The Top 9+ Best Orbeez Guns of 2023

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Looking for the best Orbeez gun of 2023? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best Orbeez guns on the market.

We will provide a comprehensive overview of each gun, as well as customer reviews and ratings.

So, whether you are looking for your first Orbeez gun or are just curious about what is available, read on for more information!

What are Orbeez Guns?

Orbeez guns are toys that fire plastic balls called “Orbeez”. These soft, squishy balls come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be used for many different kinds of play.

Kids love using Orbeez guns to shoot their friends (or themselves) with colorful, non-toxic balls. This can provide hours of fun and is a great way to encourage active play.

The 7+ Best Orbeez Guns of 2023

Now that you know what to look for in an Orbeez gun, let’s take a look at the best ones available in this year. Here are our top picks for the best Orbeez guns of 2023.

1. Vasvarn Gel Ball Blaster

The Vasvarn Gel Ball Blaster has been upgraded with the latest motor and gearbox for more accurate and stable shooting.

It can reach a FPS of up to 160, allowing for smooth firing and has a shooting range of 60FT.

The blaster also has a stylish graffiti skin created using water transfer printing technology, which is vibrant and clear, and won’t lose color easily.

The gel ball blaster is a fun shooting game that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. The gel balls are safe and fragile, containing a high water content that won’t damage or stain objects they come into contact with.

The best part is that the gel ball pieces dissolve, eliminating the need for cleanup. You can enjoy shooting gel balls with your family and friends by simply pulling the trigger.


  • -Bolt action
  • -Reach up to 160 FPS
  • -60FT shooting range
  • -Stylish graffiti skin with water transfer printing technology
  • -Easy to install and use
  • -Safety switch and protective glasses included

2. LED Orbeez Gun Blaster

The Fluorspar Blaster is a gel ball blaster that has a unique design featuring a translucent and fluorescent shell. It also comes with LED lights that provide luminous ballistics tracking. With this blaster, you can ignite the night and become the coolest person in the dark. It’s truly a unique tool that will make you feel like the Night King!

The Fluorspar Gel Ball Blaster has a double luminous design. Its shell absorbs light during the day and appears fluorescent at night.

Additionally, the gun body features 5 super bright LED designs that light up in sync with the shooting rhythm when you pull the trigger. This creates a cool glowing effect that outshines other gel ball blaster styles.

The [Luminous Bomb Set] includes a normal water bomb for 40000 and an additional Luminous gel bomb for 10000.

The gel bomb has a luminous ballistic tracking effect at night after absorbing light. The super-absorbent polymer projectiles need to be hydrated with water and are designed to burst when they hit a target. No pick-up is required.

The Fluorspar Blaster has a third-generation gearbox and meets our requirements for continuous shooting, sturdiness, durability, and waterproof design.

Additionally, we need it to have a velocity of at least 160 FPS and a shooting distance of 80 feet. Our rate of fire of ten rounds per second is our biggest advantage.

The Fluorspar Blaster is a fully automatic gel bead blaster designed with a luminous G36. It has a high rate of fire up to 53M/S, and a detachable rechargeable battery with an easy-to-use slide function. The blaster also has a foldable handle design and comes equipped with infrared tracking accessories.


  • -Translucent and fluorescent shell with LED lights
  • -Light up in sync with the shooting rhythm
  • -Double luminous design
  • -Third-generation gearbox
  • -Velocity of at least 160 FPS
  • -Shooting distance of 80 feet
  • -Rate of fire of ten rounds per second
  • -Detachable rechargeable battery

3. Electric Gel Ball Blaster

Introducing the Electric Gel Ball Blaster – a high-speed, automatic toy gun that shoots splatter balls.

It has an impressive exterior paint design, and it’s made of durable materials such as ABS and Nylon composite body. The toy is perfect for intense battles and can provide hours of entertainment.

The Gel ball blasters are a safe and eco-friendly toy option for children. They are non-toxic, won’t stain clothes, and disappear completely when dry.

The blasters also have a safety switch and come with safety goggles for protection. In addition, the JIFTOK splatter ball blaster toy has two high-performance modes – semi-automatic and automatic.

The gel ball blaster has been upgraded with a new gearbox. It has a super high shooting speed of 400-600 rounds per minute, and is more stable and durable than other Splatter ball blasters. The powerful motor allows for continuous firing without jamming.

The JIFTOK Gel Ball Blaster uses a rechargeable 7.4V 600mAh battery, which can provide a long and stable battery life for your shooting battle.

Once the battery is fully charged, it can continuously shoot about 1500 to 2000 rounds. You can recharge the battery using the cable provided, and it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge.


  • – ABS and Nylon composite body
  • – Safety switch and safety goggles
  • – 2 high-performance modes – semi-automatic and automatic
  • – New gearbox with a super high shooting speed of 400-600 rounds per minute
  • – 7.4V 600mAh battery
  • – Rechargeable with cable provided
  • – 1500 to 2000 rounds continuous shooting capacity
  • – Non-toxic and won’t stain clothes. Disappears when dry.
  • – Intense battle and hours of entertainment.

