2023 Best 5 Sheriff, Police Department in California

California is home to some of the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the United States.

With a vast expanse of diverse communities, these agencies ensure the safety and security of their residents while offering rewarding career paths for prospective applicants.

In this article, we will explore the top ten sheriff and police departments in California, highlighting their accomplishments, features, and key statistics.

We will also provide insight into the cities where they are located, including things to do, places to visit, and local attractions.

Santa Clara Police Department

The City of Santa Clara is best known for the Silicon Valley, but they have an exceptional agency that is unknown to many people outside of Santa Clara.

With that in mind,  Santa Clara Police Department is one of the highest paid agencies in California with a starting salary of 140K+.

The Santa Clara Police Department stands out as one of the best law enforcement agencies in California, embodying excellence in several key areas.

From their commitment to community engagement and innovative policing strategies to their dedication to officer development and well-being, the Santa Clara Police Department has earned a stellar reputation.

They provide comprehensive training programs that equip officers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. 

Overall, the Santa Clara Police Department has established itself as a premier law enforcement agency in California through its community-oriented approach, commitment to officer development, supportive work environment, collaborative partnerships, technological advancements, and dedication to transparency.

By embodying these qualities, the Santa Clara Police Department continues to provide exemplary service and contribute to the well-being and safety of the community it serves.

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Belmont Police Department

The Belmont police department is highly regarded by their peers for their exceptional service and professionalism.

According to their mission statement, the department is extremely devoted to serving the community and raising the quality of life for all.

What is more amazing is that the Belmont Police Department runs an academy that offers advanced training to junior officers as well as citizens interested in community policing.

In terms of salaries and benefits, the highest paid officer earns an average of $100K+ per year.

Here are the different types of units offered at BPD:

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Agency Highlights:

The LAPD is one of the largest and most well-known police departments in the United States.

With a strong focus on community policing, the department offers numerous specialized units, such as SWAT, K-9, and Air Support.

Prospective applicants can expect rigorous training programs, opportunities for career growth, and a supportive work culture.

City Insights:

Los Angeles is known for its iconic Hollywood sign, beautiful beaches, and vibrant arts scene. Must-visit attractions include Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, and the Getty Center.

San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)

Agency Highlights:

The SFPD is renowned for its commitment to innovation and progressive policing practices.

The department values diversity and inclusivity and offers various specialized units, like the Marine Unit, Tactical Unit, and Homeland Security Unit.

Career growth and development are highly encouraged, with a range of training programs available.

City Insights:

San Francisco is famous for its steep hills, cable cars, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Popular tourist attractions include Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

Agency Highlights:

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is the largest sheriff’s office in California, responsible for providing law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of San Diego County.

The department offers numerous specialized units, such as Bomb/Arson, Canine Unit, and Special Enforcement Detail.

It also emphasizes career growth opportunities and a strong sense of camaraderie.

City Insights:

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and family-friendly attractions.

Must-visit spots include Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and USS Midway Museum.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Agency Highlights:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department takes pride in its commitment to public safety and community partnerships.

The agency offers specialized units like the Harbor Patrol, SWAT, and Mounted Enforcement Unit.

Employees can benefit from ongoing training programs, promotion opportunities, and a supportive work environment.

City Insights:

Orange County is famous for its picturesque coastline, upscale shopping centers, and popular theme parks. Top attractions include Disneyland Resort, Huntington Beach, and Crystal Cove State Park.

Sacramento Police Department

Agency Highlights:

The Sacramento Police Department is dedicated to enhancing public safety through innovative policing strategies and strong community engagement.

The department offers various specialized units, including the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team, Marine Unit, and Gang Enforcement Team.

Career growth and professional development are highly valued.

City Insights:

Sacramento, the capital city of California, is known for its rich history, tree-lined streets, and farm-to-fork dining scene.

Must-visit attractions include the California State Capitol Museum, Old Sacramento, and the Crocker Art Museum.

San Jose Police Department

Agency Highlights:

The San Jose Police Department is one of the most technologically advanced law enforcement agencies in the country.

The department provides numerous specialized units, such as the MERGE Unit, Bomb Squad, and Canine Unit.

Opportunities for career advancement and professional development are abundant.

City Insights:

San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is known for its high-tech industry, diverse culture, and beautiful parks. Popular attractions include the Tech Interactive, Winchester Mystery House, and Alum Rock Park.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

Agency Highlights:

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing exceptional law enforcement services while maintaining strong community partnerships.

