The 7+ Best Dumb Phones of 2024

Is social media running your life? Are you tired of obsessively checking social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, X, TikTok, or email? Free yourself with one of these excellent, scaled-down options.

Best Overall

#1. Easyfone Prime-A6

  • Clear and loud sound; Easy-to-Use operating system.
  • Classic bar-type cell phone focus on calling and texting, No Internet access and without camera.


#2. Nokia 6300 4G

  • This is a single SIM phone. Please confirm device compatibility with your carrier before ordering. LTE/4G compatibility is…

Best Budget

#3. Cat S22 Flip

  • This is a single SIM phone. Please confirm device compatibility with your carrier before ordering. LTE/4G compatibility is dependent on your carrier…

Picking a Dumb Phone

Picking a good dumb phone is actually easy, since you’re likely not looking for a ton of features—you just have to be real about what your priorities are.

If you want a phone that includes a GPS program and hotspot capabilities for working remotely, there are ones that check those boxes.

If you want a phone that can stream YouTube vids or allow you to periodically check Facebook, you can find one to achieve those ends, too.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking, “Bro, I need tech that absolutely cannot handle the TikTok app, but that still has a pretty good camera,” you’re also in luck.

Quick Look at Our Picks for the Best Dumb Phones of 2024

  • Best iPhone replacement – Wisephone II
  • The original minimalist brick – Light Phone II
  • Recently upgraded Light Phone – Light Phone III
  • Best dumb-ish phone – Unihertz Jelly Star
  • Designer dummy – Punkt MP02
  • The best flip phone – Sunbeam F1 Horizon
  • Nostalgia trip – Nokia 6300
  • Mid-range flip phone – Nokia 2780
  • For commitment-phobes – Unpluq
  • Burner mode – Tracfone TCL Flip 2

Best iPhone Replacement – Wisephone II

At first glance, the Wisephone II looks almost exactly like an iPhone. A slim, sleek build with a large screen, side-mounted buttons, and even the panoply of camera lenses you’d find on the back of an iPhone or Pixel.

But the difference becomes apparent as soon as you unlock the screen. Marketed as “The Smartest Dumb Phone,” this “intentionally boring phone” features, well, boring versions of most essential tools you would find on a smartphone.

“Techless” maps, ad-free music player, hella advanced camera, group-chat capabilities, damn, this thing is awesome and I want one now.

The Original Minimalist Brick – Light Phone II

The Light Phone is one of the higher-profile dumb phones out there—likely due to its design, as it’s very attractive. It’s small and sleek, and uses an electronic paper screen, not unlike an e-reader.

The screen is only black and white, and it has extremely basic features, including a music and podcast player, a calendar, an alarm, and a calculator.

It does have a full screen for texting, which is a rarity among dumb phones, so that’s a huge plus if you love chatting with the gang.

Recently Upgraded Light Phone – Light Phone III

“Planned obsolescence remains an outrage to us,” Light said (rather dramatically) in the press release accompanying the announcement of the Light Phone III.

“We’ll continue to sell, support and service our older models.” That’s reassuring, considering the Light Phone II is still a highly sought-after ticket. Now, the Light Phone III, designed to “make going light even easier,” is available for pre-order as well.

Best Dumb-ish Phone – Unihertz Jelly Star

“When you go from the Jelly to the iPhone, it’s like going from a phone to a laptop,” Stults told VICE. “It’s awesome. It’s just a miniature smartphone.” This mini-smartphone is perfect for those who are unable or unwilling to break away from the conveniences of life on the apps. The Jelly Star “runs super smooth—Spotify, everything runs great on it—it’s just tiny.”

Designer Dummy – Punkt MP02

If your goal is having people say, “Wow, cool—what is that?” every time you take your phone out, the Punkt will certainly deliver. Designed by lauded English product and furniture designer Jasper Morrison, it has a really neat minimalist-modern shape with an angled back that makes it especially ergonomic. It does have Bluetooth, as well as a couple other basic features, like an alarm, timer, calendar, and calculator, but it’s otherwise meant to be used pretty much just as a phone and texting device.

The Best Flip Phone – Sunbeam F1 Horizon

“Sunbeam Horizon: for people that want a flip phone, that’s the best flip phone we recommend.” Say no more, fam. It’s the best, and the people at Sunbeam know it—this sturdy little flip comes at damn near smartphone price point. But take a look at the specs and you’ll see it’s priced that way for good reason. First off, it’s super solidly built. So if you miss the feeling of skating the stairs at the local high school with a nice chunky brick in your pocket for some reason, this one’s for you.

