Metro DC Police Job Overview:

Starting Salary, Pay Scale, Application Hiring Process & Recruiting Outlook

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The top 3 Reasons to become a
Washington DC Police Officer


Washington DC Police Dept. is one of the most diverse police agency in that region so your gender, race or sexual orientation shouldn't hinder you from employment.


Metropolitan Police Department offer a very competitive starting salary for new cops. After completion of the academy your salary jumps $60,199 to $65,863 after 18 months.


one of the best advantages of working for a large agency like MPDC is the many Advancement opportunities that other smaller agencies simply can't offer.

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Minimum Qualifications

Note Metro DC Police Department will require that you pass a comprehensive background check before becoming a cop for MPDC

Automatic Disqualification Factors:


How Much Money Will I Make at MPDC

Starting Salary
*$60,199+ per Year
After 18 Months of service
*$65,863+ Annually
Top Step Officer Pay
*$106,742+ per year
  • *salary does not reflect overtime, career promotion, longevity, shift premium, education, bonuses, lateral transfer, etc.

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How to Become a Metropolitan Police Officer for MPDC

Here are the steps needed to become a police officer for Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC). Remember the recruitment process is a long and tedious one, sometimes taking up to 1-2 year before you are hired.

Step #1: Complete and sign the application (along with any supplemental forms).

Submit them by mail to the Police Recruiting Unit, or deliver in person between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Within 30 days, a package wil be mailed to qualified applications notifing them of the test date.

Applicants applying for Lateral Entry must write “Lateral” on the top of their application form. Otherwise, those applications will be processed as entry-level. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements will be notified in writing.

Step #2: Pass the Written Test for Police Officer.

This test measures one’s ability to learn and perform the job of police officer. Some of the test questions are based on material relative to law enforcement.

However, prior personal knowledge or experience in law enforcement is not required in order to do well on the test. Thirty days before the test date, a Study/Preparation Guide will be mailed to all applicants scheduled to take the test.

Step #3: Pass the background check.

All qualified candidates will be subject to a background investigation covering areas such as, but not limited to, arrest history, driving history, education, military history and residential history, and must receive a favorable report of findings prior to appointment.

Step #4: Pass a psychological examination and a drug-screening test.

Establish continued eligibility.

The list of eligible candidates established under the current announcement will be added to the ongoing lists of eligible police officer candidates established under previous announcements. All qualifying candidates will remain eligible for the duration of the register associated with this announcement.

If you had eligibility established under a previous announcement and you are still being considered for appointment, you need not apply under this announcement. However, if you are unsure of your continued eligibility, you may wish to contact the MPDC Recruiting Unit to verify your status.

Inform the MPDC Recruiting Unit —in writing— immediately of any changes in your mailing address and/or personal and work telephone numbers.

The letter should include old and new information, your full name (printed and signed), along with your social security number and the date the changes went into effect.

If you miss your exam date, you may reschedule for the next exam date (provided space is available).

Contact Background and Testing Office at (202) 645-4772.

MPDC Earnings, Annual Salary, Pay Scale Information:

The starting salary for police officers is $60,199 a year. After 18 months of service, most police officers can expect to earn a base salary of approximately $65,863 a year. Lateral officers’ starting salaries range are much higher depending on their previous experience.

Application Process For Employment Chart

The Applicant Selection Process is a four-month process from the time a candidate applies for a police officer position with the Metropolitan Police Department to the time of appointment.

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