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Have you had some success in your career, achieved a life long goal, or got promoted?

I would love to hear about it!

I love reading the success stories of other first responders and especially when they come from Outside The Badge readers. So, if you have a story to share, please fill out the form below!

What is Required?

There is no specific “milestone” that I’m looking for, I mostly interested in hearing from you if you are willing to share your experience as a first responder.

Potential Examples of Success Stories:

  • You achieved your life-long goal of becoming a police officer, firefighter, corrections officer, federal agent, etc
  • You just retired, or about to retire and want to share an inspiring story to Outisde The Badge readers.
  • A story how you dealt with stress, anxiety, or burnout in the job that is encouraging to Outside The Badge readers.
  • A story of perseverance
  • You got promoted
  • you are a civilian and want to publicly acknowledge a first responder in your city/county that went above and beyond the call of duty.
  • You got married
  • You joined the swat team
  • You’re doing something in the community that’s making a difference other than your career
  • You have a training video you want to share 

These are just examples, there could be many more types of success stories. While there are no “Set” requirements, you are required to be completely honest in your submissions.​

Where Will My Story Be Shared?

Your story maybe shared on OutsideTheBadge.com. This will essentially be a post written by you and published by me or one of my team members.

Your story will also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and possibly even in a podcast episode.

What’s the Process?

Filling out this form will simply indicate your interest in being featured on OutsideTheBadge.com. If your submission is selected, I’ll then email you more detailed guidelines about how to write your success story and experiences that will then be published on OutsideTheBadge..com If you feel more comfortable submitting a video, you can do that as well.

Please allow 7 to 10 days to hear back after submitting this form. If you don’t hear back after 2 weeks, that likely means I don’t plan on moving forward with your success story. Thanks!

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