What Criminal Justice Career is Right For Me?

If you’re considering a career in Criminal Justice, you know there are many opportunities out there.

With so many different types of law enforcement roles, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Here are some tips to help you figure out which criminal justice career is right for you.

Do Your Research

The first step in choosing the right CJ career is research. Take the time to understand the different roles and responsibilities of each type of job.

This will help you narrow down your choices and determine which job is the best fit for you.

Check out websites like PoliceOne or usajobs.gov for more information on different careers in law enforcement.

You can also find information about salaries, benefits, and qualifications that may be necessary for certain positions.

Research Careers That Match Your Skills & Interests 

Once you have a list of career fields that fit your skill set and interest level, it’s time to do some research.

Learn more about each field by reading books, articles, blogs, or websites related to them; talking with people who already work in those fields; attending informational events; or even shadowing someone in the industry.

This will give you a better understanding of what working in those fields looks like day-to-day as well as how competitive they may be.     

Take Advantage Of Online Resources     

In addition to doing your own research, take advantage of online resources like job boards or career websites.

These can help narrow down potential jobs based on criteria such as location, salary range, company size, etc., making it easier to identify positions that match up with your own goals and preferences.

Additionally, consider taking aptitude tests online – these can help pinpoint areas where your strengths lie and suggest possible career paths for consideration.  

Find Mentors

Finding mentors who can give advice on what it’s like to work in a particular field can also be very helpful when making your decision.

Reach out to those who have already been successful in their chosen field and ask them questions about their experiences.

This will provide invaluable insight that can help inform your decision-making process and make sure that the path you choose is the best one for your needs and goals.

Top 7+ Prospective Criminal Justice Career Options

There are many types of law enforcement careers out there. Some jobs require only a high school diploma or GED, while others require specialized certifications or degrees.

Here are some common examples:

Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff

If your goal is to be an active member of law enforcement, then becoming a police officer or deputy sheriff might be the best option for you.

Police officers enforce laws and protect citizens from criminal activities. They use their knowledge of criminal justice principles to investigate crimes, apprehend suspects, and testify in court cases as needed.

To become a police officer or deputy sheriff, you will need to complete extensive training programs, such as the Police Academy or Sheriff’s Academy.

Once completed, you must pass a written exam and physical test to secure your badge and start working as an officer.  

Federal Agents 

For those who are looking for something more challenging or unique than either police officer or detective positions offer, federal agents may be an option worth considering.

Federal agents work for various agencies within the federal government, such as the FBI or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).

These agents handle highly sensitive investigations ranging from terrorism cases and drug trafficking rings to financial frauds and cybercrimes.

Federal agent positions generally require more stringent qualifications than other types of law enforcement jobs.

Applicants must typically possess an impressive educational background along with specific experience related to their chosen agency’s area of focus in order to be considered for these roles. 


Lawyers and attorneys provide legal counsel to their clients.

They specialize in different areas of the law such as criminal, family, business or corporate law.

For example, a criminal lawyer will defend a person accused of a crime while a family lawyer may help individuals going through a divorce settlement.

To become an attorney, you must attend law school and pass the bar exam.

Once you become a lawyer, you will need to keep up with current changes in the law as well as court procedures to ensure that your clients are getting the best representation possible. 


Another type of law enforcement career is that of a detective. Detectives are responsible for investigating crimes that have already occurred, often working closely with victims or witnesses to gather information about suspects or motives behind criminal acts.

Detectives typically require more specialized skills than regular police officers; as such, many detectives have extensive experience working within law enforcement before taking on this role.

In addition, some jurisdictions require detectives to complete additional training courses related to investigative techniques before they can be promoted into this position. 

State Trooper

State troopers enforce traffic laws on highways across the state they work in. They also provide assistance to drivers who have been involved in accidents or stranded due to car troubles.

To become a state trooper, you must pass a background check and physical fitness test as well as complete an academy training program similar to that of police officers.

Corrections Officer

Corrections officers oversee inmates within jails or prisons. They ensure that inmates follow all rules and regulations set forth by the prison system while ensuring their safety at all times.

In order to become a corrections officer, applicants typically need to have some college experience as well as complete an academy training program specific to corrections officers.

Park Ranger

Park rangers are responsible for preserving national parks and wildlife areas by enforcing rules against hunting or littering on park grounds.

They also provide assistance with search-and-rescue operations when needed.

To become a park ranger, applicants need some college education as well as specialized certifications specific to park ranger work.

Fish & Game Wardens                

Fish & game wardens are responsible for enforcing hunting and fishing regulations in their assigned areas.

They are usually employed by state governments and may work independently or with other local authorities to enforce state regulations related to wildlife protection, habitat conservation, endangered species protection, water quality control, recreational use restrictions, and more.

Fish & game wardens often conduct training on outdoor safety topics like wilderness survival skills or proper firearm handling techniques in order to help ensure that hunters and anglers comply with state laws while participating in these activities safely and responsibly.  


No matter which type of law enforcement career you choose, it’s important that you prepare yourself properly so that you can serve your community with excellence!

Take your time researching the different careers available so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

With careful research and preparation, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your skillset and interests when it comes time to pursue your dream job in law enforcement!

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Speaking Events Best Fit:

  • LEO Academy Graduations
  • Any Public Safety Events
  • Men’s Groups
  • Church Conferences
  • Military Veteran Events
  • At Risk Youth Programs
  • Business Growth Events
  • Recruitment Conferences
  • AI Implementation Strategy
  • Online Marketing Events

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