Best Law Enforcement Agencies in Arkansas in 2023

What is your dream job? Being a police officer has always been one of the most popular choices for people who are looking to be part of an organization that is committed to public service.

Although there are many different departments, and law enforcement agencies in Arkansas, some are better than others.

This article will list the top 10 best law enforcement agencies and give you more information about each one so that you can make an educated decision on where you want to work!

Fayetteville Police Department

-Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This department has excellent benefits and a great retirement package. They are very accepting of new recruits and have many different jobs that you can apply for! Overall this is one of the best departments to work for in Arkansas due to its low unemployment rates, diverse population, high median income levels, and wonderful housing market.*

Rogers Police Department

-Located in Rogers, Arkansas. This department is a great place to work if you enjoy the outdoors and have plenty of opportunities for training. They seem very family oriented with many activities that promote health and wellness!*

Hot Springs National Park Ranger Division

-Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.*This division covers over 200 square miles so they sure know how to explore their state on foot! The park rangers are all experts when it comes to nature exploration which means this would be a wonderful opportunity for someone who loves being outside or studying wildlife.*

Arkansas State Parks Rangers Division

-Located in Little Rock, Arkansas. With 54 parks across the state there’s never been a better

time to be a rangers in Arkansas. There are plenty of activities that allow you to use the skills*you’ve learned over time and get paid for them!

-If you’re interested, head down to Little Rock on September 23rd for their annual job fair at 401 E Landers Street from 11 am – 12 pm where they will have positions open across all departments.*

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Division Rangers

-Located throughout the state, these parks offer both hunting and fishing opportunities so there’s something new around every corner. If you enjoy being outdoors this could be perfect for someone with an adventurous spirit who loves nature!

Natural Resources Police Officers Division (NRP)

-In charge of natural resource protection within the state, these officers patrol Arkansas waterways and enforce fishing regulations.

Arkansas State Parks Division Rangers

-The perfect job for someone who wants to be close to nature but also enjoys interacting with people! You’ll get a chance to help protect some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

-More than just parks, this department also oversees the state’s historic sites and museums. If you have an interest in history or are passionate about telling stories this could be a great fit!

Fishing Enforcement Officers Division (FE)

-Ideal for someone who loves fishing but has no patience to wait on people at sporting goods stores all day long selling rod and reel combos! These officers patrol Arkansas waterways looking for poachers as well as enforcing fishing regulations. You’ll get paid to fish every day without ever having to buy your own equipment again!

Game Warden Patrols Division (GWP)

-These rangers monitor wildlife populations within Arkansas, assisting with animal control and enforcing laws related to the state’s natural resources.

Nuclear and Radiological Materials Division (NRMD)

This division focuses on preventing, detecting, investigating, or solving problems involving nuclear weapons, radioactive materials or their associated special facilities within Arkansas. The NRMD also works with other federal agencies and private organizations in these efforts.”

The mission of this department is to provide a safe environment for all citizens through committed enforcement of criminal statutes as well as contractual agreements between the City of Little Rock and State Law Enforcement Agencies. It has grown from just one officer patrolling by horseback at night when it was established in 1871 into two divisions: Patrol Services Bureau—the backbone that provides 24/hour protection against crime; and the Investigations Bureau—the elite team that works around the clock to solve crimes.

The agency’s mission is to operate, manage and maintain the Little Rock Air Force Base in a manner that supports military missions; enhances joint operations with other services and government agencies, provides emergency response capabilities for our region.

Little Rock Police Department

The Little Rock Police Department has grown from just one officer patrolling by horseback at night when it was established in 1871 into two divisions: Patrol Services Bureau—the backbone that provides 24/hour protection against crime; and the Investigations Bureau—the elite team that works around the clock to solve crimes.

Arkansas State Police

Arkansas State Police protects life and property by enforcing laws statewide as well as assisting local law enforcement when necessary. The organization also assists citizens of Arkansas through traffic safety programs such as Click It or Ticket (CIOT), education seminars on topics concerning drugs awareness, alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention/education programs among others.

Sherwood Police Department

The Sherwood Police Department is focused on the needs of our customer base which includes; preventing crime and disorder within the city limits, responding to requests for assistance from other agencies and citizens utilizing their police services efficiently, consistently providing quality service with respect and fairness while maintaining professionalism at all times.

These are just some of the best police departments to work at in Arkansas! You should consider these options if you are looking to start a career in law enforcement.