Police Officer Polygraph test – Addressing Illegal drug questions

If you’re seeking a career in law enforcement and you’ve used drugs in the past, the best thing to do is to be honest about it.

If you try to withhold that piece of information from the polygraph examiner, background investigators, or the police interview panel you’ll likely get disqualified immediately.

Watch Video On Polygraph Questions Regarding Illegal Drugs

Although you’ll be asked straight forward questions about past drug use during the polygraph test, members on the oral interview panel may also ask you about it as well.

Some departments won’t allow you to continue on in the hiring process if you have excessive drug use patterns or you’ve used in the last two or three years. If you’re considering a career in police work, I suggest you stay as far as you can from illegal drug activity.

Of course the drug policy varies from department to department and from state to state, but I wouldn’t chance it by sneaking a few puffs in right before your polygraph exam.

Why am I saying this…..

I knew of a recruit when I was going through the process, who had actually gotten high the night before his polygraph examination. Needless to say, he was booted and hasn’t been heard from again.

Always be up front about past drug activity. I don’t care what drug it might have been. If it was marijuana or other drugs, simply be up front about it. Departments realize there are quite a few qualified candidates who might have made a mistake or two in their lifetime, but damage is irreparable when you lie about it. That is inexcusable, and grounds for immediate disqualification.

So how should you address illegal drug questions:

To put it simple, the best way to answer an illegal drug question is to remain calm and tell the truth. Be completely honest with the polygraph examiner and you’ll do fine. There’s no certain way to get eliminated from the recruiting process then to straight up lie about pass drug use.

Don’t go into your test unprepared, instead Click Here to download a comprehensive list of common polygraph test questions with explanation on how to answer them.