Washington Police Academy Requirements

Those looking to work in law enforcement in the state of Washington can rest assured in working in a rewarding career with plenty of career opportunities. Known for its famous space needle skyscraper, and the beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington state offers picturesque settings filled with beautiful and raw natural attractions.

Police officers protect Washington residents in all jurisdictions and operate according to the standards that are set by a Washington commission that oversees police training and law enforcement professionals. Training programs and education for police recruits are also provided by Washington commission.

So what are some of the minimum requirements set by the Washington commission to attend Washington’s police academy?

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years of age,
  • they must be U.S. citizens, and they also must hold a high school diploma or
  • GED. These requirements are pretty much
  • the same across the board from state to state.
  • Washington state police recruits also cannot be recreational drug users,
  • they cannot have any felonies or domestic violence convictions.

Other attributes that make an applicant more appealing to work in law enforcement in Washington include, a college degree or education in law enforcement related field of study, military experience, and speaking
multiple languages.

After a pre-screening applicants for the basic requirements, applicants are given temporary employment by a law enforcement office in the state of Washington.

Once applicants have been recruited, they are required to pass additional tests and complete the police academy in Washington. The state of Washington is unique in that there is only 1 police academy all recruits are required to attend.

In other states, recruits have various academies of their choosing, they can attend. Some of the tests required to attend the police academy include various physical tests, medical tests, psychological
tests, and a background check.

Written Test

How extensive are the tests required to qualify to serve in law enforcement in Washington? Many of the tests are similar to tests other states require law enforcement recruits to complete and pass. For starters, applicant have to pass a written exam.

The written exam will test an applicant’s spelling, reading and comprehension.

Physical Fitness Test

The physical tests applicants are required to take will test an applicant’s upper and lower body strength and muscular development, cardio shape, and jumping and sprinting drills.

Exercises like pushups, sit-ups and pull ups are not uncommon and could be found in the physical fitness exercises. The background checks are extensive and include assessing of credit reports, financial history, landlord history and employment history.

Applicants have to fill out a form relating to these areas of their lives and give the state of Washington permission or authorization to assess these areas. Applicants will be required to pass oral examinations which include answering a series of questions conducted by other officers

Once applicants pass these tests they are required to attend the police academy in Washington. Training can last between 4 to 5 months and include tests like using firearms, and emergency vehicle training.

Police academy training also includes classroom lectures covering topics
like criminal justice requirements in Washington and topics regarding the law in Washington

If you want further information on the self sponsorship program, course curriculum, tuition cost and/or more information on a particular academy simply call them directly. Below I’ve listed contact info for all the state approved academies in Washington for your convenience.

PO Box 40905
Olympia, Washington 98504-0905
Phone: 360-459-6342
Fax: 360-459-6347

N 2302 Waterworks
Spokane, Washington 99212
Phone: 509-625-4280
Fax: 509-625-4284

631 W Dayton-airport Rd
Shelton, Washington 98584
Phone: 360-426-1661
Fax: 360-438-7436