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Want to become a cop? Let me be the first one to tell you that the road won’t  be easy. Back in the day, the police officer selection process was not as extensive as it is now.

Back then, you didn’t have everybody wanting to sue their local department for just about anything. I would guess that agencies across the country spend a innumerable amount of cash defending frivolous lawsuits.

As a result of this new wave of lawsuits and controversies surrounding cops, police departments are more careful to select someone who has good moral character, clean background, and a good reputation.

Carefully Watch This Video on Surviving The Background Investigation

If you fall short of the good guy category you might as well look for another career. Agencies nowadays are not willing to roll the dice anymore. One of the ways police department learn about you is through the background check.

The background check is more in-depth than it has ever been just because of the issues mentioned above. Don’t be surprised if the investigator in charge of your application interviews your high school teachers, neighbors, pastor, counselors, and anyone that has insight on you as a person. This process can take months, but if the findings are positive, you’ll likely move on to the polygraph exam and police oral board interview.

The police oral board is not exactly a breeze in the park but it is the last opportunity to really sell yourself as a viable candidate. If you do well at this stage of the hiring process, especially during the reasoning and judgment base questions, you should move ahead to the psych test and/or the polygraph examination.

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