The 7+ Best Turkey Hunting Vest of 2024

Turkey hunting vest made of durable and weather-resistant materials, Multiple pockets for storing hunting accessories, Camouflage pattern for effective blending into the surroundings, Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit, Breathable fabric to prevent overheating, Designed with a focus on functionality and practicality, High-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Suitable for both men and women, Versatile and suitable for various hunting environments,

Best Turkey Hunting Vest

As the 2024 turkey hunting season approaches, hunters are gearing up and looking for the best gear to enhance their outdoor adventures.

A key piece of equipment in any turkey hunter’s arsenal is the turkey hunting vest, which combines functionality with durability to accommodate the rugged demands of the wild.

This year’s lineup of vests introduces advanced features such as improved ergonomic designs, lighter materials for better mobility, and more efficient storage solutions that ensure easy access to calls, ammo, and other essentials.

Hunters can expect vests that not only offer practicality but also integrate the latest camouflage technology to seamlessly blend into various environments.

Rundown of The Best Turkey Hunting Vest on The Market

SITKA Gear Men’s Equinox Turkey Ergonomic…
  • RUN-AND-GUN VEST – The Equinox Turkey Vest is a comfortable and efficient vest based on the movement and organizational needs of run-and-gun turkey hunting; made of 75-denier brushed-face polyester woven fabric with durable water repellent finish
  • AMPLE STORAGE – This versatile camo vest has ample yet minimalist storage; water-resistant box call storage pocket provides a snug fit to eliminate unwanted noise; zippered shallow top pocket with key clip; open top outside pocket stores rain gear
Nomad Mens Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest | Camo…
  • Nomad: Building the most innovative, authentic hunting apparel to inspire a community To experience & protect the traditions of hunting and to empower everyone on their next expedition
  • The Nomad pursuit convertible turkey vest is engineered for hunters passionate about turkey and built for For comfort, mobility & optimum gear organization
ALPS OutdoorZ Impact Pro Turkey Vest – Mossy Oak…
  • HUNT IN COMFORT: 1 inch molded and reinforced seat and back cushions easily flip down for this sit-anywhere design
  • STORAGE: haul a harvested turkey or your decoys easily in this over-sized game bag; additional rear storage pocket and 2 water bottle pockets
HUNTIT Turkey Vest with Seat Cushion and Game…
  • AMPLE STORAGE: The turkey vest is designed with ample yet minimalist storage, quality separated box call storage pocket provides snug in fit to eliminate unwanted noise, other quick access pockets are specific for ammunition, mouth calls, strikers, game, water bottles, pot calls, range finder, phones and hunting apparels. The turkey hunting vest also comes with two easy access water bottler pockets,game pouch and water bladder pocket.
  • DETACHABLE SEAT CUSHION: The HUNTIT TV02 turkey vest features a detachable 3″ dense foam cushion for lasting comfort with 6 super strong magnets attachments and seated adjustment handle. The abrasion and moisture resistant rubberized bottom of the seat cushion makes it super durable. An adjustable rear game pouch with decoy stake pockets is available on the turkey vest back.
TIDEWE Turkey Vest with Seat Cushion, Hunting Vest…
  • 【Large Capacity & Multi Pockets】The TIDEWE turkey vest is designed with 2 large pouches on the back, and a variety of different accessory pockets. It enables you to organize your hunting apparel, calls, water bottles, rangefinder and other hunting gear. TIDEWE’s turkey vest will help you carry everything you need to get your next Trophy Tom, and keep you comfortable while doing it!
  • 【Comfortable & Functional】The turkey vest is equipped with a removable and adjustable 3-inch cushioned seat with magnetic interface, which provides you with more comfort when sitting. The padded back with breathable mesh and ergonomic design offers the most comfortable hunting experience. It is made of brushed cloth and noise reduction fabric, which helps you remain silent while hunting while ensuring its durability.
Knight & Hale Run N’Gun 200 Turkey Vest- Mossy…
  • Better fit with less weight at just 1.5 lbs.
  • 10-point adjustment system for optimal fit

Modern Vest

The best turkey hunting vest of 2024 aims to strike the perfect balance between comfort and utility.

