Washington Police Academy Requirements

Those looking to work in law enforcement in the state of Washington can rest assured in working in a rewarding career with plenty of career opportunities. Known for its famous space needle skyscraper, and the beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington state offers picturesque settings filled with beautiful and raw natural attractions. Police officers protect Washington […]

Online Police Academy Sucks

I get sick to my stomach every time I see those online advertisements suggesting that in order to become a police officer, you must take their over-priced police academy course. WOW, is that even a requirement to become a cop?! I’ve been a police officer going on a decade now and I’ve never met a […]

The Best Post- & Pre-Police Academy Workout Program for Weight Loss

THE BEST PRE-POLICE ACADEMY WORKOUT PROGRAM The best pre-police academy workout program for weight loss is simple. First, you actually need to do LESS steady paced cardio and do more interval training. After all, research studies prove that slow and boring cardio is the LEAST effective way to lose weight. Second, you need to do […]

Police Officer Training Academy – Post

The police officer training academy is tough and it’s arguably the toughest venture you’ll ever have to experience. In fact, the minute you step foot inside the law enforcement training academy, you’ll notice how everybody there is serious. The training instructors will be staring you down like you’re dog meat the second you walk through those academy doors. […]

Tennessee Police Academy – Requirements Needed To Graduate

If you want to successfully enroll into the Tennessee police academy, there are some requirements you must meet before you are accepted. The law enforcement training academy in Tennessee doesn’t just accept anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have the finances to pay your own way or not. Below I’ve listed some things that are […]