Cook County’s Deputy Sheriff Written Exam Study Guide

If you want to pass the Cook County deputy sheriff exam, I suggest you at least get a study guide before taking the test.

The deputy sheriff entrance exam is used as a tool by county departments to locate qualified applicants. If you do poorly on the test, you’ll likely be eliminated from the selection process.

If you receive a top score on the exam, you will move ahead in the hiring process. But not only that, you will send a message that you are well equipped to perform the job effectively. The Cook County sheriff’s deputy exam is similar to that of CPD’s written exam. You will be tested on basic mathematics, memory recognition, reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, writing skills, and more.

The test is not hard at all if you study for it  in advance. That is why I encourage every potential candidate to enroll in a law enforcement preparation training class before taking the test or at least download a police exam study guide which contains sample test questions. I hope you have benefited from this article in some way.