How to become a police officer in michigan

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Best 3 Reasons to Pursue a Police Officer
Career in Michigan

Improve Your Community

One of the biggest reasons to become a police officer for the state of Michigan is the opportunity to contribute to your community in a more meaningful way. The impact that you can make in your community is the true reward of policing.

Be The change

The demand for good cops in this country is high. While some agencies have come a long way in police reform, There is still a lot of work to be done. It will take dedications of new applicants to change the image of policing in this country

Career Advancement

One of the benefits of working in law enforcement is the many career advancement opportunities available like SWAT, Detectives, aviation, Air Support, Crime Scene Investigator, Traffic, CSI, K-9, gang unit, mounted patrol & more

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Michigan Police Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications

Note: except in Detroit where the age requirement is 18 yrs old, other agencies in MI require
that you be at least 21 to become a police officer.

Disqualification factors to be aware of:


Police Training Academy Courses

Police Academy Curriculum

MI Specialized Units

According to U.S. labor of bureau statistics (2018) the average salary for a police officer Michigan is...

$ 1 *
average pay per year
$ 1 *

*The above base pay does not reflect overtime pay, longevity, educational level, shift differential, uniform allowance, etc

The percentile wage estimate below is the value of a wage below which a
certain percent of workers fall. Data collected from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018)

Percentile Wage:
$ 1
Percentile Wage:
$ 1
Percentile Wage:
$ 1
Percentile Wage:
$ 1
Percentile Wage:
$ 1

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Steps to become a police officer In Michigan

***IMPORTANT*** The information below may have changed, therefore please visit the official recruiting website of the agency that you are interested in becoming a police officer for.

 To become a police officer in Michigan you have to be licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). To get that license candidates must meet minimum selection standards, including passing a basic police academy course or having prior training and experience, and being hired by a law enforcement agency

Requirements to Become a Cop in MI

The minimum standards begin with U.S. citizenship and an age minimum of 18 years old. Minimum education is a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. No candidate can have a felony conviction or an expunged conviction on his/her record, and good moral character must be verified through a comprehensive background investigation of school and employment records. Home environment and personal traits will be examined as part of the background investigation. A valid driver’s license is required and it may not be in a state of suspension. All candidates will undergo fingerprinting for as part of the background check and will be tested for use of controlled substances.

Application Process Disqualification Factors

All candidates must be free of physical defects and chronic diseases, mental or emotional instability. Chronic diseases include diabetes, seizures and narcolepsy, with each case to be reviewed by a licensed physician to determine the extent, if any, on job performance.

 Hearing will be tested to determine if it meets job qualifications, eyesight must be 20/20 in each eye, corrected. Height and weight must meet an acceptable Body Mass Index, which, should it exceed 35, will subject the candidate to further evaluation.

 Candidates must be free from mental or emotional instabilities that may impair the performance of the essential job functions of a law enforcement officer or which might endanger the lives of others or the law enforcement officer.

Police Testing Standards

All candidates must pass a reading and writing examination that can be reviewed at,1607,7-229–147712–,00.html. Candidates also must pass a physical fitness  pre-enrollment test involving vertical jump, sit-ups, push-ups and a half mile run, to be taken within 180 days before beginning basic academy training. Information about the physical fitness test can be found at,1607,7-229–147713–,00.html.

Police Training Academy Requirements

Successfully completing basic police training is a must, or course, and Michigan offers three ways to do this. Approximately 50% of candidates are hired first by a police agency, which then sends them to an academy at the agency’s cost.

However, because of budgetary considerations, some law enforcement agencies in the state will consider hiring only those candidates who have already completed training. In Michigan candidates can attend a police academy without being employed by a police department by paying the tuition themselves. These candidates should contact an academy directly for application information. A list of approved academies can be found at,4607,7-229-41624_43157—,00.html.

Police Officer Salary in Michigan – Average Cop Salary in MI

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics (2010), a police officer in the state of Michigan makes between $49,250 – $54,140 per year. However the data collected by BLS aren’t very accurate since it does not record overtime pay or off duty work. These two factors, if included in the data, would increase the average salary of a police officer in MI.

