7+ Best Frigidaire Mini Fridge of 2024

Frigidaire mini fridge is perfect to keep your food and beverages cold while taking up minimal space.

Look no further than Frigidaire’s selection of mini-fridges. With their wide range of sizes, styles, and designs, you can find a Frigidaire mini fridge that fits perfectly in any room or corner.

From sleek stainless steel models to colorful retro-style designs, they have something that will suit your needs.

Quick Rundown of The Best Frigidaire Mini Fridges on The Market

FRIGIDAIRE Coral EFR176- AMZ Retro Mini…
  • RETRO DESIGN – Our refrigerator has a stylish retro appearance with a traditional handle and current technologies such as an R600a energy-efficient compressor that cools food quicker while using less electricity.
  • ENERGY SAVING AND QUIET – Thanks to its low-noise construction, this tiny refrigerator has a noise level of less than 37dB, offering a comfortable and quiet indoor atmosphere for your living and working circumstances.
FRIGIDAIRE EFR376 Retro Bar Fridge Refrigerator…
  • COMPACT RETRO STYLE – Its 3. 2 Cu. Ft. capacity is perfect for all your snacks and beverages.Lock Type:Electronic
  • BUILT IN BOTTLE OPENER – Open your beverages in no time
FRIGIDAIRE EFR331-BLACK 3.2 Cu ft Eraser Board…
  • STYLISH: Our RCA Compact Refrigerator comes in a variety of colorful, bold, and glossy colors. That compliments your design and improves the appearance of your kitchen, dorm, room, or workplace, wherever you choose to put it.Freezer Capacity:0.2 cubic_feet.Fresh Food Capacity: 3 cubic_feet.Lock Type:Electronic
  • REVERSIBLE DOORS: It is small enough to fit in any dorm, kitchen, room, or workplace. Using the reversible door, you can easily set the little fridge door to open to the left or right, depending on your needs and room layout.
Frigidaire EFR840-MINT EFR840 Retro Mini Fridge…
  • RETRO DESIGN: Compact in size and attractive retro design with decorative door embellishments that give this retro refrigerator a sleek contemporary look.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Has 2 spill-proof and removable glass shelves that slide out to simplify cleanup, preventing liquids from leaking onto items below.
Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer, 4.6…
  • STORAGE: A large Freezer compartment with an ice cube tray. Also, this refrigerator has a double door design perfect for storing drinks and condiments.Freezer Capacity:0.8 cubic_feet.Fresh Food Capacity: 4.3 cubic_feet.Lock Type:Electronic.Frequency : 60 Hz
  • EXTRA STORAGE: Adjustable / Removable shelves to expand storage and to easy cleaning.
FRIGIDAIRE EFR176-RED 1.6 cu. ft. Retro Bar Fridge…
  • 1. 6 Cu Ft Retro Style Fridge with Bottle Opener.Freezer Capacity:0.2 cubic_feet.Fresh Food Capacity: 1.4 cubic_feet
  • Compressor Cooled for Ultimate Cooling Performance

What Exactly Is A Frigidaire Mini Fridge?

A Frigidaire mini fridge is a smaller version of their full-size refrigerator, designed to fit in small spaces. It has all the same features as their full-size fridges – just on a smaller scale.

These mini fridges are perfect for dorm rooms, offices, RVs, homes, and anywhere else where space is at a premium.

Here are the 7 best Frigidaire mini fridges for you to consider:

1. Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer, 4.6 cu ft, Platinum Series, Stainless Steel, Double

Maximize your storage space with the Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer.

This remarkable platinum series, stainless steel double door refrigerator features a spacious 4.6 cu ft of interior capacity and comes equipped with an ice cube tray to keep items cold in its large freezer compartment.

With 0.8 cubic feet dedicated to freezing and 4.3 cubic feet for fresh food, you’ll never find yourself short on the room again!

Get the extra storage you need with adjustable and removable shelves to tailor it to your needs.

Turn heads in your kitchen with its unique design made of high-quality stainless steel. With easily accessible thermostat control, acquire precise temperature management that is always within reach!

This appliance runs on 110 volts while consuming only 5 Watts annually – perfect for energy-efficient households.

2. Frigidaire 4.5 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator/Freezer

Enjoy extra space and added convenience with the Frigidaire 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator/Freezer in Stainless Steel.

This unit fits conveniently into any kitchen, dorm room, or office space and is ideal for storing snacks, tall bottles, and more!

In addition to the efficient interior storage design, this mini-fridge also features adjustable glass shelves that can be reconfigured to fit more items.

