How Do People Make Money on TikTok?

People make money on TikTok through a variety of methods, including becoming influencers who create engaging content, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, and participating in TikTok’s Creativity Program.

Influencers can leverage their popularity to promote products and services, earning commissions or fees for their endorsements.

Additionally, content creators can join affiliate programs where they promote products and earn a percentage of sales made through their unique links.

Earnings can also come from sponsored posts, where brands pay creators to feature their products in videos. Another avenue is the TikTok Creator Fund, which pays users based on video views and engagement.

Diversifying income streams by combining several of these methods can significantly boost earnings.

Successful TikTokers understand the platform’s trends and algorithm, continuously engaging their audience with fresh, relevant content to maximize their revenue potential.

How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok?

Earnings on TikTok vary widely. Top influencers can make upwards of $50,000 per post, leveraging their massive followings and high engagement rates.

These top-tier creators often work with major brands, negotiate substantial deals, and create viral content that attracts millions of views.

On the other hand, smaller creators might earn less, but they can still make a respectable income through consistent posting and effective monetization strategies.

Micro-influencers, with follower counts ranging from 10,000 to 100,000, can earn between $200 to $2,000 per sponsored post, depending on their engagement rates and niche.

The key to higher earnings lies in building a loyal audience, engaging authentically with followers, and consistently creating high-quality content that resonates.

By understanding their audience’s preferences and aligning with the right brands, even smaller creators can turn their TikTok presence into a profitable venture.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on TikTok?

To start earning directly from TikTok, such as through the TikTok Creator Fund, you need at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the past 30 days. This threshold ensures that creators have a substantial and engaged audience. However, it’s possible to make money with fewer followers by leveraging other monetization strategies like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and product sales.

Even with a smaller following, creators can monetize their content by partnering with brands that value engagement over sheer numbers. Micro-influencers often have highly engaged audiences, making them attractive to niche brands. Building a strong personal brand and engaging consistently with followers can help creators monetize their TikTok presence effectively, regardless of their follower count.

1. Sell Products Through TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop is a convenient feature for creators looking to sell products directly on the platform. This tool allows users to manage inventory, orders, promotions, and customer service seamlessly within the TikTok app. By integrating e-commerce capabilities, TikTok Shop provides a streamlined experience for both sellers and buyers, enhancing the potential for creators to generate sales and grow their businesses.

Joining TikTok Shop involves a straightforward process: creators need to sign up, submit the required documentation, and link their bank account for payouts. Once set up, they can start listing products and promoting them through engaging content. The ease of use and direct access to a vast audience make TikTok Shop an attractive option for creators aiming to monetize their presence on the platform.

2. Partner with an Influencer or Be an Influencer


For businesses, partnering with influencers can significantly boost brand visibility and reach. Influencers have established trust with their audiences, making their endorsements more impactful. When selecting influencers, businesses should look for those whose niche aligns with their products and values. This ensures that the partnership feels authentic and resonates with the influencer’s followers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Effective partnerships involve clear communication and mutual benefit. Businesses should provide influencers with creative freedom while ensuring the brand’s message is conveyed accurately. Successful collaborations often result in long-term partnerships, where influencers become genuine advocates for the brand, driving sustained traffic and sales.


For creators, becoming an influencer offers numerous earning opportunities. Micro-influencers, in particular, have become highly sought after due to their niche focus and engaged followings. These smaller influencers can offer brands a more targeted reach, often resulting in higher engagement rates compared to larger influencers. By consistently producing high-quality content and engaging with their audience, creators can attract brand partnerships and sponsorships.

Building a personal brand as an influencer involves authenticity, consistency, and understanding audience preferences. Influencers should focus on creating content that adds value, entertains, or educates their followers. Over time, as their influence grows, they can negotiate higher rates for sponsored posts and collaborations, turning their TikTok presence into a sustainable income source.

3. TikTok’s Creativity Program

TikTok’s Creativity Program, introduced in 2023, offers creators a new way to monetize their content. This program rewards creators based on engagement and authentic views, providing a steady income stream for those who consistently produce high-quality content. To qualify, creators need to be over 18, have at least 10,000 followers, and achieve 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

The program encourages creators to innovate and experiment with their content, knowing that their efforts can directly translate into earnings. By focusing on engagement and authenticity, the Creativity Program aims to support creators in building sustainable careers on TikTok. Participants benefit from financial rewards and increased visibility, motivating them to continue producing engaging content.

4. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a popular way for creators to earn money on TikTok. Brands pay creators to feature their products or services in videos, leveraging the creator’s influence to reach a broader audience. The success of sponsored posts depends on the creator’s ability to seamlessly integrate the product into their content, maintaining authenticity while promoting the brand.

Creators need to ensure transparency with their audience when posting sponsored content. This builds trust and keeps the audience engaged. By delivering high-quality sponsored posts that align with their personal brand, creators can attract more sponsorship opportunities. The key is to balance promotional content with organic posts, ensuring that the audience remains engaged and interested.

5. TikTok Rewards

TikTok Rewards is a referral program that allows users to earn by inviting others to join the platform. Users receive rewards for each successful referral, which can be redeemed for cash or coupons. This program is an easy way for creators to supplement their income, especially if they have a large and engaged following willing to join TikTok through their referral links.