The agency offers specialized units like the SWAT Team, Mounted Patrol, and Air Support Unit.

Employees can expect career growth opportunities and a supportive work culture.

City Insights:

Fresno, located in California’s Central Valley, is known for its agricultural roots, rich cultural heritage, and outdoor recreational activities.

Must-visit attractions include the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Forestiere Underground Gardens, and Woodward Park.

Oakland Police Department

Agency Highlights:

The Oakland Police Department is committed to reducing crime and improving community safety through innovative policing strategies and strong community engagement.

The department boasts specialized units such as the Ceasefire Unit, Traffic Operations Section, and Canine Unit.

Career advancement opportunities and ongoing training programs are available to employees.

City Insights:

Oakland, located across the bay from San Francisco, is known for its vibrant arts scene, diverse culture, and stunning waterfront views.

Top attractions include the Oakland Museum of California, Lake Merritt, and Jack London Square.

Bakersfield Police Department

Agency Highlights:

The Bakersfield Police Department is dedicated to providing professional law enforcement services to the community while promoting a positive work environment for its employees.

The department offers specialized units like the K-9 Unit, SWAT Team, and Bomb Squad. Opportunities for career growth and professional development are valued.

City Insights:

Bakersfield, located in the southern part of California’s Central Valley, is known for its rich oil industry, agricultural heritage, and diverse recreational activities.

Popular attractions include the Kern County Museum, California Living Museum (CALM), and the Park at River Walk.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Agency Highlights:

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department takes pride in its commitment to public safety, professionalism, and community partnerships.

The agency offers numerous specialized units, such as the Aviation Unit, Hazardous Device Team, and SWAT.

Employees can benefit from ongoing training programs, promotion opportunities, and a supportive work culture.

City Insights:

Riverside County is famous for its picturesque landscapes, diverse culture, and historic landmarks.

Must-visit attractions include the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and Joshua Tree National Park.

6 Appeals of Joining a Police Department in California Despite the Challenges

Working for a police department in California presents unique challenges that can make it a demanding but rewarding career choice. Here are some of the main challenges officers face in California and why they make it worth considering:

1. High crime rates:

California, being one of the most populous states, faces its share of crime challenges.

However, these challenges provide officers with valuable experiences and opportunities to make a significant impact on public safety and community well-being.

2. Diverse communities:

California is known for its diverse population, which brings cultural and language differences that officers must navigate effectively.

Working in such an environment allows officers to develop strong interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds.

3. Urban and rural dynamics:

California encompasses both bustling urban centers and remote rural areas.

This diversity presents officers with a wide range of policing scenarios, from handling densely populated city neighborhoods to patrolling vast stretches of rural land.

It offers a chance for officers to gain diverse experiences and adapt to different policing environments.

4. Legislative complexities:

California has a complex and ever-evolving legal landscape, which can pose challenges for law enforcement officers.

Staying updated with changes in laws, regulations, and policies requires continuous learning and adaptability, providing officers with a chance to enhance their knowledge and professional growth.

5. Homelessness and mental health issues:

California faces significant challenges related to homelessness and mental health.

Police officers often find themselves on the front lines of addressing these complex social issues.

This provides an opportunity for officers to work collaboratively with community organizations, mental health professionals, and social service agencies to make a positive impact on vulnerable populations.

6. Natural disasters and emergencies:

California is prone to natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and floods.

Police officers are often at the forefront of emergency response efforts, ensuring public safety and assisting communities during crises.

This experience allows officers to develop resilience, crisis management skills, and the ability to provide critical support during challenging times.

Final Thoughts

Despite these challenges, working for a police department in California offers unique rewards.

Officers have the chance to serve diverse communities, make a positive difference in people’s lives, and contribute to enhancing public safety in a dynamic and vibrant state.

The opportunities for professional growth, exposure to different policing environments, and the chance to work with dedicated colleagues make it an appealing choice for those seeking a fulfilling and impactful career in law enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do these agencies require prior law enforcement experience?

Most agencies provide entry-level positions that do not require prior experience. However, some specialized units may require experience or additional training.

What are the minimum qualifications to apply for a position with these agencies?

Requirements vary by agency but typically include being at least 18

What is the hiring process like for these agencies?