Plus, the reversible door swing and adjustable temperature controls make this unit easy to use and customize for your specific needs.

The Frigidaire 4.5 cu. ft Compact Refrigerator/Freezer also comes equipped with a full-width freezer compartment, making it perfect for those who need to store a few items in the freezer.

Key Features:

• Reversible Door Swing Option

• Adjustable Glass Shelves

• Adjustable Temperature Controls

• Full-Width Freezer Compartment

• Bright Interior Lighting

3. Frigidaire EFR376-BLUE 3.2 Cu Ft Blue Retro Bar Fridge with Side Bottle Opener

Step back in time with the Frigidaire Retro Designed Refrigerator! This classic piece of design measures 18.5 x 21.5 x 32.5 inches and offers 3.2 Cu Ft capacity, making it perfect for student dorms or small apartments alike!

The vibrant color is sure to be a standout feature among your decor – what better way to enhance any space?

Enjoy the convenience of our bar refrigerator, equipped with a thermostat control knob for easy adjustment.

Plus, there’s even a side-mounted bottle opener so you can quickly access your favorite chilled beverage from the door compartment.

Additionally, two removable glass shelves are included to make cleaning simpler and provide extra storage space.

A detachable slide-out glass shelf provides additional methods of organizing what is stored in the fridge while also providing room for larger items like gallons of drinks!

The Retro Styled Refrigerator features two sections: a freezer at the top and a refrigerator at the bottom.

With 0.93 cu ft of storage capacity, this freezer can easily store meals or other frozen goods to help keep them cool.

Additionally, its reversible door allows you to choose whether it opens left or right according to your preferences and room layout for added convenience!

Key Features:

• Adjustable Temperature Controls

• Adjustable Glass Shelves

• Bright Interior Lighting

• Tall Bottle Storage

• Reversible Door Swing Option

4. Frigidaire EFR285-AMZ, 2.5 cu ft Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Door, Platinum Series

If you’re looking for a roomy refrigerator that’s low on energy consumption, the Frigidaire EFR285-AMZ Platinum Series was designed with you in mind.

This 2.5 cu ft fridge has plenty of storage space to store your groceries and beverages, as well as adjustable wire shelving, tall bottle holders, and a built-in can dispenser.

It even comes equipped with a quiet freezer section where frozen items or food needing to cool quickly are easily accessible!

And best of all – it runs so quietly that it won’t disturb any surrounding areas like an office or bedroom environment!

Technical DETAILS

If you’re looking for a practical yet stylish refrigerator, then the Frigidaire EFR285-AMZ is an ideal choice.

With its 2.5 Cubic Feet capacity and Annual Energy Consumption of 5 Kilowatt Hours, this compact model offers plenty of storage space without taking up too much room in your kitchen.

It features one crisper drawer, reversible door hinges with three adjustable glass shelves to provide customized storage options that can be tailored to meet any need or requirement.

Plus, it comes with ETL certification, so you know it’s safe and reliable as well!

Key Features:

• Adjustable Temperature Control

• Annual Energy Consumption of 5 kWh

• Reversible Door Hinges

• Adjustable Glass Shelves

• Bright Interior Lighting

• ETL Certified for Safety and Reliability

5. Frigidaire EFMIS155 Beverage Center-126 Cans-Full Stainless Steel, 126-CAN, Stainless

The Frigidaire EFMIS155 Beverage Center-126 Cans-Full Stainless Steel, 126-CAN model is ideal for those who need an efficient and space saving storage solution.

This freezerless refrigerator features a whopping 4.4 cubic feet of capacity that can accommodate up to 126 beverage cans with adjustable shelves making it easy to store any bottle design with ease!

The stainless steel color blends seamlessly into your kitchen and the reversible door allows you greater flexibility when deciding where this unit will go in your home.

With dimensions of 20″D x 22″W x 31″H, this freestanding refrigerator requires no defrosting system yet still provides plenty of fresh food storage options.

Design Details

Make a statement in your home with the stylish DESIGN of this compact piece.

It features an eye-catching transparent glass front door that adds both elegant flair and practical function to any decor, from ultra-modern to traditional–without scratching any furniture!

Take full control over temperature adjustment through its modern digital thermostatic controls via an easy LED display, along with blue LED interior lighting that emphasizes the contents within.

Take this portable, heavy-duty cooler anywhere with you easily! It’s insulated to keep your snacks and beverages at the perfect temperature thanks to its adjustable thermostat control dial.

Simply turn it from cool to coldest for whatever environment you’re in and secure everything into place with a locking latch and door hinge, plus an easy-to-carry handle!

