Police Oral Interview Scenario Questions – Judgment & Situational Questions

Here are some scenario based questions to expect during the police oral interview. Use sound judgment and good common sense to come up with a tactical response. There aren’t any “good” or “bad” answers unless your response is way out in left field.  Also, you are not expected to have the knowledge of a veteran police officer so don’t think you have to act like one when answering a question.

Police Judgment and Situational Interview  Questions:

1) “You are in a high speed chase when you come upon railroad tracks. The railroad lights are flashing and the crossing bars are moving down with a train at full speed closing in. You see the suspect barrel through the crossing bars. Do you proceed in the chase?”

2)”You are off-duty at a friends party. While at this party you observe several individuals who you do not recognize using illegal substances. What do you do?”

3) “You respond to a call about an alleged suicide attempt. You walk into a room where you see a person seated holding a gun to there head. The person states that if you leave, he/she will shoot themselves but if you stay he/she will shoot you. What do you do?”

4) “You and a fellow officer are responding to a domestic incident and when preparing to leave the scene, you notice your partner taking a small item of value from the home and put it in his pocket. What do you do?”

5) “You respond to a call to assist another officer and arrive as the officer is placing the cuffed suspect into his patrol car. After placing the suspect in the car, you witness the officer punch the suspect. What do you do?”

6) “You are called to the scene of a loud party at a private residence and after arriving, notice the underage son of your best friend in the corner of the room holding an alcoholic beverage. What do you do?”

All and all you have to answer honestly throughout the entire police interview process. If you aren’t, you’ll get confused and the board will see right through you. Besides, if you are deceptive in your oral interview or would even consider actually doing so, you have no business being a cop.

Hope These Questions Help.