4. M416 Splat Blaster for Orbeez

This Gel Ball Blaster for adults is the M416 Splat Blaster for Orbeez, with a large drum and upgraded launcher.

It has a long-life drive motor and a reliable water bomb supply method. This blaster is modifiable, has a long range, and hardly ever sticks, making it a favorite for both newbies and veterans.

The BlueDevil Gel Ball Blaster has an extra-large capacity of up to 1400 rounds, with 1000 rounds in the drum and 400 rounds in the conventional ball feeder, making for triple the sustained firing time. The output language code is EN-US.

This electric gel ball blaster has two modes: automatic and semi-automatic, which can be easily switched to adapt to different scenarios during gameplay.

The gearbox has been upgraded to increase speed (400 rounds per minute), range (70 feet), and stability, while also improving accuracy.

The M4 Blue Gel Ball Blaster comes with 40,000 gel bullets, a high capacity gel bullets drum that can hold up to 1200 gel bullets, a normal clip, green dot aiming, a sight, straps, and a gel ball storage. In addition, it includes a 7.4v rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, and safety glasses.

5. HGOC Gel Ball Blaster Pink

Prepare for a fun outdoor game with the HGOC Gel Ball Blaster in Pink. This gel water blaster is safe for the environment and immediately evaporates upon hitting obstacles, which means no mess and no need to clean dirty clothes. You’ll receive 60,000 gel balls to enjoy shooting and have a blast till the end!

Experience the fully automated shooting thrill with our gel ball blaster that comes with a 1200+ drum magazine electrically loaded with water beads.

This blaster is powered by a 7.4V 1400mAh battery that can be charged using the included USB cable. It has a powerful motor that ensures stutter-free and continuous shooting.

The body of the blaster is equipped with a voltage display that alerts you to recharge the battery in time when the voltage is low.

Transmission Upgrade: We have redesigned and improved the transmission with a strong powertrain. It can shoot at high speeds of up to 1000 rounds per minute, with a range of 60 feet.

The upgraded shooting ability is powerful and long-range, allowing for continuous shooting without delay.

It works seamlessly with 7MM gel balls soaked for 4 hours, eliminating the concern of the gel ball blaster getting jammed.


  • – 1200+ capacity drum magazine
  • – Voltage display on body, to alert user of low battery
  • – Upgraded transmission for powerful and long range shooting
  • – 7.4V 1400mAh rechargeable battery with USB cable included
  • – High speed shooting up to 1000 rounds per minute
  • – Range of 60 feet, allowing for continuous shooting without delay

6. Songni Electric Gel Ball Blaster

The Songni Electric Gel Ball Blaster has two shooting modes – manual-single (SEMI) and automatic-continuous (AUTO).

It can shoot up to 60-70 feet without jamming. The gel balls used in the blaster are safe and environmentally friendly, as they contain 95% water and break into small fragments upon hitting an obstacle. They also don’t stain your clothes and require no washing.

We offer two rechargeable batteries and two magazines as an accessory upgrade for the Songni Electric Gel Ball Blaster.

With enough water beans, you can play uninterrupted continuous shooting games and enjoy long hours outdoors.

This auto orbeez blaster gun toy is perfect for shooting team games and can encourage children to engage in outdoor activities instead of electronics, which is beneficial for their health and physical strength. The gel ball launcher is simple to assemble and use.


  • – Two shooting modes: Manual-single (SEMI) and Automatic-continuous (AUTO)
  • – Up to 60-70 feet range
  • – Safe and environmentally friendly gel balls
  • – Accessory upgrade includes two rechargeable batteries, two magazines
  • – Perfect for shooting team games
  • – Easy to assemble and use.

7. ZoffyFabrizio Large Splatter Ball Blaster

The ZoffyFabrizio Large Splatter Ball Blaster is a safe and environmentally-friendly toy gun for outdoor games.

Gel guns shoot out gel beads that break immediately on contact with obstacles, creating small fragments.

Before using the blaster, soak the gel beads in water for at least 4 hours. The beads will grow to a suitable size of 7-8mm for the toy gun’s shock waves. It’s important to note that this blaster is not waterproof.


  • – Durable and environmentally friendly design
  • – Gel beads must be soaked in water for 4 hours before firing
  • – Non-waterproof blaster
  • – Perfect gift for all occasions
  • – Great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay active
  • – Firing range of up to 100 feet.

8. TANSAR Gel Ball Blaster Activator

The TANSAR Gel Ball Blaster Activator is an easy and quick installation that will allow you to have a light show with your glow in the dark gel ammo.

It comes with 3 packs of glow in the dark gel ammo, which leave a glowing trace behind when you turn on the UV light.

Before buying, please check if your gel gun has a hopper on the top because TANSAR gel activator works with gel guns that have hoppers on top. If you need further information, please consult the Q&A section.


  • – Easy and quick installation
  • – Comes with 3 packs of glow in the dark gel ammo
  • – Works best with gel guns that have hoppers on top
  • – Allows you to create a light show with your glow in the dark gel ammo
  • – Great way to enjoy outdoors while staying active.