Key Features:

• 126-Can Capacity

• Adjustable Shelves

• Reversible Door Swing Option

• Digital Thermostatic Controls

• Blue LED Interior Lighting

• Locking Latch & Door Hinge

• Insulated Cooler Temperature Control Dial

• Easy-Carry Handle

6. FRIGIDAIRE EFR331-BLACK 3.2 Cu ft Eraser Board Mini Compact Dorm Fridge (Black)

Introducing our Frigidaire EFR331-BLACK 3.2 Cu ft Eraser Board Mini Compact Dorm Fridge (Black)!

Its sleek, bold, and glossy colors will add a stylish touch to your design; be it at home, work or in the dorm room!

With 0.2 cubic feet of freezer capacity, as well as 3 cubic feet of fresh food storage space – this fridge is sure to meet all refrigeration needs with ease.

Make the most of your space with a reversible door that opens to either side, depending on what best fits your dorm, kitchen, room, or office.

The adjustable thermostat dial allows you to adjust the temperature from mild to cold easily and quickly—even perfect for hot weather! This little fridge is so versatile that it’ll find its place anywhere.

Store your food, drinks, and other items securely in the freezer section with DEFROST– a push-button temperature knob that eliminates frost.

And if writing notes is more of your thing, you’ll love our WRITE & ERASE blackboard panel perfect for dorms, offices, nurseries, or even kitchens!

Key Features:

• 3.2 Cu Ft Capacity

• Reversible Door Opens to Either Side

• Adjustable Thermostat Dial

• Push-Button Defrost Temperature Control Knob

• Write & Erase Blackboard Panel

• Stylish Glossy Finish & Design

• Dimensions: 17.5″D x 19.13″W x 32.25″H.

7. Avanti AR5102SS All Refrigerator, 24″/5.1 cu. ft, Stainless Steel

The Avanti AR5102SS All Refrigerator is the perfect addition to any kitchen!

It features a sleek stainless steel finish and boasts an impressive 5.1 cubic feet of storage capacity for you to store all your favorite snacks and beverages with ease.

Measuring at 23.5″D x 24.5″W x 33.75″H, this single-door refrigerator seamlessly fits in spaces large or small!

With reliable performance from its freestanding form factor, it’s no wonder why the Avanti AR5102SS is so popular amongst homeowners across the nation!

If you’re looking for a reliable refrigerator that can handle all your needs, the Avanti AR5102SS is an excellent choice.

This 24″ wide model has 5.1 cubic feet of capacity, perfect for storing over-sized energy drinks and bottles with adjustable dividers to keep everything organized.

Plus, it comes complete with stainless steel door and handles plus a reversible door swing so you can set it up in any room or space perfectly!

The digital temperature setting range from 34 degrees to 43 degrees ensures optimal cooling performance at all times – get yours today!

Key Features:

• 5.1 cu ft Capacity

• Reversible Door Swing Option

• Adjustable Shelves

• Digital Temperature Setting Range (34-43°F)

• Stainless Steel Door & Handles

• ETL Certified for Safety and Reliability

• Energy Star Rated with an Estimated Annual Electricity Consump-tion of 472 kWh/year.

• Freestanding Installation Only.

• Dimensions: 23.5″D x 24.5″W x 33.75″H

Frigidaire Mini Fridge Buying guide

When it comes to finding the best refrigerator for your needs, there are a few important considerations you have to take into account.

Size and Capacity

Do you need a large-capacity fridge or will the smaller mini-fridges suffice? Consider how much food and beverages you’ll need to store in it.


When it comes to design, think about the placement of the refrigerator and if its features like a reversible door swing, adjustable shelves, digital temperature setting, etc. match with other appliances in your kitchen/room/office space.

Energy Efficiency

Look at the energy star rating of different fridges as this will tell you how much electricity they consume per year.

It’s also important that your chosen refrigerator is ETL certified so that you know they meet all safety and reliability standards.


Finally, consider the price of your refrigerator – how much are you willing to spend? Fortunately, there’s a range of options available for almost any budget so take some time to weigh up your options.

With these factors in mind, it’ll be easier for you to find the perfect refrigerator that fits all your needs! Good luck!

Wrapping Up

For any kitchen, dorm room, or office – finding the perfect refrigerator can be a daunting task. But with so many options available in the refrigeration market today, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and style!

From small and compact mini fridges to large and spacious all-refrigerators – there’s something perfect for everyone.

With features such as adjustable shelves, reversible door swings, digital temperature settings, and more – make sure you have all the right features to get the most out of your new fridge!

So don’t settle for second best – treat yourself to quality and convenience with one of these top 7 refrigerators today!


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