How To Become A Police Officer In Nashville, Tennessee

If you want to become a police officer in Tennessee, more specifically Nashville, it is not going to be easy. There are several hurdles that you’ll have to successfully overcome before you can go out on patrol and start investigating crimes.

Here are some steps you will have to successfully complete before you can become a cop in Nashville.

Step 1

Obtain an employment application from Metro Human Resources, 222 Third Avenue North, suite 158, Nashville, TN 37201 OR the Metro Police Recruitment Office, 2231 26th Avenue North, suite 126, Nashville, TN 37208. Complete the application and return it in person or by mail to either location. The application will be reviewed by the Metro Government Department of Human Resources.

Step 2

Complete and pass the Police Civil Service Exam and the Police Physical Ability Test. Submit your fingerprints. Complete the questionnaire. All exams and submissions will be scored by the Metro Government Department of Human Resources.  Candidates who get a top score on the exam will be invited to continue the process.

Step 3

Submit a Completed Background Information and Personal History Statement. Candidates who successfully pass the Background investigation will be invited to appear before the Interview Panel.

Step 4

Conduct and pass the oral board  interview. Successful candidates will receive a Conditional Offer of Employment.

Step 5

Take the required medical and drug screening test. Take the required psychological assessment test. Take the required Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance test.

Step 6

Begin the Pre-Academy training assignment. Perform satisfactorily until the next Academy training class begins. Complete the 22 week Police Basic Training at the Nashville Police Department Training Academy.

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