The hiring process generally involves several steps, including submitting an application, passing a written examination, participating in a physical agility test, undergoing a background investigation, completing a psychological evaluation, and attending an interview.

Do these agencies offer internships or volunteer opportunities?

Many agencies provide internships and volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in gaining experience in law enforcement or serving their community.

How long is the training academy for new recruits?

The duration of the training academy varies by agency, but typically ranges from 16 to 28 weeks.

Are there lateral transfer options available for experienced officers?

Most agencies offer lateral transfer options for experienced officers, allowing them to join at a higher rank or with an accelerated training program, depending on their qualifications and experience.

What kind of ongoing training do officers receive?

Officers receive ongoing training throughout their careers, including in-service training, specialized courses, and leadership development programs.

What are the opportunities for career advancement within these agencies?

Career advancement opportunities include promotions to supervisory and management positions, as well as opportunities to join specialized units or task forces.

Do these agencies offer tuition reimbursement or educational incentives?

Many agencies offer tuition reimbursement or educational incentives for officers pursuing higher education or professional certifications related to their job duties.

Are there residency requirements for these agencies?

Residency requirements vary by agency. Some may require officers to live within a certain distance of their assigned area, while others have no specific residency requirements. It is essential to check each agency’s policies before applying.

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Minimum Qualifications

Here are some of the basic requirements to become a police officer in California.

Automatic Disqualifiers

The website GOBankingRates recently conducted a study on how much police officers earn in every state.
According to the study Police Officers on Average make $100,090 per year in California.

*The figure below does not reflect supplemental pay for education (e.i. AA, BA, MA), overtime, experience, lateral transfers, incentives, etc.

How much does a sheriff deputy make?

Best paying Police Departments in CA

Santa Clara County
$157,000+ Annually
San Mateo
$113.575+ Annually
Santa Clara
$108,220+ per year
$105,000+ per year
Contra Costa
$103,000+ per year
Los Angeles County Sheriff
$97,168+ Annually
$97,000+ Annually
Napa PD
$94,000+ Annually
solano County Sheriff
$94,000.+ per year
$93,353+ Annually
$93,000+ Annually
$85,000+ Annually
$82,000+ Annually
$82,000+ per year

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Law Enforcement Directory For California

