Orange County Sheriffs Department Exam

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Interview Process Want to become a deputy Sheriff for the orange county police department? There are some major hurdles you’ll have to overcome before you can wear that prestigious badge. One of the biggest hurdles, other than the initial physical assessment test, is the Deputy Sheriff Oral Board Interview. If you perform well during your […]

Philadelphia Police Department Sample test Questions

If you want to become a cop for the Philadelphia Police Department, there are some exams you’ll be required to pass first. Becoming a police officer is not like a traditional job search where you fill out an application, you are then interviewed, and later told if you are hired or not. In contrast, the process to become a police officer […]

Police Oral Board Answers

Police Oral Board Answers If you are going to be successful during your police oral board interview, you must prepare some of your answers to commonly asked questions. There is nothing wrong with preparing your answers before facing the interview panel, but there is something wrong if your answers sound robotic and rehearsed. As long […]

Police Department Interview Sample Questions

If becoming a police officer was your life-long dream, then you must understand your performance on the police oral board interview is the key to getting hired.  The hiring panel puts more emphasis on how well you do on the oral exam than anything else during the hiring process. Image having to answer tough hypothetical […]