Nostalgia Trip – Nokia 6300

Trying to return spiritually to the good old days of Tony Hawk: Pro Skater marathons, hearing Matchbox 20s tracks 15 times a day, and excessive Taco Bell consumption? This Nokia phone probably looks most similar to the device you had in the Before Times, aka high school in the early 2000s. Despite its retro look, the 6300 is actually one of the most modern of the dumb phones, as it has Facebook and WhatsApp access, YouTube, hotspot capability, FM radio (if you’re craving some Nelly), and a maps feature.

Mid-range Flip Phone – Nokia 2780 Flip

Trying to take some pics of your new NBA Jam high score (under the name ASS, obviously)? The Nokia 2780 flip phone (YES) actually has one of the better cameras for both photos and video at five megapixels (many phone cameras are only two) so if you spot an incredible vanity plate, you’ll still be able to snap it.

For Commitment-phobes – Unpluq

While not technically a phone, the Unpluq makes our list because it caters to a very specific audience. One that, if you’re reading this, you’re very likely a member of: the merely dumb phone-curious. Unpluq is “for everybody that wants a dumbphone, but knows they can’t break away from what they need on it,” which is pretty much every employed person at this point.

Burner Mode – Tracfone TCL Flip 2

This Tracfone TCL dumbphone is the nuclear option. It’s the “changing my name and going into witness protection” option. And that’s not a bad thing. If you truly want to abandon your contract and current phone, cop this tech and sign up for prepaid Tracfone coverage. You can buy as much prepaid time as you want, so the phone will be as economical as you need it to be (but, let’s be real, you probably won’t be using it enough to necessitate an expensive plan).

Best Overall

#1. Easyfone Prime-A6

  • Clear and loud sound; Easy-to-Use operating system.
  • Classic bar-type cell phone focus on calling and texting, No Internet access and without camera.


#2. Nokia 6300 4G

  • This is a single SIM phone. Please confirm device compatibility with your carrier before ordering. LTE/4G compatibility is…

Best Budget

#3. Cat S22 Flip

  • This is a single SIM phone. Please confirm device compatibility with your carrier before ordering. LTE/4G compatibility is dependent on your carrier…

What is a Dumb Phone?

Definition and Purpose

A dumb phone, also known as a feature phone, is a basic mobile phone that provides essential communication functions such as calls and texts without the advanced features of a smartphone. These phones are designed to minimize distractions and reduce dependency on technology, helping users to focus on real-life interactions and tasks.

Key Features

Dumb phones generally lack the capabilities that define smartphones, such as:

  • Internet Browsing: Limited or no access to web browsers, preventing endless surfing.
  • Social Media: Absence of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • App Store: No access to app stores, meaning fewer distractions from games and other applications.
  • Touchscreens: Often feature physical buttons, which can be more intuitive and less prone to accidental inputs.

Benefits of Using a Dumb Phone

Using a dumb phone offers several advantages:

  • Reduced Screen Time: Without constant notifications and social media, users can significantly cut down their screen time.
  • Improved Focus: With fewer digital distractions, users can concentrate better on work or personal activities.
  • Increased Privacy: Basic phones offer enhanced privacy as they do not track or store extensive personal data.
  • Longer Battery Life: Dumb phones typically have much longer battery life compared to smartphones due to their limited functionalities.

Popular Uses

Dumb phones are gaining popularity for various reasons:

  • Digital Detox: Ideal for people looking to take a break from their digital lives.
  • Elderly Users: Suitable for older adults who need simple devices without complicated features.
  • Young Children: Perfect for kids who need to stay in touch with parents but do not require a smartphone.
  • Backup Phone: Useful as a secondary phone for emergencies or travel.

Market Trends

The market for dumb phones is growing as more individuals seek to disconnect from the constant barrage of information and regain control over their lives. Brands are continuously innovating to offer aesthetically pleasing and functional dumb phones that cater to this demand. Whether it’s for a complete digital detox or just a simpler way to stay connected, dumb phones are here to stay.

What to Consider When Buying a Dumb Phone?

Purpose and Usage

Determine why you need a dumb phone. Are you looking to reduce screen time, need a secondary phone, or want a device for a specific demographic like children or the elderly? Understanding your primary purpose will help narrow down the choices.

Essential Features

Evaluate the basic features you need:

  • Calling and Texting: Ensure the phone has reliable calling and texting capabilities.
  • Battery Life: Look for a phone with long battery life, especially if you need it for emergencies or travel.
  • Durability: Consider the build quality, especially if you need a rugged phone for outdoor activities or a reliable device for elderly users.