Alameda PD — Alameda Co
Albany — Alameda Co
Alhambra — Los Angeles Co
Allan Hancock College PD — Santa Barbara Co
Alturas — Modoc Co
American Canyon PD — Napa Co
Anaheim PD — Orange Co
Anderson — Shasta Co
Angels Camp PD — Calaveras Co
Antioch PD — Contra Costa Co
Arcadia — Los Angeles Co
Arcata PD — Humboldt Co
Arroyo Grande PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Arvin PD — Kern Co
Atascadero PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Atherton PD — San Mateo Co
Atwater PD — Merced Co
Auburn PD — Placer Co
Azusa PD — Los Angeles Co
Bakersfield PD — Kern Co
Baldwin Park PD — Los Angeles Co
Banning PD — Riverside Co
Barstow PD — San Bernardino Co
BART PD — Alameda
Beaumont PD — Riverside Co
Bell PD — Los Angeles Co
Bell Gardens PD — Los Angeles Co
Belmont PD — San Mateo Co
Belvedere — Marin Co
Benicia PD — Solano Co
Berkeley PD — Alameda Co
Beverly Hills PD — Los Angeles Co
Bishop PD — Inyo Co
Bishop Paiute Tribal PD — Inyo Co
Blue Lake — Humboldt Co
Blythe PD — Riverside Co
Brawley PD — Imperial Co
Brea PD — Orange Co
Brentwood PD — Contra Costa Co
Brisbane PD — San Mateo Co
Broadmoor PD — San Mateo Co
Buena Park PD — Orange Co
Burbank PD — Los Angeles Co
Burlingame PD — San Mateo Co
Cahto Tribal PD — Mendocino Co
Calexico PD — Imperial Co
California City PD — Kern Co
Calipatria — Imperial Co
Calistoga PD — Napa Co
Camp Parks Federal — Alameda Co
Campbell PD — Santa Clara Co
Canyon Lake — Riverside Co
Capitola — Santa Cruz Co
Carlsbad PD — San Diego Co
Carmel PD — Monterey Co
Carrizo Gorge Railroad PD — Imperial Co, Riverside Co, San Diego Co
Cathedral City PD — Riverside Co
Central Marin PD — Marin Co
Ceres PD — Stanislaus Co
Chico PD — Butte Co
Chino PD — San Bernardino Co
Chowchilla — Madera Co
Chula Vista PD — San Diego Co
Citrus Heights PD — Sacramento Co
Claremont — Los Angeles Co
Clayton PD — Contra Costa Co
Clearlake PD — Lake Co
Cloverdale — Sonoma Co
Clovis — Fresno Co
Coachella PD — Riverside Co
Coalinga — Fresno Co
College of the Sequoias PD — Tulare Co
Colma PD — San Mateo Co
Colton PD — San Bernardino Co
Colusa PD — Colusa Co
Compton School PD — Los Angeles Co
Concord PD — Contra Costa Co
Contra Costa Community College PD — Contra Costa Co
Corcoran PD — Kings Co
Corning PD — Tehama Co
Corona PD — Riverside Co
Coronado PD — San Diego Co
Costa Mesa PD — Orange Co
Cotati PD — Sonoma Co
Covina PD — Los Angeles Co
Coyote Valley — Mendocino Co
Crescent City PD — Del Norte Co
Culver City PD — Los Angeles Co
Cypress PD — Orange Co
Daly City PD — San Mateo Co
Danville — Contra Costa Co
Davis PD — Yolo Co
Delano — Kern Co
Department of Defense — San Bernardino Co
Department of Veterans Affairs — Sacramento Co
Desert Hot Springs PD — Riverside Co
Dinuba — Tulare Co
Dixon PD — Solano Co
DOD PD — San Joaquin Co
Dos Palos — Merced Co
Downey PD — Los Angeles Co
Dublin PD — Alameda Co
East Bay Regional Parks PD — Alameda Co
East Palo Alto PD — San Mateo Co
El Cajon PD — San Diego Co
El Centro PD — Imperial Co
El Cerrito PD — Contra Costa Co
El Monte PD — Los Angeles Co
El Segundo PD — Los Angeles Co
Elk Grove PD — Sacramento Co
Emeryville — Alameda Co
Escalon — San Joaquin Co
Escondido PD — San Diego Co
Eureka PD — Humboldt Co
Exeter — Tulare Co
Fairfax — Marin Co
Fairfield PD — Solano Co
Farmersville — Tulare Co
Ferndale PD — Humboldt Co
Firebaugh PD — Fresno Co
Folsom PD — Sacramento Co
Fontana PD — San Bernardino Co
Fort Bragg PD — Mendocino Co
Fort Irwin Military PD — San Bernardino Co
Fortuna — Humboldt Co
Foster City PD — San Mateo Co
Fountain Valley PD — Orange Co
Fowler PD — Fresno Co
Fremont PD — Alameda Co
Fresno PD — Fresno Co
Fullerton PD — Orange Co
Galt PD — Sacramento Co
Garden Grove PD — Orange Co
Gardena PD — Los Angeles Co
Gilroy PD — Santa Clara Co
Glendale — Los Angeles Co
Glendora PD — Los Angeles Co
Gonzales PD — Monterey Co
Grass Valley — Nevada Co
Greenfield PD — Monterey Co
Gridley — Butte Co
Grover Beach PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Guadalupe PD — Santa Barbara Co
Gustine — Merced Co
Half Moon Bay PD — San Mateo Co
Hanford PD — Kings Co
Hawthorne PD — Los Angeles Co
Hayward PD — Alameda Co
Healdsburg PD — Sonoma Co
Hemet PD — Riverside Co
Hercules PD — Contra Costa Co
Hermosa Beach PD — Los Angeles Co
High Desert State Prison — Lassen Co
Hillsborough PD — San Mateo Co
Hollister — San Benito Co
Holtville — Imperial Co
Huntington Beach — Orange Co
Huntington Park — Los Angeles Co
Huron — Fresno Co
Imperial — Imperial Co
Indio PD — Riverside Co
Inglewood PD — Los Angeles Co
Ione PD — Amador Co
Irvine PD — Orange Co
Irvine Valley College PD — Orange Co
Irwindale — Los Angeles Co
Jackson PD — Amador Co
Kensington PD — Contra Costa Co
Kerman PD — Fresno Co
King City — Monterey Co
Kingsburg — Fresno Co
La Habra — Orange Co
La Mesa PD — San Diego Co
La Palma — Orange Co
La Verne PD — Los Angeles Co
Laguna Beach — Orange Co
Lake Elsinore PD — Riverside Co
Lakeport PD — Lake Co
Lemoore — Kings Co
Lincoln PD — Placer Co
Lindsay PD — Tulare Co

