Police Polygraph Test Result Returns Inconclusive – What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean When Your Polygraph Test Result Comes Back  Inconclusive

That’s one question many police recruits want to know. What does inconclusive mean after you’ve taken the police officer polygraph test?

Simply put, an inconclusive result regardless if your level of honest, is not good news. Often times prospects are disqualified because of an inconclusive result. It’s not that you failed the exam but it’s treated the same as if you did.

Why is that?

You didn’t fail and you didn’t pass? Your results were inconclusive and as a result you won’t be allowed to continue in the selection process because of it. An inclusive result may mean several things from being too  nervous or just stalling the evaluator. That’s why it is classified as inconclusive by the examiner. The polygraph evaluator is saying based upon his/her knowledge and training of how to perform an accurate assessment of whether a person is being truthful or not, your test did not lead them to conclude one opinion or the other.