Police Officer Training Academy – Post

The police officer training academy is tough and it’s arguably the toughest venture you’ll ever have to experience. In fact, the minute you step foot inside the law enforcement training academy, you’ll notice how everybody there is serious. The training instructors will be staring you down like you’re dog meat the second you walk through those academy doors.

Preparation is the key to a successful academy

Although the police academy is structured like the military, it’s not the military. You’ll be disciplined int hat  manner if you step out of line, but the academy does not resemble the military in the sense that you’ll be constantly beaten down verbally and mentally. You’ll get some verbally reprimands if you step out of line, but the instructors will not shame you like the military. Remember, the ultimate goal of the academy is to mold and train good police officers. It’s no meant to verbally and mentally exhaust a recruit.

How do you prepare?

The best way to prepare for the academy is to get familiar with different police jargon. For example, you must study up on your county or state’s 10-codes. Some 10-codes are universal throughout the country (like 10-4) but many are specific to certain departments or counties. It is best to ask your recruiter for a list of the department’s 10 codes.

Why do you need to familiarize yourself with 10 codes? Well, you’ll have to go through two to four solid days of scenario based testing. It’s just a benefit that you learn them before going to the academy. It will be one less thing you’ll need study at the academy. While other recruits are scrambling trying to learn 10 codes, you can start learning the criminal law procedures.

In conclusion, If you want to prepare for the police academy, try learning your 10 codes