Correctional officer test

The civil service corrections officer test is used as a  screening methods to gauge a candidate’s readiness to work in a correctional facility.

The written exam is just one component of the overall selection process. Knowing the rationale for this test and having a realistic idea of the job can improve your chance to demonstrate your job potential.

That’s why it is so important to look over a correctional officer exam study guide before you take the test. You will be a lot more prepared for the test if you know what to expect in advance.

The examination will focus on learning more about you. The exam is designed to assess…

  • How well you observe things and how well you remember what you’ve just observed
  • Your basic writing skills
  • Your basic reading skills
  • Verbal communication skills

The correctional officer exam is made up of 4-6 separately-timed test sections. The first three sections will probably be Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Grammar in multiple choice or true/false formats.

The fourth section might be Incident Report Writing. This section will require you to write out your answers in complete sentences in the spaces provided in the test booklet.

Attempt to answer every question on the test. There is no penalty for guessing because your score is based on the total number of correct answers.

This means you should respond to every question, even when you are not certain of the correct answer. When you are uncertain, your answer should be your best guess, and you should then move on to the next question.