West Covina PD — Los Angeles Co
West Sacramento PD — Yolo Co
Westminster PD — Orange Co
Westmorland PD — Imperial Co
Wheatland — Yuba Co
Whittier PD — Los Angeles Co
Williams — Colusa Co
Willits PD — Mendocino Co
Willows PD — Glenn Co
Windsor PD — Sonoma Co
Winters PD — Yolo Co
Woodlake — Tulare Co
Woodland PD — Yolo Co
Yreka PD — Siskiyou Co
Yuba City PD — Sutter Co

Livermore PD — Alameda Co
Livingston PD — Merced Co
Lodi PD — San Joaquin Co
Lompoc PD — Santa Barbara Co
Long Beach PD — Los Angeles Co
Long Beach Community College — Los Angeles Co
Long Beach Unified School District School Safety — Los Angeles
Los Alamitos PD — Orange Co
Los Altos PD — Santa Clara Co
Los Angeles PD — Los Angeles Co
Los Angeles Airport PD — Los Angeles Co
Los Angeles School PD — Los Angeles Co
Los Banos PD — Merced Co
Los Gatos Monte Sereno PD — Santa Clara Co
Los Rios Community College PD — Sacramento Co
Madera City PD — Madera Co
Mammoth Lakes — Mono Co
Manhattan Beach PD — Los Angeles Co
Manteca PD — San Joaquin Co
Marina PD — Monterey Co
Martinez PD — Contra Costa Co
Marysville PD — Yuba Co
Maywood — Los Angeles Co
McFarland PD — Kern Co
Menlo Park PD — San Mateo Co
Merced PD — Merced Co
Merced Community College PD — Merced Co
Merced County DA’s Office/Investigations PD — Merced Co
Mill Valley PD — Marin Co
Millbrae PD — San Mateo Co
Milpitas PD — Santa Clara Co
Modesto PD — Stanislaus Co
Monrovia PD — Los Angeles Co
Montclair PD — San Bernardino Co
Montebello PD — Los Angeles Co
Montebello School PD — Los Angeles Co
Monterey PD — Monterey Co
Monterey Park — Los Angeles Co
Moraga PD — Contra Costa Co
Moreno Valley PD — Riverside Co
Morgan Hill PD — Santa Clara Co
Morro Bay PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Mount Shasta — Siskiyou Co
Mountain View — Santa Clara Co
Mt San Jacinto CC District PD — Riverside Co
Murrieta — Riverside Co
Napa PD — Napa Co
National City — San Diego Co
Needles — San Bernardino Co
Nevada City PD — Nevada Co
Newark — Alameda Co
Newman PD — Stanislaus Co
Newport Beach — Orange Co
Novato — Marin Co
Oakdale PD — Stanislaus Co
Oakland PD — Alameda Co
Oceanside PD — San Diego Co
Ontario PD — San Bernardino Co
Orange — Orange Co
Orland PD — Glenn Co
Oroville PD — Butte Co
Oxnard PD — Ventura Co
Pacific Grove — Monterey Co
Pacifica PD — San Mateo Co
Palm Springs PD — Riverside Co
Palo Alto — Santa Clara Co
Palos Verdes Estates — Los Angeles Co
Paradise PD — Butte Co
Parlier PD — Fresno Co
Pasadena PD — Los Angeles Co
Paso Robles PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Perris PD — Riverside Co
Petaluma — Sonoma Co
Piedmont PD — Alameda Co
Pinole PD — Contra Costa Co
Pismo Beach PD — San Luis Obispo Co
Pittsburg PD — Contra Costa Co
Placentia PD — Orange Co
Placerville — El Dorado Co
Pleasant Hill PD — Contra Costa Co
Pleasanton PD — Alameda Co
Pomona PD — Los Angeles Co
Port Hueneme PD — Ventura Co
Port of Los Angeles PD — Los Angeles Co
Porterville PD — Tulare Co
Presidio of Monterey — Monterey Co
Rancho Cordova PD — Sacramento Co
Red Bluff — Tehama Co
Redding — Shasta Co
Redlands PD — San Bernardino Co
