The 5 Best Light Bars For Monitors in 2024

Monitor containing Light Bar

Best Light Bars For Monitors

In today’s digital era, where most of our work is done on computers, it’s essential to have the right accessories to ensure an optimal and comfortable working environment.

One such accessory that has been gaining popularity recently is the monitor light bar. Monitor light bars are designed to provide adequate lighting for your workspace without causing glare on your monitor.

They are a great alternative to traditional desk lamps, offering a more focused light source and freeing up desk space.

Our Top Picks of The Best Light Bars For Monitors on The Market

Best Overall

#1. Quntis Computer Monitor

Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp, Screen Monitor Light...
  • Flicker-free Monitor Desk Lamp
  • Touch Control Monitor Lamp


#2. BenQ ScreenBar Monitor

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, LED Computer Monitor...
  • Dimmable, Color Changing
  • Adjustable Color Temperature

Best Budget

#3. Lofter-Pro Monitor

Computer Monitor Light, Screen Light Bar e-Reading...
  • Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Adjustable Angle, Space Saving, Dimmable

What is The Sudden Appeal For Light Bars For Monitors?

The appeal with light bars for monitors lies in their ability to provide focused, adjustable lighting that enhances visibility and reduces eye strain during computer work.

Unlike traditional desk lamps, monitor light bars direct light downwards onto the workspace, preventing screen glare which can be distracting and harmful to the eyes.

Many models come with features like adjustable color temperature and brightness, allowing users to customize the light to their comfort level.

Moreover, their sleek, compact design saves desk space and adds a modern aesthetic to the workstation. These factors combined make monitor light bars an increasingly popular choice for improving workspace lighting.

What to Look For When Choosing Top Quality Monitor Light Bars

When choosing a monitor light bar, there are several factors to consider. The first is the light quality, which should be flicker-free and adjustable to different brightness levels to suit varying work conditions.

Next is the installation process; it should be easy to install and stable enough not to fall off. It’s also important to look at the power source – USB powered ones are quite convenient as they can be plugged into your computer directly. Lastly, consider the design and adjustability of the light bar.

It should blend well with your workspace aesthetics and be adjustable to illuminate your desk without causing screen glare.

Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp

Product Description

The Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp is one of the best monitor light bars available in the market. This light bar offers an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

With three color modes and ten brightness levels, you can customize the light to your preference. It’s also USB powered and features an auto-dimming option based on ambient light conditions.

The Quntis Monitor Lamp clips onto monitors easily, making it a space-saving solution for your desk.


  • Asymmetrical lighting design reduces screen glare
  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • USB powered for convenience
  • Easy to install with sturdy clip-on mechanism
  • Auto-dimming feature


  • Clip design might not fit all monitor types
  • No built-in memory function to remember last used settings

BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light

Product Description

The BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light is a premium monitor light bar that delivers superior lighting experience.

This light bar uses an auto-dimming feature by means of an inbuilt ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness level automatically for a comfortable viewing experience. It also offers hue adjustment to provide cool to warm light options.

The unique design allows it to be mounted on any monitor easily and its USB powered operation adds to its convenience.


  • Auto-dimming feature with ambient light sensor
  • Adjustable color temperature for comfort
  • Easy clip-on installation fits any monitor
  • USB powered for easy operation
  • High-quality, durable construction


  • Higher price point than some competitors
  • Lack of a physical on/off switch could be inconvenient for some users

Lofter-Pro Computer Monitor Light Bar

Product Description

The Lofter-Pro Computer Monitor Light Bar is a versatile option that offers excellent value. This light bar offers 3 color modes and 10 brightness levels, allowing you to customize the light to your preference.

It boasts of a gravity rotating shaft fixing device, making it compatible with most monitors out there.

Its memory function retains your settings, so you don’t have to adjust it every time you turn it on. It is USB powered and its slim design ensures it does not obstruct your view.


