11 Best gun wall racks – A Comprehensive Guide

gun wall racks

You’ve just bought your first gun and you need to find a safe and secure place to store it.

Gun wall racks are the perfect solution for storing your guns. But with so many different options on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

There are many different types of racks that can be used to store handguns, rifles, or shotguns. The main types are wall-mounted, floor-to-ceiling, and free standing.

So if you’re looking one for yourself, or buying one for someone you know, then read on to discover the top 11 best wall gun racks in 2024!

Glimpse of Top Picks of 2024

Best Overall

#1. Hold Up Displays

  • DYNAMIC GUN STORAGE SOLUTION: Maximize your space…
  • STURDY & HEAVY DUTY: Our rifle wall mount is…


#2. Allen Company

  • Dimensions 24.5-inches High x 24.5-Inches Wide x…
  • Natural Wood Finish

Best Budget

#3. Savior Rack Stand

  • [Built Tough to Protect] – Outer Steel Plates &…
  • [One Rack Fit All] – Most of the Large Barreled…

What is a Wall Mount Gun Rack?

A wall mount gun rack is a storage solution designed to securely hold firearms, such as rifles or shotguns, in a vertical or horizontal position on a wall.

It is commonly used by gun enthusiasts, collectors, and hunters to display their firearms in an organized manner while keeping them easily accessible.

Wall mount gun racks can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic, and often feature padding or hooks to prevent damage to the guns.

Some racks also come with locking mechanisms for added security and safety. In addition to their practical use, wall mount gun racks can also serve as a decorative element in a room or space, showcasing the owner’s collection.

The 11 Best Gun Wall Racks of 2024

Below we have outlined the very best wall racks for guns. All the racks mentioned in this list are highly durable, offer excellent security features, and provide a visually appealing display for your firearms.

Each rack has been carefully selected based on its quality, design, and functionality to ensure that you can confidently choose the perfect storage solution for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks for the best wall mount gun racks available today.

1. Hold Up Displays – gun rack and rifle storage

Hold Up Displays Gun Rack Wall Mount, Vertical Gun…
  • DYNAMIC GUN STORAGE SOLUTION: Maximize your space by utilizing our wall mounted gun rack for your rifles, shotguns, or ARs. Our cradles are designed to accommodate a wide range of weapon systems with various shapes and dimensions. Enjoy a space-conscious vertical rifle gun rack which allows you to showcase your rifles in your gun room, gun shop, or trade show booth.

Hold Up Displays – Gun Rack is made up of heavy duty steel. Padded in soft rubber, this product is well designed to hold any standard long gun.

It can hold up to 6 rifles, shot guns or compound bows at a time. This gun rack is well designed and modern in its tactical look. It has a matte black coating which makes it look durable and attractive.

The entire unit can be mounted in a minute without the need for an additional mounting kit! It is easy to assemble and install, with step by step instructions that are included. It is designed for both heavy use or display purposes.

The gun rack has a sleek minimalist look, making it suitable for any décor of the home or office. This holder also comes with screws and anchors necessary for installation on drywall surfaces.


  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Comes with screws and anchors for installation on drywall surfaces
  • Has step by step instructions to install & setup


  • Figuring out spacing for mounting is a challenge

2. Allen four gun wooden wall gun rack

Allen Company unisex adult 4 Gun Collector Gun…
  • Dimensions 24.5-inches High x 24.5-Inches Wide x 4.25-inches Deep
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • Solid Wood Construction

The Allen Four Gun Wooden Wall Gun Rack is the fastest and easiest way to store your firearms. The Allen Four Gun wooden rack is constructed of sturdy solid pine wood and has an attractive natural finish that will look great in any room of the house.

It comes with all mounting hardware for easy installation on any wall in your home. It features felt lining that protects the finish of your guns from scratches and scuffs.

The Allen Four Gun Wooden Wall Gun Rack is quick and easy to assemble, making it perfect for those who don’t have much time but want a practical storage solution for their weapons. This rack also has a very traditional look that goes well in any home!