Police Officer Jobs in Michigan

There are several law enforcement job openings in Michigan. Simply visit our Career Job Opening or go to the official website of the agency you are interested in to complete an application of employment. Below is a list of all the law enforcement agencies in the state of Michigan.

Trooper Job Requirements

We are looking for qualified persons interested in joining the ranks of an elite group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to a career of public service. If you think you are qualified to meet the challenge of being a State Trooper, Motor Carrier Officer, or State Properties Security Officer, contact your nearest State Police recruiter for additional information.

Minimum Qualifications

Citizenship – Be a citizen of the United States at the time you take the written test.

Age – At least 21 years of age at the time of the written examination.
Education – High school diploma or GED equivalent.

Residency – Must be a Michigan resident prior to graduation from the Academy and produce signed documentation demonstrating the rental, lease, or purchase of a home or other domicile.
Conduct – Reputation must be above reproach; no felony convictions; satisfactory driving record.

Physical – Adequate physical condition to perform duties of a state trooper, including meeting prescribed vision and hearing standards.
License – Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license prior to appointment to an academy.

MSP Application Process

All candidates are strongly encouraged to contact a local state police recruiter. Recruiters are a source of current hiring information, and can be of great assistance as a candidate progresses through the selection process.

Recruiters schedule periodic orientation sessions to provide candidates with an overview of the minimum qualifications and essential job functions of a trooper. In addition, recruiters provide information regarding the Entry Level Law Enforcement Selection Process, Training Academy, and the Field Training Officer Program.

2. Civil Service Entry Level Law Enforcement Examination

An on-line practice test can be ordered at your own cost from Ergometric, Inc., at
The FrontLine Practice Test will help you become familiar with the FrontLine Video Testing System for the Law Enforcement test format.

The entry-level law enforcement examination is scheduled and administered by the Michigan Department of Civil Service. It is offered on a regular basis. Applicants who pass the examination with an appropriate score will continue to the next step in the selection process. Applications and test dates may be obtained by contacting the Michigan Department of Civil Service at (517) 373-3030.

3. Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards (MCOLES) Physical Fitness Test and Candidate Orientation

All trooper candidates must pass the MCOLES Physical Strength & Agility Test. Invitations to participate in this testing are based on a candidate’s Civil Service Entry Level Law Enforcement Examination results.

The Michigan State Police will only accept MCOLES agility test results administered by the Michigan State Police. All candidates must pass this test within 120 days prior to appointment to an academy. Information regarding test sites and dates may be obtained by contacting the Michigan State Police, Recruiting and Selection Unit, at (517) 336-6686.

4. Pre-Screening Interview

A Pre-Screening Interview will be conducted with all applicants who successfully pass the MCOLES agility test. This is not a hiring interview. The purpose of this interview is to determine if an applicant meets the minimum standards necessary to continue in the selection process.

It is another tool in the development of the candidate suitability profile. A wide range of subjects is covered. Data gathered from the Pre-Screening Interview and the Personal History Questionnaire will also be thoroughly reviewed with each candidate by a background investigator.

The following documents must be submitted to the Recruiting and Selection Unit at least two weeks prior to this interview:

Current resume with cover letter
Copy of Experience and Education Questionnaire (PD-34), Completed and Typed
A copy of a valid driver’s license (must have a valid Michigan driver’s license prior to appointment to an academy)
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copy of Social Security Card
Official Transcripts, College, High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate
Any/all Marriage Licenses, Divorce/Annulment Decrees
Military Certificate of Release from Active Duty (if applicable)
Any/All Civil Judgments

Candidates will be rated on a three-point scale. Candidates with a profile rating of 3 in each dimension may continue on in the selection process. Candidates with a rating of 2 in any dimension must wait two years to reapply. Candidates with a rating of 1 in any dimension will be permanently disqualified. All candidates will be notified of their status by the Recruiting and Selection Unit within 10 business days following the pre-screening interview.

5. Background Interview & Investigation

Candidates can expect a comprehensive background investigation to determine suitability for employment. Candidates’ past experiences, events, and actions will be thoroughly explored. After the Pre-Screening Interview, the Recruiting and Selection Unit will forward the results of the interview along with pertinent documents to the appropriate post/district. Candidates will be assigned to a Trooper or Detective Sergeant for investigation.