To maximize earnings from TikTok Rewards, creators should promote the program through their content, explaining the benefits of joining TikTok and how followers can participate. Engaging and informative videos can encourage followers to sign up using the creator’s referral link, increasing the chances of earning rewards. Consistent promotion and clear communication are key to success in this program.

6. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing on TikTok involves promoting products and earning a commission for each sale made through the creator’s unique affiliate links. This method requires creators to build a solid following and create content that drives sales. By recommending products they genuinely use and love, creators can earn the trust of their audience and increase conversion rates.

Creators can join affiliate programs offered by various brands and platforms. To succeed, they need to strategically place affiliate links in their content, ensuring that the products promoted align with their niche and audience interests. Regularly sharing product reviews, tutorials, and recommendations can help maintain audience interest and drive sales, resulting in steady affiliate income.

7. Sell Merch to Your Audience

Selling merchandise to followers is another effective way to monetize a TikTok account. Creators can design and sell their own products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories, directly to their audience. This approach allows creators to strengthen their personal brand and provide their followers with tangible items that represent their online persona.

Setting up a dedicated website or using e-commerce platforms makes it easier to manage sales and inventory. Creators should promote their merch through engaging TikTok videos, showcasing the products and explaining their significance. Limited edition releases and special promotions can create a sense of urgency and drive sales, helping creators maximize their earnings from merchandise.

8. Launch a Patreon

Launching a Patreon account enables creators to offer exclusive content to their most dedicated fans in exchange for a subscription fee. This platform allows creators to provide more in-depth, behind-the-scenes, or advanced content that isn’t available on their main TikTok account. By offering tiered subscription levels, creators can cater to different fan segments and increase their monthly income.

Promoting Patreon through TikTok can help drive subscriptions. Creators should highlight the benefits of becoming a patron, such as access to exclusive videos, live Q&A sessions, and personalized content. Regularly updating Patreon with fresh, valuable content ensures that subscribers remain engaged and continue their support, providing a steady income stream for the creator.

9. Consulting for Brands

Successful TikTok creators can leverage their expertise by offering consulting services to brands. These services can include content strategy, trend analysis, and audience engagement techniques. Brands benefit from the creator’s insider knowledge, helping them effectively navigate the TikTok platform and reach their target audience.

Creators can offer consulting packages tailored to different business needs, from one-time strategy sessions to ongoing support. By demonstrating their success on TikTok and sharing actionable insights, creators can build a reputation as experts in their field. This consulting work not only provides additional income but also expands the creator’s professional network and opportunities.

10. Be a TikTok Social Media Manager

Becoming a TikTok social media manager is a viable career path for those who understand the platform’s dynamics and trends. Social media managers help established TikTokers manage their accounts, create content strategies, and maintain audience engagement. This role involves staying updated on the latest trends, analyzing performance metrics, and continuously optimizing content to maximize reach and engagement.

Working as a social media manager requires strong communication and organizational skills. Managers need to collaborate with creators,

Managers need to collaborate with creators, develop engaging content ideas, and maintain a consistent posting schedule. They also analyze performance data to identify trends and adjust strategies accordingly. Effective management can significantly enhance a creator’s presence on TikTok, resulting in increased engagement and follower growth.

Social media managers should possess strong creative skills to produce visually appealing and engaging content. They must also stay updated on TikTok’s algorithm changes and best practices to ensure content reaches the maximum audience. By providing valuable insights and handling the operational aspects of account management, social media managers play a crucial role in a creator’s success on TikTok.

Building Your Own TikTok Account

1. Capitalize on Proven Strategies

To grow your TikTok account, it’s essential to capitalize on proven strategies within your niche. Study and replicate elements of viral content, such as popular hashtags, trends, and video formats. Experiment with different styles and formats to see what resonates most with your audience. Consistency is key, so maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and attract new followers.

Engage with your audience by responding to comments and participating in trends. Collaboration with other creators can also boost your visibility. Analyze your content performance to understand what works best and adjust your strategies accordingly. By continuously refining your approach based on audience feedback and analytics, you can build a robust and engaging TikTok presence.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial for creating content that resonates. Identify their interests, problems, and preferences to tailor your content accordingly. Conduct surveys or engage directly with your followers to gather insights about what they enjoy and what they expect from your content. This understanding will help you create videos that are more likely to be shared and liked.

Create a content plan that addresses your audience’s needs and desires. Whether it’s entertainment, education, or inspiration, ensure your videos provide value. Monitor engagement metrics to refine your content strategy, focusing on what drives the most interaction. By staying attuned

to what content and styles elicit the best response, you can better cater your content to your audience’s interests and needs.

Creating content that directly addresses your audience’s problems or aspirations is a surefire way to boost engagement. For example, if your followers are interested in fitness, posting workout routines, diet tips, or motivational content can capture their attention. Regularly interacting with your followers through comments, direct messages, and live sessions can also foster a strong community and increase loyalty, making your account a go-to source for content in your niche.

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Speaking Events Best Fit:

  • LEO Academy Graduations
  • Any Public Safety Events
  • Men’s Groups
  • Church Conferences
  • Military Veteran Events
  • At Risk Youth Programs
  • Business Growth Events
  • Recruitment Conferences
  • AI Implementation Strategy
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