Manufacturers have listened to the feedback of seasoned hunters and have tailored their designs to include breathable fabrics for those long waits under the sun and reinforced padding for extended periods of seating.

With the addition of modular components and adjustable fitting, these vests cater to a broad range of body types and personal preferences, making them a versatile choice for both novice and experienced turkey hunters.

This year’s models are more than just carrying solutions; they are comprehensive hunting companions designed to enhance the hunting experience in every aspect.

Best Turkey Vests: Reviews & Recommendations

Top Pick: Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest

SITKA Gear Men’s Equinox Turkey Ergonomic…
  • RUN-AND-GUN VEST – The Equinox Turkey Vest is a comfortable and efficient vest based on the movement and organizational needs of run-and-gun turkey hunting; made of 75-denier brushed-face polyester woven fabric with durable water repellent finish
  • AMPLE STORAGE – This versatile camo vest has ample yet minimalist storage; water-resistant box call storage pocket provides a snug fit to eliminate unwanted noise; zippered shallow top pocket with key clip; open top outside pocket stores rain gear


  • Water-resistant
  • Magnetic storage for calls
  • Adjustable size from S to XXL
  • Includes compartment for a hydration bladder


  • Efficient space usage
  • Cushion retains firmness during prolonged use
  • Noiseless operation
  • Large rear pocket suitable for storage or hydration needs


  • High cost
  • Lacks a traditional game pouch

The Sitka Equinox is designed primarily for active, mobile hunting but is versatile enough for any hunting style. The vest’s minimalist structure eliminates unnecessary bulk, while offering ample space for all your calls through intelligently designed pockets. These magnetic pockets allow for quiet access, which is essential in avoiding startling wildlife.

The left side of the vest holds two slate calls and multiple mouth calls in a magnetic pouch, while the right side accommodates both small and large box calls. The dual-density foam seat minimizes deflation over time, staying compact to navigate dense foliage without snagging.

Instead of a conventional game bag, this vest features a backpack design with a hydration bladder compartment, ideal for long or remote hunts. A detachable turkey sling adds to its versatility, clipping to the shoulder strap for those successful hunting moments.

Best Value: RedHead Classic II

UIIHUNT Turkey Hunting Vest with Seat: Lightweight…
  • LARGE CAPACITY & MULTI POCKETS: The UIIHUNT turkey vest boasts multiple pockets, including 2 large pouches on the back, and various accessory pockets to organize all your hunting gear, such as apparel, calls, water bottles, rangefinder, and more.


  • Two spacious front pockets
  • Snap-on seat cushion
  • Universal sizing


  • Lightweight and easy to compress for transport
  • Large game bag included
  • Cost-effective


  • Limited storage capacity

Ideal for beginners or budget-conscious hunters, the RedHead Classic II offers essential features without the frills. It includes back support and adequate storage with specialized pockets for various calls and a dual-purpose pouch for box calls and water bottles. The vest’s traditional design makes it suitable for other hunting activities beyond turkey season, presenting great value with its affordability.

Best for Extended Sits: ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest Featuring…
  • SIT ANYWHERE turkey vest for hunting with seat made with memory foam that folds away, and removable kickstand frame with fast-locking adjustable legs and swivel feet to prevent sinking in mud
  • ALL THE CALLS – this turkey hunting vest has pockets for two slate calls, locator call, three strikers and a larger locator call, a removable protective diaphragm call pocket, and a silent protective box call pocket


  • Detachable kickstand frame
  • Large game bag
  • Multiple pockets for calls and equipment
  • Memory foam seat


  • Comfortable seat with back support
  • Ample storage space
  • Sit-anywhere convenience with a kickstand


  • Bulky

The ALPS Outdoorz Grand Slam is perfect for stationary turkey hunting with its adjustable kickstand and comfy memory foam seat. This vest allows you to remain seated comfortably for hours, with easy modifications for mobility. Its design includes plenty of storage for decoys or game, with quick access to calls. The magnetic attachments for the seat enhance quick setup, though they may detach when moving through dense brush.