The investigator will contact you as soon as practical to begin the investigation. The investigator will receive the following documents: Pre-Screening Interview Profile, Education and Experience Questionnaire, Personal History Questionnaire, Credit History Report, Computerized Criminal History, Driving Record, copies of birth certificate, any/all marriage licenses, divorce/annulment decrees, DD-214, social security card, driver’s license, and other relevant information necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

The background investigation is the most important step in determining a candidate’s suitability for employment. The department allocates a great deal of time and resources to conducting a thorough investigation. Significant emphasis is placed on this investigation and candidates may find past events and actions creating serious difficulties for them as they enter the final pre-employment steps.

6. Background Investigation Review

Once completed, the background will be returned to the Recruiting and Selection Unit. A staff sergeant will review the contents and make a recommendation for further processing or removal from the pre-employment process. Candidates may be scheduled for a hiring interview based upon the personnel needs of the department.

7. Hiring Interview: Targeted Selection*

The Hiring Interview will be based on a Civil Service validated job assessment for enlisted entry-level law enforcement officers (Trooper 10). This interview is designed to assess specific competencies necessary to perform the duties of a Michigan State Trooper. Each applicant will be asked a series of questions in one or more of the following categories:

Building Trust

Stress Tolerance


Continuous Learning

Decision Making

Customer Focus

Work Standards


Initiating Action

Job Fit

In the Hiring Interview candidates will be asked to describe their experience(s) in the above areas. Candidates will be required to describe to the interview panel (board) a situation or task, the action taken, and the results of that action.

Your success depends on your ability to articulate what you have done to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform as a law enforcement officer, although the experience may have occurred in some other area.

Candidates will be evaluated on a three point scale: 3 = Acceptable, 3D = Deferred, 2 = Less than Acceptable (Must Wait for Two Years to Reapply), 1 = Much Less than Acceptable (Disqualified). Candidates with a profile rating of 3 in each dimension may continue on in the selection process.

Candidates who receive a 3D (Deferred) in any dimension may be recalled for a second hiring interview if the list of candidates is exhausted. Candidates with a rating of 2 in any dimension must wait two years to reapply.

Candidates with a rating of 1 in any dimension will be permanently disqualified. All candidates will be notified of their status by the Recruiting and Selection Unit within 10 business days following the hiring interview.

In addition, questions may arise from the background investigation itself, Personal History Questionnaire, Driving Record, Credit History, References, Criminal History, Resume, or other relevant information.

*An excellent reference on the Targeted Selection approach to interviewing is entitled: “Landing the Job You Want: How to Have the Best Interview of Your Life”, William C. Byham, Ph.D. with Debra Pickett, DDI Press, Pittsburgh, PA. This book is highly recommended.

8. Conditional Offer of Employment

Pursuant to applicable state and Federal law, candidates who achieve a rating high enough to merit appointment to the Academy are given a Conditional Offer of Employment. This offer states that, if the candidate passes the remaining pre-employment steps, the candidate will be appointed to the Academy.

Candidates must continue to meet the minimum requirements. Negative information that comes to the attention of the department after a conditional offer of employment is made is open to review, and may subject the candidate to revocation of the offer.

Psychological Screening and Medical Examination

All candidates shall undergo a psychological screening administered at the direction of the department’s Behavioral Sciences Section prior to appointment to an Academy. All candidates must pass this examination within 180 days prior to appointment.

All candidates shall undergo a complete medical and physical examination by a department physician prior to appointment. Failure to receive medical approval to fully participate in the Academy will result in disqualification. It shall not be administered earlier than 120 days prior to appointment.

Drug Screening

All candidates shall be drug screened at least once prior to appointment to the Academy. This screening may take place at any time after the written test result notification is received. No warning will be given to the candidate prior to the scheduling of this screening. Failure to attend or pass this screening shall result in immediate disqualification.

9. Appointment

Candidates who successfully complete all pre-employment steps are appointed to the next scheduled Trooper Recruit School. An appointment letter will be mailed to each candidate describing details of the Academy Orientation and specific equipment necessary to begin the Academy.

