Police Officer oral board interview sample questions

The police officer panel interview can be tough for new candidates, but it’s especially tough during the scenario based questions. The questions by themselves are not that bad, but when the raters start asking you follow-up questions to your responses, it gets a little nerve-racking.

Here’s a sneak peak at how a scenario based question and answer session will transpire during the Police Oral Board Interview.

Q: You are dispatched to the neighborhood night club in reference to a disruptive drunk. Upon arrival you notice that the male was a lot bigger and a lot stronger than you. The male  is loud, belligerent, and threatening to cause harm to you. What do you do?

Answer: I would wait for backup before making any contact with the male subject.

Panel Follow-up Question: Backup is 30 minutes away, what do you do now.

Answer: I would then talk the subject into walking outside if possible to gain a tactical advantage.

Panel Follow-up Question: He refuses to go anywhere and the bar is crowded.

Applicant Answer:I would then deploy a non-lethal weapon like a chemical spray or taser.

Panel Follow-up Question: Your chemical spray and taser are not working.

Applicant Answer: I would then reach and grab a hold of my baton and order him down.

Panel Follow-up Question: He refuses to cooperate and is becoming more agitated with you.

Answer: I would then deploy my baton to his leg and/or arm

Panel Follow-up Question: He overpowers you and takes the baton away from you and starts walking toward you as he yells and swings the baton at you.

Applicant Answer: I would then get separation from him and unholster my handgun. I would then order him to drop the weapon.

Panel Follow-up Question: He refuses and still walking towards you.

Answer: I would then discharge my handgun center mass.

Important Note: Just remember there a lot ways to answer these type of questions. Just use good common sense and don’t be too far out in left field with your answers.