The Allen Four Gun Wooden Wall Gun Rack is the perfect way to store your rifles and shotguns. This product will keep your firearms out of reach of children, while also keeping them organized in a safe location.

The design of this rack allows it to fit both long guns and short guns, giving you the freedom to store any firearm on the rack.


  • Easy to access
  • Features felt lining
  • Both long guns and short guns can be placed


  • Usually comes without screws

3. Savior Equipment Gun Pistol Handgun Rack Stand

Savior Equipment Gun Pistol Revolver Firearm…
  • [Built Tough to Protect] – Outer Steel Plates & Heavy Duty Rod to Hold The Rack In Place. Store and Transport Your Pistols Made Easy.
  • [One Rack Fit All] – Most of the Large Barreled Revolvers or Pistols with Accessories Will Fit in This Rack without Any Issues.
  • [Treasure Your Pistols] – Lightweight Polymer Plates to Keep Pistols from Banging Each Others. Cushioned Foam to Sit Them Steadily in Place.

Introducing a Robust and Convenient Pistol Rack that effortlessly store and transport your pistols with this durable and well-constructed pistol rack.

Featuring outer steel plates and a heavy-duty rod to hold the rack securely in place, you can easily move your firearm collection to your workbench or any other location.

Universal Fit for All Types of Pistols

This versatile rack is designed to accommodate most large-barreled revolvers or pistols with accessories. Its spacious individual slots ensure that various types of firearms and attachments can be stored without any issues.

Protect Your Valuable Firearms

The lightweight polymer plates prevent your pistols from knocking against one another, while the cushioned foam keeps them steady and secure in their designated slots.

Easy Assembly Without Tools

No need for additional tools – this pistol rack can be assembled quickly and effortlessly. With an assembly guide included in the box, you’ll have your rack set up in less than five minutes.

Confident Purchase with Lifetime Warranty

Savior offers an unquestioned lifetime warranty for this product. Love it or return it – your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Sturdy construction with steel plates and heavy-duty rod
  • Accommodates a wide range of pistols and revolvers with accessories
  • Lightweight polymer plates and cushioned foam protect firearms
  • Easy and quick assembly without tools
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind

Product Specifications:

  • 4-Slot Pistol Rack Size | 8.5″ W x 7.0″ H x 9.5″ L
  • 8-Slot Pistol Rack Size | 16.5″ W x 7.0″ H x 9.5″ L
  • 12-Slot Pistol Rack Size | 25.0″ W x 7.0″ H x 9.5″ L
  • Slot Width (each) | 2″

4. Rush creek creations display rack

Rush Creek Creations Patriotic 4-Gun Wall Storage…
  • AMERICANA 4-GUN WALL RACK: Offers a stylish and efficient way to store and display up to 4 of your favorite rifles, single-barrel long guns, or over/under shotguns (not included)
  • RUBBER PADDED GROOVES: Side panel design offers superior support to keep your guns securely in place, and the soft padding protects the finish of your long guns to help maintain their beauty

This is a great gun rack that measures 26.3″ Length x 5″ Width x 21.4″ Height and has the ability to store 4 guns securely.

This is an American Flag themed rack that will look great on your wall, especially if you have a patriotic theme going on in your home or office.

The rack can hold rifles, shotguns, pistols, and even crossbows with ease due to its strong barn wood construction and quality padding for safety of the guns being stored.

It also has grooves along the bottom to keep your guns from sliding out of place during storage or transport. Durability is high due to this being made in the USA.

You can also store ammo in the compartments on the bottom of the unit, giving you more storage space in your room or anywhere else you decide to put this beautiful wall display firearm rack!

This is one of the best values on our list due to being one of the cheapest while also being very high quality.


  • Aesthetic Design
  • Durable
  • Worth the price


  • Pretty heavy

5. SnapSafe gun rack

SnapSafe Pistol Rack for Gun Safe, Holds 8…
  • Wired For Storage – Maximize your gun safe’s storage capacity with this easy to install wire gun holder. Holds 8 handguns and fits most pistols and revolvers
  • Heavy Duty – This sturdy handgun rack has a PVC coating which prevents scratching or damage to your handguns. Featuring 4 rubberized feet, it won’t slip or slide in your gun safe or on a workbench

SnapSafe’s gun racks are designed to store your handguns in a safe and organized manner.