10. Academy Training

Most recruit schools are 18 weeks. Recruits are required to live at the academy during the week and are released on Friday evenings. They are required to return on Sunday evenings. This is a great sacrifice that takes commitment and a strong desire to succeed.

11. Field Training Officer Program (FTO)

After graduation, recruits are assigned as probationary troopers to any post in the state. Assignments are based on recruit performance and ability, and department personnel needs. Each probationary trooper is assigned a Field Training Officer (FTO). The FTO Program is 17 weeks. At the completion of the Field Training Program, probationers are certified to work alone.

12. Candidate Document Checklist

Candidates must furnish the Department of State Police with documents 9 through 17 at least two weeks prior to the Pre-Screening Interview. The Recruiting and Selection Unit staff will gather documents 1 through 8.

1. Civil Service Written Examination Score
2. Michigan MCOLES approved Agility Test Results
3. Personal History Questionnaire Results
4. Title 18 Qualification Inquiry
5. Computerized Criminal History Check
6. Fingerprints
7. Computerized Driving Record
8. Credit History
9. Current resume with cover letter
10. Experience & Education Questionnaire (Typed)
11. A Valid Driver’s License (must have a valid Michigan driver’s license prior to appointment to an academy)
12. Birth Certificate
13. Social Security # Verification
14. All High School & College Transcripts
15. All Diplomas, Degrees, Certificates
16. Any/all Marriage Licenses, Divorce/Annulment Decrees
17. Military Certificate of Release from Active Duty (if applicable)

MSP Specialized Teams

Attorney General Unit & Money Laundering Task Force
The Attorney General Unit consists of three Detective Sergeants who work out of offices at the Attorney General Criminal Division in Lansing.

Auto Theft Unit
The Auto Theft Unit has two Detective Sergeants who conduct vehicle investigations in 64 out-state counties that are not served by a local auto theft unit.

Aviation Unit
The Michigan State Police Aviation Unit provides essential aviation support to all Michigan law enforcement agencies and to the citizen community at large

Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team – BAYNET
Multijurisdictional Teams

Canine Unit
The Canine Unit has a long and distinguished history that dates back…

Central Michigan Enforcement Team – CMET
CMET is a multijurisdictional drug task force.

Computer Crimes Unit
Computer Crimes Unit Information Page

Emergency Support Team
The Emergency Support Team was created in 1974…

Field Support and Aviation Section
Field Support and Aviation Section which includes the Canine Unit, Aviation Unit, Emergency Support Team and the Underwater Recovery Unit.

Flint Area Narcotics Group – FANG
This section is made up of two street crews that concentrate on mid to upper level narcotics dealers.

Gaylord Criminal Investigation Unit
Gaylord Criminal Investigation Unit has the primary responsibility of apprehending fugitives and violent criminals in northern lower Michigan.

Huron Undercover Narcotics Team – HUNT
HUNT is a multijurisdictional drug task force that investigates all levels of drug dealers.

Metropolitan Enforcement Team – MET
MET is a multijurisdictional drug task force.

Mid-Michigan Area Group Narcotics Enforcement Team – MAGNET
MAGNET is a five person narcotics and violent crimes…

The MSP Operations Center is a 24-hour-a-day command and control center.

Organized Crime Unit
The Organized Crime Team is responsible for investigating organized criminal conspiracies where the leadership is insulated from the lower levels of the organization.

Southwest Commercial Auto Recovery – SCAR
SCAR is a multijurisdictional auto theft and recovery team.

Southwest Enforcement Team – SWET
SWET is a multijurisdictional narcotics team that operates in the Southwest portion of Michigan…

State, Sheriffs, Chiefs Enforcement Narcotics Team – SSCENT
SSCENT is a multijurisdictional task force comprised six sworn officers.

Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement – SANE
SANE is comprised of one team of investigative officers that target the arrest and detection of drug traffickers at all levels within our coverage area.

Strike Team Investigative Narcotics Group – STING
STING is a multijurisdictional narcotics team that operates in a six county area.

Surveillance Support Unit
The Surveillance Support Unit has a diverse area of investigative responsibility…

Tax Enforcement Team
The Tax Enforcement Team is responsible for investigating and enforcing the Michigan Revenue Act and State of Michigan tax laws, thus ensuring compliance with Michigan’s tax laws.

