police training academy, and finally through their rookie year.

They are genuinely excited about the work they do. Officer X take pride in his/her work, and it shows in their job performance.

Then something happens. They stop caring about their job. They lose that zeal that made them such a good police officer.

What happened?

They got burned out, lost track of what’s most important, became bitterly negative about everything. It’s no surprise that most days they dread going to work.

So, what happened to that young officer that was ready to help his/her community. I’ll tell exactly what happened, and how to avoid it.

In this report, I will share with you how a positive attitude can influence and motivate yourself and others.

Learn some key factors that will turn you into a cop that will continually challenge yourself, one that take pride in his/her work; and who have a passion and desire to grow professionally.

8) 10 Deadly Mistakes That Will Get You Disqualified (Valued: $19.95)

This valuable resource can help ensure success in your law enforcement application process by providing expert advice about the law enforcement hiring process.

With 10 detail on the common pitfalls of law enforcement applications, such as improper paperwork and lack of preparation, this book is essential for anyone looking to make sure their application runs smoothly. A must-have for aspiring law enforcement professionals! 

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Jeff Exam Taker in PA

"I'm so glad that I took your course. You gave me all the tips and tricks to make sure that I was well-prepared for the exams. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to become a police officer!"

Zachary Exam Taker in FL

"I was so nervous about taking the police exams, but your program made it so much easier. I feel like I'm now well-prepared to take on any challenge that comes my way!"

Steve Exam Taker in OR

"The online police exam prep course was a great help to me. It gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pass all of my exams with ease."

Stephon Exam Taker in AZ

"This course really opened my eyes to what I needed to do in order to succeed on these tests. It equipped me with the confidence and skills to ace them. Thank you for this amazing resource!"

Taylor Exam Taker in OK

"Taking this course was the best decision I ever made. It really helped me gain a better understanding of the material, and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on my exam. Thanks for everything!"


“The online prep course was an incredible help to me. I liked that it broke down the material into bite-sized chunks and gave tips on how to best tackle the questions. Highly recommend this course for anyone who is planning on taking their exam!”


“The online prep course was an incredible help to me. I liked that it broke down the material into bite-sized chunks and gave tips on how to best tackle the questions. Highly recommend this course for anyone who is planning on taking their exam!”

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Shaun Exam Taker in NY

"I was so overwhelmed with the police exam and I had no idea what to expect. After taking this course I felt prepared and confident going into my test. This online prep course gave me exactly what I needed!"

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"The online police exam prep course was great! The practice tests were very helpful and the tips were so useful. I felt prepared and ready to take the exam after taking this course."

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"I was so nervous to take the police exam. This course helped me understand exactly what I needed to know and gave me helpful tips on how to do well."

David Exam Taker in TX

"I loved how comprehensive this course was. I felt like I had all the resources and tools to not just pass the exam, but do well on it. Highly recommend this course!"

Jenna Exam Taker in FL

"I was close to giving up when I found this online course. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to do well. The strategies were easy to understand and I was able to pass the test with flying colors!"

Hannah Exam Taker in FL

“I took two of these exams with no preparation, and I failed them both! After taking this course I was able to get a much better understanding of the material, and felt more prepared than ever before."

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We pride ourselves on having 20+ years of law enforcement experience to draw from.

We know what it takes to get a job in this field, and have tailored our courses accordingly.

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After studying for months and feeling like I was making no progress on the police exam, I decided to take this police exam prep course and I'm so glad I did! With detailed instruction and a practice test to gauge my progress, this course gave me all the tools I needed to feel confident going into the exams.

Myles Test Taker in MI

Taking this police exam prep course was the best decision I could have made. The comprehensive content and straightforward explanations helped me prepare for the tests in no time. With practice questions and key points highlighted, I was able to easily understand and retain the most important information.

Luke Test Taker in IN

If you're looking to ace the police exam, this prep course is a must. It offers a wealth of information that's easy to follow and understand. With practice questions, detailed instruction and tips to help me get ready, I felt more than confident going in. Sure enough, I passed with flying colors!