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Founded by Officer Forestal, our mission is to raise awareness and promote change in the prevention, intervention, and response to first responder suicides, and other mental health challenges in Law enforcement

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We focus on the truly important things you need to know to understand the challenges you face, make informed decisions, and take positive steps to start getting better.

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Law enforcement is a career that is multi-facet, and has several branches. We created a number of information rich content that explain every sector of law enforcement for those interested in this career path.


Outside The Badge exist to be a leader in the movement to end police suicides in the US by creating a judgment-free platform that provides accessible information to those repeatedly exposed to trauma

Law Enforcement and Suicide

This is Rob Davis:
Police Officer For 20 years

Watch: How He Overcame PTSD

Learn about PTSD, stress management and common mental health issues in law enforcement.

Learn how to prepare for retirement as you age and navigate common financial pitfalls.

Learn how to build a healthy relationships with your spouse, and overcome common marital challenges.

Good nutrition and exercises is one of the keys to a healthy life. Get tips for improving your diet, fitness and wellness.

Interested in law enforcement? A lot of career options can be overwhelming, but these tips will help you choose the right path for you.


Get tips and advice on how to remain committed to your faith while working in law enforcement

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This is Ron Griffith:

Watch: Retired cop shares his
devastating battle with PTSD

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This is Joe Peterson:
Police Officer For 30 years

Watch: How He Overcame Alcoholisn

In Memory of the NYC 10

OutsideTheBadge.com is dedicated to the (10) New York City police officers, whose tragic suicides may have been prevented if they had access to better information.

Are You Suffering From:

anxiety, PTSD, Burnout, martial problems,
fear, Alcoholism or an overall lack of mental wellbeing?