  • Adjustable brightness and color modes
  • Compatible with most monitors due to unique fixing device
  • Memory function for convenience
  • Slim design does not obstruct view
  • USB powered


  • Absence of an auto-dimming feature
  • Some users may find the light too bright even at the lowest setting

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

Product Description

The Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar is a versatile and affordable monitor light bar that offers good build quality. It easily attaches to the top of any monitor, leaving you plenty of desktop space.

The light bar has a unique asymmetrical optical design that illuminates only your desk and keyboard, ensuring no screen glare. It also comes with a wireless 2.4GHz rotary dial for easy control.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy installation and does not take up desktop space
  • Unique asymmetric optical design prevents screen glare
  • Wireless control through a 2.4GHz rotary dial


  • Some users have reported issues with the knob
  • May not fit perfectly with certain monitor models

Oowolf Monitor Light Bar

Product Description

The OOWOLF LED monitor lamp is a highly efficient addition to any workspace, boasting a color rendering index (CRI) of over 95.

This feature ensures precise lighting and excellent reading conditions, significantly reducing visual fatigue and improving work accuracy.

Unlike many other models, this monitor light includes both front lamps and special rear ambient lights, which help alleviate eye strain in dark surroundings.

The lamp emits warm light that effectively neutralizes harmful blue light, thus protecting the eyes and preventing potential myopia.


High CRI for precise lighting, front and rear lights for maximum comfort, blue light filter, dimming memory function, universal compatibility, and proven safety standards.


The product details do not mention any cons, but potential users may want to consider factors such as price, size, and design to ensure it fits their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does blue light cause eye strain and fatigue?

Blue light can cause eye strain and fatigue due to its short wavelength and high energy level. Our eyes are not very good at blocking blue light, so almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina.

Over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes. This is why many monitor light bars come with a blue light filter or warm light options.

What are color temperatures?

Color temperature refers to the perceived warmth or coolness of a light source. It’s measured in Kelvin (K).

Lower color temperatures (around 2700K) produce a warmer, yellowish light, while higher color temperatures (above 5000K) produce a cooler, bluish light. Mid-range color temperatures (3500-4100K) produce a neutral, white light.

Do light bars for monitors work?

Yes, light bars for monitors work effectively in providing focused lighting for your workspace without causing screen glare.

They are designed to illuminate your desk area without shining light directly on the screen, thus reducing glare and easing eye strain.

What is the best lighting for a monitor?

The best lighting for a monitor would be ambient, indirect lighting that illuminates the workspace without causing glare on the monitor.

Monitor light bars are an excellent choice as they provide such lighting and often come with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings for optimal comfort.

What is the best quality light bar?

The best quality light bar would depend on personal preferences and needs. However, models like the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp, and Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar are known for their excellent build quality, smart features, and user-friendly design.

Do monitor light bars reduce glare?

Yes, monitor light bars are designed to reduce glare. They achieve this by using an asymmetrical lighting design that directs light downwards onto the desk rather than onto the screen.

What is the difference between bias lighting and monitor light bar?

Bias lighting is a type of ambient lighting that is placed behind the monitor to reduce eye strain during extended viewing periods by maintaining an average contrast ratio. A monitor light bar, on the other hand, is placed on top of the monitor and provides direct lighting for the workspace without causing glare on the screen.

How do I stop my light bar from glare?

To stop your light bar from causing glare, ensure it is installed correctly on top of your monitor and is adjusted so that the light is directed downwards onto your desk and not onto the screen. Most light bars come with an asymmetrical design to help achieve this.

How do I make my monitor less reflective?

To make your monitor less reflective, you can adjust the screen brightness and contrast, position the monitor away from light sources that cause reflections, use a monitor hood, or apply an anti-glare screen protector.

What lighting reduces screen glare?

Indirect lighting that illuminates the workspace without shining light directly onto the screen can help reduce screen glare. Monitor light bars, bias lighting, or well-placed desk lamps can offer such lighting solutions.


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  • AI Implementation Strategy
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