The SnapSafe handgun storage is made of heavy duty steel wire that can be used for most types of handguns including compact pistols, full size handguns, revolvers and semi autos.

The SnapSafe handgun storage system comes with pre-drilled holes on the bottom of each shelf, which allows you to secure them into place without any additional hardware.

This product is also PVC coated, so it won’t scratch or damage your handgun’s finish.

To install just open your safe door and place the SnapSafe rack on top of the existing shelf. The SnapSafe bracket simply snaps onto the shelf brackets that are already in place in most gun racks.

Once installed, it will hold 8 guns securely while freeing up valuable space inside your safe or cabinet.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure enough
  • Highly Durable
  • Affordable


  • Some guns might be too big for this rack

6. Gohiking gun rack storage

GOHIKING Gun Rack Storage Rifles Shotgun Hooks…
  • ACCOMMODATE VARIOUS GUNS&PLACES: The Shotgun Hooks for most firearms or swords like Handguns,Rifles,Shotguns,Pistols…and can hook mounted in cabinet,office,Walls,door behind,hunting shack,Hunting blinds, bedroom

The GOHIKING wall mount hangers are made from sturdy sleek iron plate with good finish. It can accommodate various guns such as the rifles, shotguns, and swords.

The product is durable construction and prevent your gun or swords from scratching.

The hook is easy to install and convenient to use. It is a space-saving product that will help you store more guns in less space!

This hook is made of high quality steel materials with durable coating, which makes it sturdy enough for any gun or bow up to 50 lbs. It comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty!


  • Excellent Durablility
  • Convenient to setup and use
  • Efficiently space-saving


  • limited lifetime warranty

7. Hold Up Displays horizontal gun rack

Hold Up Displays Gun Rack Wall Mount 2 Pack,…
  • BOLSTER YOUR GUN COLLECTION- Utilize the two-pack option for our vertical 6 gun rack to quickly move your gun collection from all of the cases cluttered on your floor to a practical and beautiful gun display. The flatwall mounting option directly secures to the studs on your wall for easy installation and lasting stability.

This is the Hold Up Displays – Horizontal Gun Rack Storage Rifles Shotgun Hooks Wall Mount Hangers for Any Rifles.

It can hold up to 2 guns and it has a lifetime structural warranty. This product is made with real American hardwood and comes with all hardware needed for installation.

It will protect your firearm from being damaged by moisture, dust or scratches while in storage.

The hooks are designed to be used on any wall or ceiling surface, allowing you to keep your firearms safe at home or in the office.

The hangers are made of high quality steel, and the hook can hold up to 10 pounds. It is easy to install, so you don’t need a professional help.

You can use it in your home, office, garage and many other places. This gun rack storage will give you a secure place for storing your guns away from kids and thieves!


  • Made of Real American wood
  • Hooks are designed to be used on any wall or ceiling surface
  • High quality hangers


  • Takes up a lot of wall space
  • Not very secure
  • Limited storage capacity

8. Gurk folding guns rifle gun hook

GuRK Foldable Gun Wall Mount: Smart Storage…
  • Upgrade Gun Rack:The wall mounts provide a soft cushion where gun rests,avoid to scratch your gun
  • Compact Folding Gun Hanger:Saving space,fold up when not in use,your gun room will be clean and organized

This compact wall hanger is ideal for holding your long gun. It has a padded cushion to protect the finish of your firearms.

The gun mount can be folded and stored away when not in use. It is made from very sturdy steel material that will last for many years.

This wall mount is easy to install and it comes with all the hardware necessary to complete installation. You can hang your rifle on any solid surface such as drywall, wood or plasterboard walls

This gun wall mount is unlike any other gun wall racks . It comes with a cushion to avoid scratches and the hooks are easy to install. This is a compact wall mount that will hold most rifles, shotguns, and even long guns. The arms are made of steel and coated in plastic so they won’t scratch your firearm or the surface it’s on.

