Corrections Officer Example Test Questions and Answers

Do you need to take the Civil Service Corrections Officer Exam at the federal, state, county or local level? Did you know that a Correctional Officer Study Guide can help you pass the test on your first attempt?

Do you know what type of questions, material, and content you will be tested on? Don’t worry, many potential candidates are not aware of what is going to be on the corrections officer civil service exam.

The detention officer entrance examination was designed to measure a potential prospect’s reasoning and judgment capabilities as well as basic common sense needed to work in corrections. It might seem simple, but the last thing a correctional facility wants to do is hire someone who cannot follow directions or cannot communicate.

The corrections officer exam was designed to filter out those individuals that wouldn’t fair well as a jailer or prison guard. One thing that you must  know about the corrections officer test is the exam is made up of eight major test categories. Each section of the test will combine to make up your overall score. If you do well on one section but fail the other, you won’t get a satisfactory score.

Let’s take a peak at one of the sections on the correctional officer test, “writing clarity or writing skills.” Below is a practice test question; make sure that you read the question carefully before selecting your answer.

Section Directions:

Look at the sample item below. A sentence is presented with some of the words underlined. Four alternative words or phrases are listed to replace the underlined words. Select the word or phrase from the list that results in the most clearly written sentence. Mark your answer (A, B, C,or D) on the answer sheet.

Test Question #1:

If, in the event that the weapon is found, it should be analyzed.

A. If, in the event that
B. If
C. Now
D. Since if
The correct answer is option B because it provides the most clearly stated sentence, so B is marked on the sample answer sheet. This section of the test is not hard, but you can stumble and fail it if you don’t pay attention to the question.

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