Secret Service Interview

The Secret Service is a special branch of law enforcement with locations around the world. The job of the department is to protect the President of the United States, the Vice President, presidential candidates, and others deemed important. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Secret Service, prepare yourself for a rigorous procedure. In addition to interviews, you’ll also need to pass a background check, fitness test, and a polygraph test.

Primary Interview

Applying for a position with the Secret Service begins with an application that you complete and mail back. The department looks at your total record, including educational background and work experience. If you make it past the first round, you’re called and scheduled for a primary interview. This interview is meant to gauge your responses to simple questions and get a feel for your personality.

Prepare yourself for the interview by looking over various interview prep guides. I especially recommend Robert Lawrence’s Killer Job Interview Secrets E-Book. Dress professionally for the interview and maintain a positive attitude. Answer questions concisely but explain anything that seems unclear. You’ll also want to ask questions of your own such as the training required; this shows you’re truly interested in the job.

Panel Interview

Once the primary interview is complete, the interviewer makes a recommendation on your future. Only those who pass the first interview are invited to attend a panel interview. The panel interview typically consists of three individuals who ask you a variety of  questions. The only way to fully prepare yourself for this interview is to review sample questions and practicing beforehand. You can find sample interview questions inside Robert Lawrence’s Killer Job Interview Book. You will learn how to answer questions naturally without sounding scripted. The questions usually include a few hypotheticals to test you. For example, an interviewer might ask, “What you would do if you saw a close friend breaking the law?”

Prepare yourself for questions regarding your interest in working for the Secret Service, what would make you a good agent, and how you’d feel if you had to move across the country. Keep in mind, in this situation you wouldn’t have a choice on your final assignment.

Home Interview

The focus of the home interview is on your family rather than you. The Secret Service uses this interview to see how others feel and think about you. Ask sample questions to your family such as why they think you’d make a good agent or what three words they would use to describe you. If you make it through the home interview, you’re only steps away from becoming an agent.

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