Corrections Officer Interview – Tips For State, Federal, County Jailers

Whether you are interested in becoming a CO for the state, county or the federal prison sector – the process isn’t easy. In fact, the hiring process in order to become a corrections officer is a long, and tedious one.

One phase of the hiring process that may be a bit tough in terms of the amount of stress put on you is the oral board interview. This phase of the selections process is without a doubt what’s going to make you or break you.

If you come across as a candidate who has good communication skills, confident, and a will to be great in a profession where sub standards can get you injured – you’ll have the panel foaming to hire you.

However if you don’t do well on the interview, especially during the scenario base questions, the likelihood of you getting the job is slim.

That’s why we recommend looking over sample interview questions for correctional officers at this website beforehand. Brushing up on your interview skill is highly recommended.

Below is tips that may help you prepare for the correctional officer oral board interview.

Sample Interview Question #1:  Body Language

The truth is coming across as a confident person is incredibly important. Your body language will however be an easy way to tell if you are not confident. Try and look people in the eye when you talk to them. Don’t twitch with your hands and move slowly and deliberately. Try and relax as nervousness is a trait of someone who is not very confident.

Sample Interview Question #2:  Talking About Yourself

Its amazing how many candidates tend to sell themselves short. We all have this fear of coming across as arrogant and often we sell ourselves short during a job interview. Its important that you speak confidently about your qualifications, your experience and your skills. The important distinction is to not talk up your personality traits too much as that can come across as being arrogant. Talk up your skills, experience and qualifications as much as you can.

They say that people form impressions of each other within the first 5 seconds when they meet. Needless to say that first impressions count – and they count a lot in a correctional job interview. Make sure you present well and do whatever it takes to make that first five seconds count. It can make or break your interview and maybe even your career opportunity as a correctional officer.

Do you know what are the frequently asked interview questions for a corrections officer? Download our interview Success Guide for some practice questions and best answers.