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The Top 3 Most Important Things to Know About NYPD

Celebrity Brand

NYPD is a famous well-known police department due to the countless TV shows, documentaries portrayed on television about the agency. The NYPD brand is synonymous in the country as being a top notch no-nonsense police dept.

Career Advancement

One of the benefits of working for a large agency like NYPD is the many career advancement opportunities available like SWAT, Detectives, drug task force, FTO, K-9 handler, school resource officer, Counterterrorism, mounted patrol & more

Mental Health Issue

NYPD has a mental health crisis. In 2019, (10) NYPD police officers committed suicide. NYPD cops are routinely exposed to trauma and the agency needs to do a better job rendering care to hurting police officers.

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NYPD Police Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications

Note: NYPD will require that you pass a comprehensive background check before becoming a police officer for their agency (no exceptions).

Join Specialized Units at NYPD

  • *salary does not reflect overtime, career promotion, longevity, shift premium, education or other incentives, overtime,  etc.

Starting Pay

$ 1

After 5 ½ yrs

$ 1

Earning Potential

Including holiday pay, longevity pay, uniform allowance, night differential and overtime, police officers may potentially earn over $100K per year.
$ 1

Rank & Career Promotion Chart

Police Officer
Staff Inspector
Deputy Commissioner
Chief Inspector

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Steps to become a Cop for NYPD

If you are looking for information on the NYPD hiring process then you’ve landed on the right web page. However you must understand that the NYPD selection process is a long and tedious one. Sometimes taking up to a year before you are hired.

The hiring process to become a police officer is lengthy at any law enforcement agency, but it is a lot longer at larger departments like NYPD. The pool of applicants is greater at NYPD than any other police department in the state of New York.

That is why applying to NYPD takes a little bit of patience. Below is the steps you’ll have to successfully complete in the selection process before you are hired.

Requirements to Take the Written Examination

  • Applicants must be at least 17 ½ years of age when taking exam.
  • Applicant must not have reached their 35th birthday on day of exam.
  • Those applicants who are 35 and over and have active United States military service may deduct up to six years from the age requirement.

Requirements to Be Hired:

  • Candidates must be at least 21 years of age on or before the day of hire.
  • Candidates must be a United States citizen on or before the day of hire.
  • On or before the day of hire, candidates must have successfully completed either:
    1. Sixty (60) college credits with a 2.0 G.P.A. from an accredited college or university, or
    2. Two (2) years of full-time, active military service in the United States Armed Forces with an honorable discharge and have a high school’s diploma or its equivalent.
  • Candidates must reside either within one of the five boroughs of New York City or one of the surrounding counties of New York City; Suffolk, Westchester, Orange, Rockland, Nassau or Putnam Counties on the day of hire.
  • Candidates must possess a valid, unrestricted New York State Drivers License on the day of hire.
  • Candidates must pay a $75.00 fee for fingerprinting as part of the investigation process.
  • Candidates must pass a drug/alcohol screening.
  • Candidates must pass a character and background investigation.

The following factors are some of those which would be cause for disqualification:

  • Any conviction of an offense which is punishable by one or more years imprisonment (felony).
  • Any repeated convictions of an offense which indicate a disrespect for the law, a lack of good moral character or disposition towards violence and disorder.
  • Discharge from employment, where such discharge indicates poor behavior and/or an inability adjusting to discipline.
  • A Dishonorable discharge from the armed forces.
  • Persons convicted of a petit larceny.
  • Persons convicted of any domestic violence offense.
  • Candidates must pass all medical, physical, written psychological and oral psychological examinations.

NYPD Average Salary, Pay Scale, Wages, Earnings & Benefits

Below is the average salary for NYPD police officers.

Additional Benefits

  • 10 Paid vacation days during first & second year
  • 13 Paid vacation days during third, fourth & fifth year
  • 27 Paid vacation days after 5 years of service
  • Unlimited sick leave with full pay
  • A choice of paid medical programs
  • Prescription, dental, and eyeglass coverage
  • Annuity fund
  • Deferred Compensation Plan, 401K and I.R.A.
  • Optional retirement at one half salary after 22 years of service
  • Annual $12,000 Variable Supplement Fund (upon retirement)
  • Annual banking of $12,000 Variable Supplement Fund after 22 years of service (if not retiring)
  • Excellent promotional opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Additional benefits are available to military personnel.

This contract expired on July 31, 2010 and future contracts will need to be negotiated between NYC and the PBA.

Job Standard Test

The Job Standard Test (JST) is a criterion-valid physical job task assessment that tests for an individual’s ability to perform both typical and atypical physical tasks which can be expected to be required of a Police Officer’s response to either a routine radio run or critical incident. The Job Standard Test (pictured in schematic below) is a continuous timed event comprised of six stations that must be completed in four minutes twenty-eight seconds (4:28) without stopping. The six stations of the Job Standard Test are as follows:

  • Barrier Surmount: From a kneeling, weapon-ready position the candidate sprints fifty feet to surmount a six-foot barrier.
  • Stair Climb: The candidate proceeds from the Barrier Surmount to a 6-stair climb system and completes three over-and-back traverses.
  • Physical Restraint Simulation: The candidate proceeds from the Stair Climb to a controlled-force tactics and training device, which measures the ability to resist or control force in a physical restraint situation.
  • Pursuit Run: The candidate proceeds from the Physical Restraint Simulation to a run/jog around a pattern of cones for approximately six hundred feet.
  • Victim Rescue: The candidate proceeds from the Pursuit Run to a simulated victim rescue involving a thirty-five foot drag of a one hundred seventy-six pound mannequin.
  • Trigger Pull: The candidate proceeds from the Victim Rescue to a trigger pull station, picks up an inoperative firearm, holds the firearm within a nine inch diameter metal ring and pulls the trigger sixteen times with the dominant hand and fifteen times with the non-dominant hand. Once inserted, the firearm must remain within the metal ring for the completion of the trigger pull cycles.Timing is stopped upon completion of the final trigger pull.
  • This continuous event series must be completed within four minutes twenty eight seconds (4:28).

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Speaking Events Best Fit:

  • LEO Academy Graduations
  • Any Public Safety Events
  • Men’s Groups
  • Church Conferences
  • Military Veteran Events
  • At Risk Youth Programs
  • Business Growth Events
  • Recruitment Conferences
  • AI Implementation Strategy
  • Online Marketing Events

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