Most Adaptable: Nomad Convertible Turkey Vest

Nomad Mens Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest | Camo…
  • Nomad: Building the most innovative, authentic hunting apparel to inspire a community To experience & protect the traditions of hunting and to empower everyone on their next expedition
  • The Nomad pursuit convertible turkey vest is engineered for hunters passionate about turkey and built for For comfort, mobility & optimum gear organization
  • Convertible: turkey hunter’s vest Wears as a traditional Vest or converts to a fanny pack


  • Convertible game bag to fanny pack
  • Specific pocket for Thermacell
  • Fully detachable seat


  • Highly versatile
  • Convenient and accessible storage
  • Converts to a lighter fanny pack as needed


  • Seat detaches too easily

The Nomad Convertible Vest adjusts to your hunting style, serving as either a full vest or a lean fanny pack with an instant-deploy seat. This flexibility makes it excellent not only for turkey hunting but also for carrying other game. The thoughtful placement of pockets, including one for a Thermacell on the shoulder strap, enhances accessibility and convenience.

Most Accessible: ALPS Ambush Sling Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Ambush Crossbody Sling Bag Featuring…
  • LIGHTWEIGHT run and gun front-facing sling hunting backpack perfect for hunting turkey, duck and other waterfowl on the move
  • ADJUSTABLE hunting bag with multi-position ambidextrous shoulder strap for easy on and off and no interference with rifle, with shell loops
  • MOLLE system with attachment points on both sides of the crossbody bag for maximum easy carry catering to your comfort


  • Adjustable multi-position shoulder strap
  • MOLLE compatibility
  • Silent pockets designed specifically for calls


  • Easy access to equipment
  • Compact design with multiple pockets
  • Minimally intrusive while on the move


  • Front-heavy and may require frequent adjustments

The Ambush Sling Pack offers a unique alternative to traditional vests by positioning storage at chest level for easy access. This design is particularly beneficial for mobile hunters who need quick access to calls and equipment without excess movement. Although it might feel awkward initially, especially during more strenuous maneuvers like crawling, its convenience in a standing or sitting position is unparalleled.

Best Economical Fanny Pack: Cabela’s Speed Seat


  • Padded seat
  • Single large pocket
  • Adjustable to fit most sizes


  • Lightweight with quick-deploy seat
  • Single clip for fast detachment
  • Economical choice


  • Seat does not fully detach

For hunters preferring a minimalist approach, the Cabela’s Speed Seat combines run-and-gun practicality with comfort. The design is simple, focusing on essential storage and quick accessibility, ideal for those carrying fewer items and needing to move swiftly through the woods.

Best Minimalist Option: SITKA Mountain Optics Harness

SITKA Gear Mountain Optics Big Game Camo Hunting…
  • FUNCTIONAL BINO HARNESS – This bino harness is a stealthy and convenient system that lets you quickly and efficiently access your optics and other gear – whether youâ€re making a long hike in, moving between glassing points, or in the middle of a stalk
  • QUICK & QUIET ACCESS – This bino harness features a quiet magnetic one-handed front flap for binos; removable, modular side pockets can hold rangefinders, GPS, cell phone or other accessories for quick and quiet access


  • Magnetic front flap
  • Main compartment and two side pockets
  • MOLLE compatibility


  • Quick access to equipment
  • Light and unobtrusive
  • Adequate storage for essential calls


  • Limited additional storage
  • Higher price point compared to other vests

Designed for hunters who carry minimal gear but require quick access to binoculars and calls, the SITKA Mountain Optics Harness excels in convenience and efficiency. The harness provides a hands-free solution to carry essential tools without the bulk of a traditional vest, ideal for those who value speed and simplicity.

Best for Active Hunting: Slumberjack Pursuit Vest

Slumberjack 53762316KPH Pursuit Highlander
  • Realtree camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism
  • Designed to accommodate treestands, stealthy hikes, and week-long hunts in perilous terrain
  • Slumberjack camping accessories bring all the comforts of home right your campsite


  • Four strategically placed chest pockets
  • Snag-free adjustment straps
  • Breathable mesh for temperature control
  • Compatible with hydration bladders


  • Customizable fit for comfort and ease
  • Optimal pocket placement for accessibility
  • Suitable for various types of game beyond turkey


  • Does not include a seat

The Slumberjack Pursuit Vest is an all-purpose vest that excels in accommodating dynamic hunting strategies. Its design promotes full adjustability for comfort, strategic pocket placement for ease of access, and lightweight construction for all-day wear, making it ideal for hunters who are constantly on the move.

