Police Oral Board Interview Study Guide

If you want to ensure yourself a place as a top applicant and get hired as a police officer, you must pass the police entrance exam and you must impress the raters during the police oral board interview. Luckily, there are quite a handful of useful tools that are available today that weren’t available eight years ago when […]

LAPD Oral Board Interview – Sample Questions

The LAPD oral board interview along with the New York Police Department’s interview process is by far the toughest in the country. Why? Well for one, both are large departments that cover a lot of territory in their respective counties. This article is not about NYPD’s interview process per se, I only mention them to […]

Police Oral Review Board Questions – Get Interview Answers

While we wait for the economy to bounce back, law enforcement agencies around the country are being bombarded with employment applications from people seeking the security of government jobs. With so many applicants, the police review board interview has become even more important. In many instances, the police panel interview is the last chance you’ll have […]

Police Interview Sample Questions For Police Officers

If you are serious about becoming a police officer then my suggestion is to get Prepare For The Police Oral Board Interview PRONTO. Why? Because the police oral exam is the single most important section of the police selection process. If you do well on the oral exam then you’ll likely get offered the position […]

How To Prepare For The Police Oral Interview – Get Typical Interview Questions

It’s not in your recruit welcome handbook and those candidates that know about it won’t tell you, but your performance during the police oral board interview will ultimately decide if you get hired or not. If you do well during your interview either one of two things will happen. First, you may get offered the […]