Connectivity Options

While dumb phones are limited in connectivity compared to smartphones, some features might still be essential:

  • Network Compatibility: Ensure the phone is compatible with your carrier’s network (GSM or CDMA).
  • Bluetooth: Useful for hands-free calling and connecting to other devices like speakers.
  • Wi-Fi and Hotspot: Some dumb phones offer basic Wi-Fi connectivity and hotspot capabilities for occasional internet use.


Consider the ease of use, especially if the phone is intended for children or seniors:

  • Physical Buttons: Phones with physical buttons are generally easier to use than touchscreens.
  • Display: A clear, easy-to-read display is crucial for text messaging and viewing call logs.
  • Size and Weight: Ensure the phone is compact and lightweight for portability.

Additional Features

Some dumb phones come with additional features that might be beneficial:

  • Camera: Basic cameras can be useful for occasional photos.
  • GPS and Navigation: Handy for users who need basic navigation without a smartphone.
  • FM Radio and Music Player: For entertainment without internet access.
  • Alarm Clock and Calendar: Simple tools for daily scheduling and reminders.

Price and Budget

Dumb phones are generally more affordable than smartphones, but prices can vary:

  • Budget: Determine your budget and look for phones that offer the best value for money.
  • Long-Term Costs: Consider any additional costs such as prepaid plans, accessories, or potential repairs.

Brand and Reviews

Research brands and read reviews to ensure you are buying a reliable device:

  • Reputable Brands: Choose brands known for quality and customer support.
  • User Reviews: Check online reviews and ratings to gauge user satisfaction and any common issues with the phone.

Return Policy and Warranty

Ensure the phone comes with a return policy and warranty:

  • Return Policy: A good return policy allows you to test the phone and return it if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Warranty: A warranty provides peace of mind in case of defects or issues with the phone.

By considering these factors, you can choose a dumb phone that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

FAQ About Dumb Phones

Why is Gen Z buying dumb phones?

Gen Z is increasingly buying dumb phones as a way to disconnect from the constant barrage of notifications and social media pressures that come with smartphones. Many young people are seeking a digital detox to improve mental health, focus on in-person interactions, and reduce screen time.

Are dumb phones coming back?

Yes, dumb phones are making a comeback. As people look for ways to simplify their lives and minimize digital distractions, there is a growing market for feature phones. These devices are especially popular among those wanting to take a break from their smartphones and among certain demographics like children and the elderly.

What is the dumb flip phone in 2024?

The best dumb flip phone in 2024 is considered to be the Sunbeam F1 Horizon. It combines a sturdy build with essential features like calling, texting, and some basic tools like a music player and GPS, making it a reliable choice for those seeking simplicity.

Can you still use flip phones in 2024?

Yes, you can still use flip phones in 2024. Many carriers continue to support these devices, and there are several modern flip phones available that offer essential communication features without the complexity of smartphones.

Is there a 5G flip phone?

As of 2024, there are no widely available 5G flip phones. Most flip phones on the market focus on basic 4G LTE connectivity to provide essential communication features without the advanced capabilities and cost of 5G technology.

Is Gen Z bringing flip phones back?

Gen Z is playing a significant role in bringing flip phones back. The desire to reduce screen time and social media use has led many young people to adopt flip phones as a way to simplify their digital lives and focus on more meaningful, in-person interactions.

Why would someone still use a flip phone?

People still use flip phones for various reasons, including the desire for simplicity, longer battery life, durability, and to reduce digital distractions. They are also preferred by those who need a reliable secondary phone or a device for children and the elderly.

Do Japanese people still use flip phones?

Yes, flip phones are still used in Japan. While smartphones are prevalent, there is a niche market for flip phones, especially among older adults who appreciate the familiar design and straightforward functionality.

Are flip phones worth it?

Flip phones can be worth it for individuals seeking a simple, reliable device for basic communication needs. They are especially valuable for those who want to minimize distractions, enjoy longer battery life, and have a durable phone.

Why were flip phones discontinued?

Flip phones were not entirely discontinued but became less popular as smartphones with advanced features and touchscreens dominated the market. However, they continue to be available and are experiencing a resurgence among those looking for simpler devices.

How long will flip phones be supported?

The support for flip phones depends on carrier policies and network availability. As long as 2G, 3G, and 4G networks remain operational, flip phones will likely be supported. However, as technology evolves, the lifespan of network support for older devices may diminish.

Will Apple make a flip phone?

There is no official announcement from Apple about making a flip phone. Apple focuses on developing advanced smartphones, and while the company has explored different form factors, a flip phone is not currently part of their product lineup.


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  • Any Public Safety Events
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  • AI Implementation Strategy
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