Best Hip Pack: Sitka Turkey Tool Belt

SITKA Gear Hunting Elevated II Tool Belt – One…
  • SITKA GEAR TOOL BELT – Low-profile efficiency for the minimalist hunter
  • ELEVATED II – GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position
  • DETAILS – Tool Belt with a removable Sitka Gear jacket and bib shoulder harness system


  • Adjustable waist (30-46 inches)
  • Dedicated pockets for various calls
  • Includes a water bottle pouch and lightly padded seat
  • Price: $229


  • Excellent organization for calls
  • Easy access to all compartments
  • Padded protection for sensitive equipment


  • Noisy zippers
  • Minimal seat padding

The Sitka Turkey Tool Belt is designed for hunters who prioritize organization and accessibility. With dedicated pockets for each type of call and additional storage capabilities, this belt provides everything needed for efficient hunting while maintaining comfort and mobility.

Best Non-Purchase Option: No Vest Required


  • Weight: 0 pounds
  • Utilizes existing pocket space in clothing
  • One size fits all


  • Cost-effective
  • No additional weight
  • Frees up budget for other hunting expenses


  • Lacks specialized storage features

Opting for no vest at all is a viable choice for experienced hunters who prefer simplicity. This method leverages the storage capacity of standard clothing, allowing for a less encumbered hunting experience, focusing purely on skill and stealth.

How to Select the Ideal Turkey Vest

Personal preference is crucial in choosing the right turkey vest. Whether you require a vest with comprehensive storage options or a simple pack for agility, the best vest is one that aligns with your hunting style and comfort needs. For newcomers, it’s advisable to try various models to find the perfect fit before committing, ensuring the vest enhances rather than hinders your hunting experience.

What to Consider When Buying a Turkey Hunting Vest

When preparing for turkey season, choosing the right hunting vest can greatly affect your comfort and success in the field. A well-chosen turkey hunting vest not only helps organize your calls, ammunition, and other essentials but also ensures you remain agile and ready at a moment’s notice. Here are several key factors to consider to help you select the best turkey hunting vest that suits your needs.

Storage Capacity and Organization

One of the primary functions of a turkey hunting vest is to keep all your hunting gear organized and easily accessible. Look for a vest with ample pockets and compartments designed specifically for the types of calls you use—whether box calls, slate calls, or diaphragm calls—and enough space for other necessities such as a GPS, snacks, and a water bottle. Additionally, some vests come with special features like shell loops, a built-in game bag, or a decoy compartment. Assess the layout of the pockets to ensure that you can reach everything quietly and quickly without unnecessary movement.

Comfort and Fit

Since turkey hunting often involves long periods of sitting and waiting, your vest should offer a good level of comfort. Check for adjustable features that allow the vest to fit snugly over different layers of clothing. A good fit is crucial as it helps distribute the weight of your gear evenly, reducing fatigue. Additionally, consider vests that come with a padded seat or a cushioned back panel, as these can make a significant difference in your comfort during those long hours in the woods.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Turkey hunting can take you through some rough terrain and varying weather conditions. Choose a vest made from durable materials that can withstand abrasion from brushes and brambles. Additionally, weather resistance is an important factor—water-resistant or waterproof materials can keep your gear dry during unexpected rain showers, ensuring your calls and other equipment function properly regardless of the weather.

Camouflage and Stealth

Remaining undetected is key in turkey hunting, as turkeys have keen eyesight. Select a vest in a camouflage pattern that matches the environment where you’ll be hunting. Moreover, consider the noise factor: look for vests that feature quiet fabrics and silent closures like magnetic snaps or quiet zippers to minimize any sounds that could alert turkeys.

Weight and Mobility

The weight of the vest is an important consideration, especially for hunters who move frequently or cover long distances. A lightweight vest can reduce strain and improve mobility, but make sure it doesn’t compromise on storage capacity or durability. Additionally, consider how the vest allows you to move through your environment—too bulky or loose-fitting vests can snag on branches or hinder your ability to move quickly and silently.

