Houston Police Department Hiring Process Tips

If you want to become a cop for the Houston Police Department, let me be the first to say it’s not going to be easy. A lot of people are now realizing the private sector is not as stable as it once was ten years ago. As a result, many people are looking for the security of a government job in law enforcement.

The down turn in the economy has significantly increased the volume of applications submitted to the Houston Police Department every single day. To insure that you stand out and are the one to subsequently get hired, you must prepare yourself. Here are a few things  I’ve listed below that many candidates take for granted, but is essential to getting hired.

The Application Process:

Many potential recruits take this part of the process lightly and I’ve seen a lot of applicants get the boot because they simply didn’t complete the application correctly. Misspellings and grammatical errors are just a few things that will get your application tossed to the side. Another thing is leaving some portion of the application blank because you didn’t understand what was being asked. If you’re uncertain about a question on the application, don’t just leave it blank, call the recruiting officer for clarification.

Police Written Exam:

The entrance exam is basically a filtering tool for the Houston Police Department. As I mentioned earlier the Houston Police Department is flooded with applications. So the only legitimate way to eliminate some of these people who will not be good cops is through the police exam. Normally the entrance exam will wipe out around 50% of all applicants and the polygraph will take out another 10%. The good thing about the police exam is that it’s predictable and you can actually prepare for it by getting a good police exam study guide.

Police Oral Board Interview:

The oral board exam will ultimately make you or break you. If you have a poor performance in front of the oral board, you might as well pack it up. In contrast, if you have an outstanding interview, you’ll most likely get offered the job. Just like the police exam, the oral board interview is fairly predictable and you can prepare for it with a good study guide.

I’m always at a lost when I see candidates flunk the police exam when it could have been prevented only if they had taken a few practice exams that are available at several reputable sources online. They go into it ill-prepared and as a result they fail the exam.