Boston Police Department Civil Service Exam Practice Test Questions

If you want to become a cop for the Boston Police Department, there are some tough hurdles you’ll have to cross. There’s the background investigation process, the polygraph test, medical screening, civil service exam, physical fitness test, and the oral board interview.

Today I’m going to discuss the Boston Police Department Civil Service Exam. I’ll be the first one to tell you the exam is not easy. In fact, it’s pretty tough. That’s why I encourage every police applicant to get a good police exam study guide from a reputable source either online or through your local bookstore. The failure rate for first time test takers is staggering.

To make matters worse, if you flunk the exam and many do, you’ll have to wait about six months to a year until you can re-take it a second time. That’s why it’s so important to pass it the first go round.

To help potential candidates prepare, I’ve included a practice  test question that will help stimulate your thinking. As you read the scenario question below, use common sense to come up with the correct answer.

Civil Service Exam Practice Test Question:

1. While on patrol, Officer Small was radioed about a robbery that just took place at the local dance club. The witnesses described the suspect as being a white male, long dark hair, brown eyes, and wearing a navy sports jacket. The suspect was also said to have a mustache, and missing  2 fingers on his right hand. 6 hours later, Officer Small spots  three white males matching the description, but he is not 100% sure which of the three is the primary suspect.

Which helpful tip would you consider to be more important in identifying the suspect.

A. The suspect has long dark hair.

B. The suspect has 2 missing fingers.

C. The suspect was wearing a navy blue sports jacket.

D. The suspect has a mustache.

The correct answer to this practice question is B. Someone who has 2 missing fingers on their right hand is not something that you see everyday, in fact if you think about it that’s pretty unusual. So if the suspect was identified as having two missing fingers, then that characteristic would stick out like a sore thumb.

The other answers just don’t cut it as far as being the most important information in picking out the suspect. For example, the suspect could shave his mustache, cut his hair, or change clothes.