Become a police officer without a college degree

Can you become a police officer without a college degree?

I get asked this question all the time via email and while on patrol. The answer is is  “YES” you can become a cop without a college degree.

Can a college degree help you get the nod over the guy who doesn’t have one. I guess the answer is yes and no depending on the agency.

Degree or not, you will still have to be able to pass all the steps in the hiring process. I’ve seen educated people with 4-year degrees fail the oral board exam. On the other hand,  I’ve seen someone with just a high school diploma ace the the police oral board because of proper preparation.

Watch the video below for a quick overview on how to become a police officer without a college degree.

Although I have a college degree in criminal justice and psychology, I know I didn’t get the job just because I had  a college degree.

With that being said, I wouldn’t totally disregard getting a college degree as there are some major advantages that come with it. Plus, some departments are now requiring you at least have an associate degree before you can apply.  If you are not college material and some people are just not, I would enroll in the military and become an MP. Then, later apply to the department of your choice.

Here’s how a college degree can help you

If its between you and another guy with the same scores on the oral board exam and you are the only one with a degree. Then, you’ll get the nod. A college degree can also help in career advancement, career flexibility, and more. I hope this helps.

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