This is the perfect gun storage solution for your home or office. These sturdy aluminum hooks are designed to hold your guns in a 90 degree folded position, saving space when not in use.

It can be used to store long gun, handgun, rifle and shotgun up to 35 pounds each pair of hooks.

The padded top hook allows you to hang other items such as keys or flashlights while safely storing your weapons out of reach!


  • Easy to remove
  • Take up very little space when folded up
  • Can also be used for other things like coats
  • Easily mountable, no special tools required


  • Gun hooks not adjustable
  • May damage your wall

9. Rush creek creations gun storage rack

Rush Creek Creations Freestanding Deer Camp Gun…
  • Handcrafted standing gun rack stores and displays up to 10 rifles or shotguns (rifles and guns not included)
  • New hinge mechanism makes it easy to assemble
  • Portable and folding design is great for bringing it to campsites, cabins, and ranges

Rush Creek Creations Gun Storage Rack is the best gun rack in the market. It can store 10 rifles or shotguns.

The storage space is made with solid wood and finished with a beautiful stain to give it an elegant look.

The unique hinge mechanism makes it easy for assembly which takes less than 5 minutes (no tools required).

It is portable and folding design makes it very easy to move around when needed. The rubber base on which the gun butts rest provides a soft feel against your guns’ finish, helping to prevent scratches and scuffs that can occur from just normal use.

Rush Creek Creations Gun Storage Rack is a solid pine storage rack with polyurethane finish that measures 21″Lenght x 27″Width x 28.5″Height. The gun storage rack has a water resistant design, scratch proof finish.


  • Holds up to 10 guns
  • Made up of solid pine
  • Keeps it away from children, pets and thieves


  • Requires more screws to hold weight

10. Gohiking metal gun racks

GOHIKING Metal Gun Rack Wall Mount Rifle Shotgun…
  • ✔️ ACCOMMODATE VARIOUS GUNS & PLACES: The Shotgun Hooks for most guns or swords like Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols…and can hook mounted in cabinet, office, Walls, door behind, hunting shack, Hunting blinds.
  • ✔️ STURDILY CONSTRUCTED: The Rifle Gun hook is sturdy enough with competitive price on gun storage market that can hook up to 6 rifles, shotguns, or AR’s with space for optics. Engineered to mount side by side.

GOHIKING Metal Gun Rack Wall Mount Rifle Shotgun Hooks and Bow Mount Hangers is a must-have for gun owners, hunters, sportsman, outdoor enthusiastic and more!

It can be used in any room of the house, garage, closets, or even your car! This wall mount gun rack is constructed out of sturdy iron plate and features soft padding for maximum protection.

This product has been designed with a total capacity of 12 rifles, shotguns or AR-15s. It will protect your guns from scratches, slipping and moisture.

With its easy mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation, you will have your guns out of the way in no time! This product will come with mounting hardware, 4 screws and wall anchors.

It is a great way to store your guns. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and it features two hooks that can hold up to 150 lbs. each.

This gun rack is designed for long-term use and can withstand heavy duty usage. It also has rubber encased prongs to protect the guns from scratching.

The product is made of high quality metal, ensuring that it will last for years to come without bending or warping.


  • Can hold up to 12 rifles
  • Has protection against scratches
  • Designed to last


  • Installation might require some forethought

11. Gun wall mount for rifle wall

Tyseam AR Wall Mount for 223/5.56 Rifle +…
  • 【High Quality Material】AR Rifle wall mount is made of high-quality PA plastic injection-molded strong enough to hold your gun and can withstand up to 300lbs of tension without breaking.
  • 【Unique Low Profile Design】Sleek surface with frosting treatment, ensuring that your device will not be scratched. And not only can be compatible with ar-15, but also hold up 1 PMAG.

This wall rack is designed to hold up to 300 pounds of tension, and it will fit most rifles with a length of 48 inches or less.