Additional Features

Some turkey hunting vests come with extra features that, while not essential, can enhance your hunting experience. These might include hydration bladder compatibility for easy drinking on the go, ventilated mesh for cooling, or specific pockets for technological devices like smartphones or GPS units. Also, some vests come with safety features such as blaze orange flags for visibility to other hunters when necessary.

By considering these factors, you can choose a turkey hunting vest that not only meets your practical needs but also increases your effectiveness and enjoyment in the turkey woods. Remember, the best vest for you is one that fits well, offers sufficient storage for your specific hunting style, and keeps you comfortable and stealthy from dawn until dusk.


Selecting the right turkey vest involves balancing personal needs with the specific demands of turkey hunting. From full-feature vests for long sits to minimalistic packs for quick movements, there’s a solution for every hunter, ensuring both comfort and efficiency in the field.

FAQs About Turkey Hunting Vest

What is a turkey hunting vest?

A turkey hunting vest is a specialized piece of outdoor clothing designed to enhance the convenience and efficiency of turkey hunters. It typically includes multiple pockets for storing calls, ammunition, and other hunting essentials, and often features a built-in seat cushion for comfort during long waits.

Why do turkey hunters wear vests?

Turkey hunters wear vests to keep all necessary hunting gear organized and easily accessible. The vest allows hunters to carry calls, shells, a hydration bladder, and other tools in a streamlined, hands-free manner, which is crucial for mobility and quick access when in the field.

What should I look for in a turkey hunting vest?

When choosing a turkey hunting vest, consider storage capacity, comfort, durability, and stealth. Look for ample pocket space for your specific calls and gear, a comfortable seat for long sits, durable materials that withstand rugged environments, and a design that helps you blend into the surroundings.

Are there turkey vests suitable for women?

Yes, there are turkey vests designed specifically for women. These vests are tailored to fit the female body more comfortably and functionally, with adjustments in the strap system and overall design to better suit a woman’s physique for comfort and accessibility.

How much does a typical turkey hunting vest cost?

The cost of a turkey hunting vest can vary widely depending on the brand, features, and materials. Basic models may start around $50, while high-end vests with extensive features and premium materials can cost upwards of $200 or more.

Can a turkey hunting vest be washed?

Most turkey hunting vests can be washed, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, hand washing or using a gentle cycle with mild detergent is recommended to avoid damaging the materials or protective coatings.

What is the best turkey hunting vest for hot weather?

For hot weather, look for a turkey hunting vest made from lightweight, breathable materials with ventilation features such as mesh back panels. Vests that offer hydration bladder compatibility are also advantageous for staying hydrated in warmer conditions.

Does the color of the turkey vest matter?

Yes, the color of the turkey vest does matter. Most turkey hunting vests are available in camouflage patterns to help hunters blend into their environment and avoid detection by turkeys, which have excellent eyesight.

What are the advantages of a turkey hunting vest over a backpack?

A turkey hunting vest provides faster and easier access to gear compared to a backpack. Vests distribute weight more evenly across the body and allow hunters to access calls, ammo, and other essentials without removing the pack, which is crucial in situations where silence and speed are necessary.

How important is a seat cushion in a turkey hunting vest?

A seat cushion is very important in a turkey hunting vest for those who anticipate long periods of sitting. It provides comfort and insulation from the cold or damp ground, making the waiting periods more bearable and helping hunters stay patient and alert.

Can I use a turkey hunting vest for other types of hunting?

Yes, many turkey hunting vests are versatile enough to be used for other types of small game hunting. The storage solutions and comfort features that make them ideal for turkey hunting can also benefit hunters pursuing species like squirrels, rabbits, and even deer in some scenarios.

What is the best way to organize a turkey hunting vest?

The best way to organize a turkey hunting vest is to place items you’ll need most frequently in the most accessible pockets. Keep calls and ammunition handy, and use larger compartments for less frequently used items like snacks and a first aid kit. Regularly adjust the organization based on your hunting experiences and preferences.

Are there any safety features to consider in a turkey hunting vest?

Yes, some turkey hunting vests include safety features such as bright orange flagging that can be displayed when moving in populated hunting areas to increase visibility. Additionally, some vests come with reinforced shoulder pads to help absorb the recoil of a shotgun, providing both safety and comfort during the shoot.


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