Technical Services Unit
The Technical Services Unit provides technical investigative support to law enforcement agencies…

Thumb Narcotics Unit
1-877-TNU-TIPS (1-877-868-8477) Thumb Narcotics Unit is a multi-jurisdictional team responsible for narcotics enforcement in 4 counties.

Traverse Narcotics Team – TNT
The Traverse Narcotics Team is made up of two teams and an interdiction officer.

Tri-County Metro Narcotics Section
The Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad is a multijurisdictional task force comprised of two narcotics street teams and one conspiracy investigation’s team.

Underwater Recovery Unit
The Underwater Recovery Unit was created in 1957…

Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team – UPSET
UPSET consists of two (2) street narcotics teams.

West Michigan Enforcement Team – WEMET
WEMET is a multijurisdictional drug enforcement task force…

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Kalamazoo Township PD
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Redford Township PD
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Berkley PD
Berrien Springs PD
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Birch Run PD
Birmingham PD
Blissfield PD
Bloomingdale PD
Boyne City PD
Bridgeport PD
Bridgman PD
Brighton PD
Bronson PD
Brooklyn PD
Brown City PD
Buchanan PD
Burr Oak PD
Burton PD
Byron PD
Cadillac PD
Calumet PD
Canton PD
Capac PD
Carleton PD
Caro PD
Carson City PD
Carsonville PD
Caseville PD
Caspian PD
Cassopolis PD
Cedar Springs PD
Center Line PD
Central Lake PD
Charlevoix PD
Charlotte PD
Cheboygan PD
Chelsea PD
Clare PD
Clarkston PD
Clawson PD
Clinton PD
Clio PD
Coldwater PD
Coleman PD
Colon PD
Constantine PD
Corunna PD
Covert PD
Croswell PD
Crystal Falls PD
Davison PD
Dearborn PD
Dearborn Heights PD
Decatur PD
Deckerville PD
Detroit PD
DeWitt PD
Douglas PD
Dowagiac PD
Durand PD
East Grand Rapids PD
East Jordan PD
East Lansing PD
East Tawas PD
Eastpointe PD
Eaton Rapids PD
Eau Claire PD
Ecorse PD
Edmore PD
Edwardsburg PD
Elk Rapids PD
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Elsie PD
Erie PD
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Essexville PD
Evart PD
Fairgrove PD
Farmington Hills PD
Fenton PD
Ferndale PD
Ferrysburg PD
Flat Rock PD
Flint PD
Flushing PD
Fowlerville PD
Frankenmuth PD
Frankfort PD
Fremont PD
Galesburg PD
Garden City PD
Gaylord PD

Gibraltar PD
Gladwin PD
Grand Beach PD
Grand Blanc PD
Grand Haven PD
Grand Ledge PD
Grand Rapids PD
Grandville PD
Grant City PD
Grayling PD
Grosse Ile PD
Grosse Pointe City Public Safety Department
Grosse Pointe Farms PD
Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department
Grosse Pointe Woods Public Safety Department
Grosse Pointe Shores Public Safety Department
Hampton PD
Hamtramck PD
Hancock PD
Harbor Beach PD
Harbor Springs PD
Harper Woods PD
Hart PD
Hartford PD
Hastings PD
Hazel Park PD
Hesperia PD
Highland Park PD
Hillsdale PD
Holland PD
Holly PD
Homer PD
Houghton PD
Howard City PD
Howell PD
Hudson PD
Hudsonville PD
Huntington Woods PD
Imlay City PD
Inkster PD
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Lake Odessa PD
Lake Orion PD
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New Lothrop PD
Newaygo PD
Newberry PD
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North Muskegon PD
Norton Shores PD
Norway PD

Novi PD
Oak Park PD
Olivet PD
Onaway PD
Orchard Lake PD
Otisville PD
Otsego PD
Ovid PD
Owendale PD
Owosso PD
Oxford PD
Parchment PD
Parma PD
Paw Paw PD
Peck PD
Pentwater PD
Perry PD
Pigeon PD
Pinckney PD
Pinconning PD
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Pleasant Ridge PD
Plymouth PD
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Reese PD
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