The groove design allows for easy mag suspension, and the product is made from high quality PA material.

It weighs 10 pounds, and it measures at 15 x 12 x 1 inches. This gun wall mount is an appropriate construction that will make your room look more organized.

It comes with 1 X gun wall mount, 4 X screws, and 4 X wall plugs so you can assemble it quickly and easily.

This Gun Wall Mount is designed to store your gun safely and securely while keeping it out of sight. This rifle rack can be mounted in a variety of ways, including on the wall or ceiling.

The mounting hardware that comes with this product is simple and easy to use, making installation quick and painless.

This mount will hold rifles up to 300 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down under heavy loads.

Once it’s mounted, you can slide your rifle in and out of the rack with ease thanks to the built-in groove design.

This mount is perfect for keeping rifles or shotguns off the floor while freeing up valuable space inside your safe or cabinet.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t require much space
  • Metal mags fit perfectly


  • Doesn’t hold Gen 2 or 3 Magpul mags

Closing Thoughts

A gun rack is the best way to store your firearms safely and securely. It can also be used as a convenient means of transportation.

Wall gun racks are often considered the best option for storing guns because they’re out of reach but close at hand, and they take up less floor space than other options like spinning gun storage rack.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right Gun Racks, including space constraints, the number of firearms you want to store, and your budget.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best wall gun racks for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should guns be stored vertically or horizontally?

Guns can be stored both vertically and horizontally, but vertical storage is generally recommended.

This is because vertical storage helps prevent dust and debris from accumulating in the barrel, reduces the risk of moisture damage, and minimizes stress on the gun’s components.

Can you mount a gun on a wall?

Yes, you can mount a gun on a wall using a wall-mounted gun rack or a gun display case. This method of storage not only keeps firearms secure but also adds to the aesthetics of your room.

However, when mounting a gun on a wall, ensure that it is out of reach of children and unauthorized users.

Can pegboard hold guns?

Pegboard can hold guns if you use appropriate hooks and attachments specifically designed for firearm storage.

It’s essential to choose sturdy and high-quality pegboard material to ensure the guns are securely held in place.

What is the best option for safe storage of firearms?

The best option for safe storage of firearms is a locked gun safe or cabinet. These provide secure storage with features like fire protection, humidity control, and theft resistance.

Additionally, keep the safe or cabinet in a discreet location, away from the reach of children and unauthorized users.

Should you store your ammo with gun in safe?

Storing ammo with your gun in a safe is generally acceptable, as long as the ammunition is properly stored in its original packaging or an approved container.

It’s crucial to keep the ammo separate from the firearm to prevent accidental discharge.

Additionally, ensure that the safe has adequate space and proper environmental controls to prevent damage to both firearms and ammunition.

Should a gun safety be up or down?

A gun safety should always be engaged (up or on) when the firearm is not in use or being handled.

This prevents accidental discharges and ensures that the gun is safe for handling and storage.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper safety engagement and operation.

How long will ammo last in a gun safe?

Ammo can last for decades in a gun safe if stored properly. Proper storage includes keeping the ammunition in its original packaging or an approved container, maintaining a consistent temperature (around 50-70°F), and controlling humidity levels (between 30-50%). Regularly inspect your ammunition for signs of corrosion or damage.

How long does ammo stay good for?

Ammunition can remain functional for several decades if stored correctly. Factors affecting the shelf life of ammo include the quality of the components, storage conditions, and exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures. To maximize the longevity of your ammo, store it in a cool, dry, and dark environment.

How many rounds should I stockpile?

The number of rounds you should stockpile depends on factors like personal preferences, intended use, and budget constraints.

For home defense purposes, having at least a few hundred rounds per caliber is advisable.

For recreational or competitive shooting, you may want to stockpile more, depending on how often and how much you shoot.

Ultimately, it’s essential to strike a balance between having enough ammunition for your needs and not overstocking, which can lead to storage challenges and potential safety hazards.


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  • Any Public Safety Events
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  • Military Veteran Events
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