Average Salary, Pay Scale & Pay Range of a Law Enforcement Officer


If you are looking for a law enforcement job – the biggest questions on your mind is probably, “How much money does a law enforcement officer make per year?” The answer varies base on geographic location, what law enforcement entity you are looking to get into and etc.

However looking into the average  salary for a law enforcement officer is a very interesting topic because there are several variables that affect a LEO’s yearly earnings.

Before giving you a raw number on how much you’ll earn as a law enforcement officer, let’s break down the many components inside the law enforcement profession. First and foremost, the term law enforcement can mean many things as there are several different branches.

For instance, do you want to work at the local, state, or federal level? The second questions is are you looking to get into police work, Corrections, DEA, FBI, US Marshall? These questions will directly impact how much money you make.

The higest paid entry level jobs in the law enforcement profession is with the federal government.  However as you know, not everyone can work for the federal government as their hiring process is extremely competitive, and intense. It’s not uncommon to see thousands of applicants for a handful of openings.

So what is the average salary, pay scale, pay chart of a law enforcement officer?

How Much Does a Cop Make?

Again it all depends on what you want to do. For example, if you want to work as a police officer for the state, county, or the city expect a salary between $30,000 to $45,000 starting out.  Of course the salary will gradually increase as you gain more experience, but the entry level, straight out of the academy will be around 45k abd below.

The pay is a lot higher in bigger cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Why? Because the cost of living there is higher.

How much does a correctional officer make?

The highest paying industries for correctional officers are the federal government, with pays $52,310; state government, at $43,710; and local government, at $41,370.

Both state and local governments also offer the best employment opportunities, at 256,880 and 160,310 jobs, respectively. They are followed by facilities support services, with pay at $31,870 and employment at 21,610.

How Much Does An Fbi Agent Make?

FBI agents use the same base pay tables that govern salaries for all government workers. These tables divide pay into grades, which relate to education and experience. Each grade is further divided into 10 steps to account for salary increases between grades.

New agents start at grade GS-10, step 1, which pays $45,771 per year as of January 2011. A mid-level agent might be classified under GS-12, step 6, with compensation at $70,319. The highest GS-15, step 10 level on this table makes $129,517 per year.

If you are searching for truck driver jobs the biggest question on your mind is probably, “How much money do truck drivers make?” This is a very interesting and exciting topic as we will go through the things that effect truck driver income and give you realistic salary values.

How Much Does a DEA Agent Get Paid?

Starting salaries for DEA special agents as of September, 2010, are about $49,746 per year for GS-7 salary level agents and $55,483 per year for GS-9 salary level agents. GS levels are used by the OPM to determine pay levels for federal employees.

After working for the DEA for four years, the salary of special agents can progress to GS-13 level which is set at about $92,592 or more per year (as of September, 2010).

How Much Money Does a Secret Service Agent Make Per Year?

A secret service agent’s base salary is $43,200 – $73,354. A lump sum of 25 percent of one year’s salary granted to those who pass the foreign language exam. Further bonuses relating to foreign language are determined by the availability of funds and use of the language in the field.

After five years of service, the median salary for an agent increases significantly to a median salary of $90,733. Median pay is $95,000 after ten years.