Fairfax County Police Job Overview:

Learn Pay Scale & Starting Salary for FCPD Cops, Job Openings, Requirements, Disqualification Factors, Hiring Process

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Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a Police Officer
Career at Fairfax County PD


Fairfax county police is one of the few agencies that actually embraces, recruits and welcomes a diverse workforce. As a result your race, gender or sexual orientation won't prevent you from getting a fair shake during the selection process.

Career Advancement

One of the benefits of working for a large agency like FCPD is the many career advancement opportunities available like SWAT, Detectives, aviation, Air Support, Crime Scene Investigator, Traffic, CSI, K-9, gang unit, mounted patrol & more

overtime Availability

Overtime pay seems to be wildly available at Fairfax PD. According to the Washington Post, Largely driven by overtime payouts, one Fairfax county police officer took home $175,000 per year as a result of overtime pay.

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FCPD Police Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications

Note: Fairfax County will require that you pass a comprehensive background check before becoming a police officer for their agency (no exceptions).

Join Specialized Units at Fairfax PD

  • *salary does not reflect overtime, career promotion, longevity, shift premium, education or other incentives, overtime,  etc.

Police I

$ 1 -$86,613.70*
Pay Range

*Entry-level salary will be determined within pay grade based upon relevant preferred qualifications; college degree, prior law enforcement and military experience; and foreign language proficiency up to $67,862.50

Police II

$ 1 -$90,942.18
Pay Range

Master Police III*

$ 1 -$95,489.06
Salary Range

Police Sergeant

$ 1 - $100,263.70
Salary range

Rank Structure & Career Promotional Chart

Police Officer
Police Officer First Class
Master Police Officer
Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Chief of Police

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How to Become a Cop for Fairfax County PD

If you are looking for information on the steps one needs to become a police officer for Fairfax County Police Department you’ve landed on the right web page. However you must realize that the application process to become a police officer for FCPD is a bit difficult – sometimes taking up to a year until you are hired.

Although the hiring process is  long don’t let that stop you from applying. Why? Fairfax County PD is a good department to work for. Not only is the pay competitive, but you’ll also get great benefits, a retirement plan, paid vacation and career advance opportunities.

Fairfax PD Requirements & Qualifications:

  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien with application for naturalization filed and pending with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Uncorrected vision not worse than 20/200, provided there has been at least six months success wearing soft contact lenses. Without soft contact lenses, uncorrected vision cannot be worse than 20/100. In any case, vision must be correctable to 20/20.
  • At least 21 years of age at date of appointment
  • High school graduate or possess a valid G.E.D. certificate recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Possess, or be able to acquire, a valid operator’s license
  • Illegal drug use will be reviewed with respect to recent use, type of drug and frequency of use.
  • Never been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor. Involvement in past criminal activity will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Good character and reputation
  • Ability to perform essential job functions with or without a reasonable accommodation
  • Stable work record

Here are the steps of the application/Employment process:

Fairfax County Police Department Hiring Process FCPD 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Written exam- 2.5 hours
  • Initial interview- ½ hour
  • Polygraph- 3 hours
  • Psychological exam- 8 hours
  • Physical abilities test- 2 hours
  • Background interview- 4 hours
  • Medical exam- 4 hours
  • Entire background investigation- 8-12 weeks

Pay Scale, Average Salary, Pay Chart FCPD:

  • All uniforms and equipment provided by Department
  • Police Officer I (O-17) range: $53,172.08 to $86,613.70*
  • Police Officer II (O-18) range: $55,830.53 to $90,942.18
  • Master Police Officer III (O-19) range: $58,622.10 to 95,489.06
  • Police Sergeant (O-20) range: $61,553.23 to 100,263.70

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