27 Best Police Officer Gifts


If a special person in your life is a police officer, you can show your care and appreciation with a police-themed gift for holidays or birthdays. You can also present your loved one with a special present to congratulate him/her for graduating from police academy or receiving a promotion. If you’re not sure which gifts are best for your son, daughter, spouse, parent, or friend, here are a few suggestions.

1.Wooden Nightstand/Docking Station

A portable nightstand made from quality wood could make a great gift for your favorite police officer. The docking station includes space for keys, a flashlight, a wallet, a watch, and sunglasses. The nightstand also has a phone charging station so the police officer can always make and receive important calls. You can customize this gift with the recipient’s badge number, initials or name in 3D letters as well. 


2.Tactical Gear Set

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If you’re getting a gift for a police officer who works outdoors often and may need to get out of challenging situations quickly, consider the tactical gear set. The set includes a quality pocketknife, a fire starter, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, flashlight and bottle opener. This set is easy to carry, and the parts fit together to create one compact device. Personalize this gift by adding the police officer’s name and the date of his/her graduation or promotion.


3.Bifold Leather Wallet


A classy gift like a leather wallet is both impressive and practical. You can engrave the front of the wallet with the officer’s name or initials for customization and to prevent theft. The leather is soft to the touch and the bifold design fits perfectly into the pockets of a police uniform.

4.Wall Art


If your spouse is a police officer or you have a parent who is retiring from the police force, you can gift them with stunning wall art. The art honors their work serving as a decorative piece for the home. This wall art features the American flag and you can add your family name to the canvas along with the recipient’s graduation date, dates of service on the force, or badge number. You can choose from a black frame, an unframed image, or the digital copy so you can select a frame of your home.

5.Decorative Blanket


This beautiful black and white blanket with a striking blue stripe makes a wonderful gift for a police officer who enjoys relaxing at home during his/her time off. The blanket contains a Bible verse: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” This inspiring scripture should serve as a reminder that police officers are called to make our communities safer and peaceful. You can choose from small, medium and large sizes for this touching gift.

6.Custom T-Shirt


A T-shirt is an ideal gift for an officer who still wants to showcase his/her professional while off-duty. Customize the shirt with the officer’s last name and choose from American flag designs for the front of the shirt. These gifts are available in light gray, navy, and black, and in sizes small to 3XL.

7.Police Gift Box


Many police officers work long hours without much downtime. You can show how much you care with a gift basket filled with “essentials.” This box contains a coffee-scented candle, a book of matches, two key chains, a “donut resist” pillow, and a customized greeting card. You can give this as a thank-you gift, a birthday present, or as part of a retirement gift.

8.Engraved Whiskey Glass


Give a police officer you love a whiskey glass engraved with a police badge, the year the officer joined or retired from the force, and the officer’s last name. You can choose to feature the design on one or both sides of the cup. These glasses are a sophisticated gift, but you can also use them as party favors for a police officer’s retirement party or to celebrate his/her promotion.



 A tumbler is a decorative yet practical gift that helps keep drinks cold or hot. Whether the recipient enjoys coffee on the go or wants to use the tumbler for a cocktail at the end of a long day, this gift will come in handy. The tumbler comes in black or silver and includes an image of the U.S. flag with a bold blue or red stripe.

10. Desk Light


Spruce up your police officer’s desk with a light shaped like a badge. You can personalize the light by adding his/her badge number. The desk light changes color for more visual appeal and you can choose from several designs .



If you want to present chocolates to the police officer you love in a creative way, this specialty box of chocolates is the way to go. These sweet treats come in shapes like handcuffs, talk radios, batons, and badges. The chocolates are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate varieties. You can present these as party favors at a party or celebration for the police officer as well.

12. Police Badge Last Name Sign


This monogrammed gift is a wonderful way to display how proud you are of your child or spouse. This outdoor name sign is shaped like a police badge and features a monogram of your family name as well as space to spell your entire last name. You can choose from a variety of sizes, from 16 inches to 36 inches. The sign is available unpainted, or you can choose from a variety of colors including pink, green, coral, rose gold, silver, orange, navy blue, and gray.

13.Bottle Insulator


If you plan on presenting a bottle of wine or champagne as a gift for a police force graduation or retirement party, make the gift more memorable with a bottle insulator shaped as a tactical vest. You can also give these gifts to the other officers on your loved one’s police force and customize each of the insulators with the last name of the officer. A gift of wine is always appreciated; this eye-catching insulator makes your gift more impressive.

More Gift Options

14. Electronic Travel Mug 

Police officers enjoy coffee, that’s a fact. Coffee is an essential source of fuel to help an officer get through a long day on the job. Unfortunately, coffee goes cold quickly while on the job as they are usually busy with their law enforcement duties. That’s where an electronic travel mug comes in. It will keep their coffee (or tea) nicely heated until the very last drop. 