Redondo Beach — Los Angeles Co
Redwood City PD — San Mateo Co
Reedley PD — Fresno Co
Rialto PD — San Bernardino Co
Richmond PD — Contra Costa Co
Ridgecrest PD — Kern Co
Rio Dell PD — Humboldt Co
Rio Vista — Solano Co
Ripon PD — San Joaquin Co
Riverbank PD — Stanislaus Co
Riverside PD — Riverside Co
Rocklin PD — Placer Co
Rohnert Park PD — Sonoma Co
Roseville PD — Placer Co
Ross — Marin Co
Sacramento PD — Sacramento Co
Saddleback College PD — Orange
Saint Helena — Napa Co
Salinas PD — Monterey Co
San Bernardino PD — San Bernardino Co
San Bruno PD — San Mateo Co
San Carlos PD — San Mateo Co
San Clemente PD — Orange Co
San Diego PD — San Diego Co
San Diego Harbor PD — San Diego Co
San Fernando PD — Los Angeles Co
San Francisco PD — San Francisco Co
San Francisco Park Ranger PD — San Francisco Co
San Francisco Patrol Special Police PD — San Francisco Co
San Francisco State University PD — San Francisco Co
San Gabriel PD — Los Angeles Co
San Jacinto PD — Riverside Co
San Joaquin Delta Community College Dist PD — San Joaquin Co
San Jose PD — Santa Clara Co
San Leandro PD — Alameda Co
San Luis Obispo PD — San Luis Obispo Co
San Marino — Los Angeles Co
San Mateo PD — San Mateo Co
San Pablo PD — Contra Costa Co
San Rafael PD — Marin Co
San Ramon PD — Contra Costa Co
Sand City PD — Monterey Co
Sanger PD — Fresno Co
Santa Ana PD — Orange Co
Santa Ana Unified School District PD — Orange Co
Santa Barbara PD — Santa Barbara Co
Santa Clara PD — Santa Clara Co
Santa Cruz PD — Santa Cruz Co
Santa Maria PD — Santa Barbara Co
Santa Monica PD — Los Angeles Co
Santa Paula PD — Ventura Co
Santa Rosa PD — Sonoma Co
Sausalito — Marin Co
Scotts Valley PD — Santa Cruz Co
Seal Beach PD — Orange Co
Seaside PD — Monterey Co
Sebastopol PD — Sonoma Co
Security Services Division, LAPD PD — Los Angeles Co
Selma — Fresno Co
Shafter — Kern Co
Sierra Madre PD — Los Angeles Co
Signal Hill PD — Los Angeles Co
Simi Valley PD — Ventura Co
Soledad PD — Monterey Co
Sonoma PD — Sonoma Co
Sonora PD — Tuolumne Co
South Gate — Los Angeles Co
South Lake Tahoe — El Dorado Co
South Pasadena PD — Los Angeles Co
South San Francisco PD — San Mateo Co
Stockton PD — San Joaquin Co
Stockton Unified School District PD — San Joaquin Co
Suisun City — Solano Co
Sunnyvale PD — Santa Clara Co
Susanville — Lassen Co
Sutter Creek — Amador Co
Taft PD — Kern Co
Tiburon PD — Marin Co
Torrance PD — Los Angeles Co
Tracy PD — San Joaquin Co
Trinidad — Humboldt Co
Truckee PD — Nevada Co
Tulare — Tulare Co
Tulelake PD — Siskiyou Co
Turlock PD — Stanislaus Co
Tustin PD — Orange Co
Twin Rivers Unified School District PD — Sacramento Co
Ukiah PD — Mendocino Co
Union City PD — Alameda Co
University of California, Santa Barbara PD — Santa Barbara Co
Upland PD — San Bernardino Co
Vacaville PD — Solano Co
Vallejo PD — Solano Co
Vanguard University Campus PD — Orange Co
Ventura — Ventura Co
Vernon — Los Angeles Co
Victorville PD — San Bernardino Co
Visalia PD — Tulare Co
Walnut Creek PD — Contra Costa Co
Waterford — Stanislaus Co
Watsonville PD — Santa Cruz Co
Weed PD — Siskiyou Co


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