9. CAISSA Electric with Gel Ball Blaster

Choose CAISSA Electric with Gel Ball Blaster for outdoor games. The blaster uses biodegradable water-filled gel balls that burst into small fragments upon impact and eventually disappear completely after drying.

This feature makes it environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for cleaning. Have fun playing outdoor games!

They have added 20000 more gel balls to the original 1000 rounds for a total of unlimited fun. You don’t need to worry about running out of gel balls and can enjoy 20 times the amount for 20 times the happiness.


  • – Automatic firing mode
  • – 20000 more gel balls added to the original 1000 rounds
  • – Environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for cleaning
  • – Up to 40 meters range
  • – Perfect for birthday parties, recreational activities, team games and more.

10. Gel Splatter Blaster for Orbeez M416 with Goggles

Join a thrilling shooting game with our amazing Gel Splatter Blaster for Orbeez M416 with Goggles

toy designed for team play.

The Gel Splatter Blaster for Orbeez M416 with Goggles has been upgraded for 1.5 times faster shooting frequency than ordinary ones, making it a mind-blowing experience.

Our environmentally friendly water absorbent resin material ensures safe use, and you can use it with confidence knowing that there is no environmental damage to worry about.

The gel balls will gradually disappear when dried, making it very convenient. Plus, with over 40,000 gel balls, you can enjoy unlimited launches!

11. CUTICATE Automatic Gel Ball Blaster

The CUTICATE Automatic Gel Ball Blaster is a safe and eco-friendly toy that uses gel balls as projectiles.

When the gel ball hits an obstacle, it breaks and will completely disappear once it dries. This means it won’t leave any stains on clothes or surfaces, and it’s easy to clean. The gel ball blaster is completely safe and won’t harm people or objects.

The Auto Gel Ball Blaster has an upgraded gearbox, making it faster and smoother. After charging for 2 hours, it can shoot 6 water beads per second and can shoot about 1000 to 1500 rounds continuously up to a distance of 65 FT with 350 gel balls per minute.

With the 1200mAh battery that comes with the gel ball blaster and the attached USB cable, 1-2 hours of charging can support 4 hours of gameplay. This upgraded battery also eliminates concerns about wiring wear and tear.

What Makes a Great Orbeez Gun?

When searching for the best Orbeez gun, you should consider a few important factors. The most important features of an excellent Orbeez gun are range, accuracy, and power.

The range refers to how far the balls can be shot from the gun, while accuracy measures how accurately they land. Power determines how quickly they can be fired, and how far they’ll go when shot.

The best Orbeez guns will also have a comfortable grip, adjustable settings for different types of play, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

FAQ About Orbeez Guns

Below are frequently asked questions about Orbeez guns.

What is the best Orbeez gun?

The best Orbeez gun depends on your personal preferences and budget. Some popular options include the eTECH Automatic Blaster, the Gel Splatter Blaster for Orbeez M416 with Goggles, and the CUTICATE Automatic Gel Ball Blaster. All of these are great choices for an Orbeez gun, and will provide hours of fun.

How do you refill an Orbeez gun?

Refilling an Orbeez gun is relatively easy. Make sure the air source is turned off and then unscrew the top of the gun to access the chamber.

Place a fresh pack of Orbeez into the chamber and screw the top back on. Finally, turn on the air source to start shooting!

How far can an Orbeez gun shoot?

The distance an Orbeez gun can shoot varies depending on the type, but some models can shoot up to 20 feet. It is important to read the instructions of your gun to determine its maximum shooting distance.

Are Orbeez guns durable?

Yes, most Orbeez guns are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be highly durable. If you take good care of your gun, it should last for many years of use.

How much do Orbeez guns cost?

The cost of an Orbeez gun varies depending on the type and model, but generally they range from $10 to $60. It’s best to shop around for a good deal or look for sales and discounts.

What is the difference between gel blasters and airsoft guns?

Gel blasters use a water-based gel ball as ammunition, while airsoft guns use plastic BBs. Both are designed for target shooting and recreational activities, but gel blasters are usually cheaper and much safer than airsoft guns.

Are Orbeez gun toys safe?

Yes, the Orbeez gun toys are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making them safe for people of all ages.

The gel balls break apart when they hit something and will completely disappear once dry, so there is no mess to clean up. They also don’t cause any damage to people or objects, making them ideal for team play.

How do I store my gel blaster?

The best way to store your gel blaster is in a dry place away from moisture and dust. If you plan on storing it for a long period of time, make sure to also remove the batteries and keep them in a safe place. Additionally, you should store your blaster unloaded and with the safety switched on at all times.

What accessories do I need to buy for my gel blaster?

Depending on the model of your blaster, you may need to buy additional accessories such as magazines, batteries, chargers, and gel balls.

Additionally, you may want to purchase a protective carrying case for easy transport and storage.

How long do the gel balls last?

The lifespan of the gel balls depends on how often they are used, but in general they can last up to several weeks.

The gel balls will gradually disappear when dried, so make sure to store them away from direct sunlight and heat.


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