15. Search Gloves 

Most days on the job, an officer will need to perform some sort of search and it’s not always pretty. Whether they are searching a person, house, or vehicle, there are all sorts of surprises that can be encountered. The situations are usually less than sanitary, not to mention the dangers of sticking their hands somewhere unknown. Also, on crime scenes, gloves are required so that evidence is not compromised. For these reasons, it’s handy for a cop to have a decent set of search gloves. 

16. Concealed Carry Clothes

Whether on shift or not, being a police officer is an around the clock job. Many cops need to have their weapons with them at all times just in case they receive an emergency call. As most will be in plain day clothing, there isn’t really anywhere they can keep their weapons without them being seen by everyone. Concealed carry clothing looks like normal clothing but also features hidden pouches, holsters and compartments where they can keep things concealed. 

17. Pocket Knife/Multi-Tool

Anyone in law enforcement will benefit from owning a decent pocketknife. Many officers would agree that the versatility of carrying one makes it a useful part of their utility kit. Some typically scenarios where officers could use a folding knife would be for cutting tape for cordoning off a crime scene or slicing a seat belt if someone is stuck inside a crashed vehicle. Ideally, you want to get one that’s serrated as it will be better and sawing through things. 

18. Handcuff Keys 

Although all sets of cuffs will already come with keys, they are usually small and are easy to lose. In a pinch, when cops need to get someone aggressive in cuffs fast, it may be hard to dig them out. Upgrading them to a bigger version will make a huge difference and it can sit in the front pocket of their uniform for easy access. 

19. Seat Organizer

If you consider someone who works in an office, they usually have an organization system to keep all their tool in place, like drawers, pen holders etc. A cops’ vehicle is essentially their office and they too could use something to keep everything organized. A cop needs their equipment easily accessible as they never know what situation will arise. Having their manuals, traffic citations, flashlights, cuffs etc. in a seat organizer can help them find everything much easier. 

20. Durable Phone Case

We all know the feeling when we drop our phones and flinch as they fall to the ground, hoping they don’t break. In the line of duty, cops are performing more fast-paced and risky activities than we are. They have a higher probability of dropping their phone on a daily basis and so having a good phone case can save them a lot of hassle. Look for a case that is shatterproof, waterproof and dustproof just to cover all the bases. 

21. Hinge Cuffs

Police Officers all carry handcuffs that have been supplied by their department, but it never hurts to have an extra pair around. Hinge cuffs specifically are more secure than the traditional cuffs, making it more difficult for a subject to get their arms in front of them. This ensures the prisoner is unable to escape, which is less stressful than dealing with an escapee. 

22. Cool Cop Vest Cooling System

If you’ve ever sat in a car in the summer, you know how hot it can get. Now imagine wearing body armor, a uniform and spending hours in there. For cops, it can get pretty sweaty in there and this vest cooling system will be their saving grace. It features a hose that funnels air from the AC of the car into their clothing. You can even get a specialized model for K-9 dogs. 

23. Gear Bag

Cops have a lot of gear that they need to carry around on a daily basis. It can be tiresome to continuous move things are when everything is loose. Gear bags allow officers to easily tote around their equipment and multiple compartments mean everything is organized and accessible. 

24. Waterproof Writing Set

A police officer has to be ready to work, rain or shine. They don’t get to rest when it rains and actually the workload can sometime increase in bad conditions due to vehicle collisions. Paperwork still needs to be done, which can be made difficult by the rain. Luckily, there is waterproof paper and pens that allow them to record details regardless of the conditions. 

25. Language Software

Give the gift of bilingualism with language learning software for your favorite cop. Since officers’ deal with people of all different cultures on the job, it can be incredibly beneficial to know multiple languages so they can communicate. Though it is not essential to be fluent in other languages, it is a skill that will aid them as an officer or if they decide to pursue a different profession. 

26. Golf Gear

It may seem like a weird one, but cops like to have hobbies too. Playing golf is a great stress reliever to those who work in high-stress positions like a cop. Stress can be detrimental to your health so it’s essential to relax out of hours. Golf is just one example, but any hobby related gift could be a great gift for them. 

27. Bedside Organizer

Small, organizational improvement can make a huge different in a cops life. The less they need to worry about, the most they can focus on the task at hand. Law enforcement involves a lot of emergencies and unpredictable situations where they wake up and need to run. They don’t have time to dig around for their phones or keys. Having a bedside organizer will keep all their important items in one place so they can just grab and go. 

Regardless which gift you choose for the cop in your life, the most important gift you can give is friendship and encouragement. They work hard and their job isn’t easy, but the reassurance that they are loved and appreciated will keep them going. At the very least, they deserve a thank you.