Corrections Officer/Prison Guard Sample Test Questions

The corrections officer entrance exam is without doubt a test you don’t want to take for granted. That’s why it is so important to look over a corrections officer study guide before your actual test date. It will help you immensely.

There are several helpful study guides available online for the correctional officer test, but we recommend this one because of the vast amount of sample test questions included in the booklet.

Many applicants, for whatever reason, don’t take the exam serious and as a result they flunk it. Honestly, you want to pass the test on your first attempt.  It really doesn’t look good if you’ve had to retake the test multiple times.

Below are just a couple sample test questions to the corrections officer entrance exam. If you are looking for a more in-dept look inside the correctional officer test including tons of practice questions with an answer key click here right now!

Sample Test

The actual Written Exam contains about 100 multiple choice questions.

1. The Regular Format:

The stem of each question describes the task that you must do to answer the question. The stem of Sample Question #1 is in italics to help you understand the term “stem.” After you have read all the choices and marked the ones you are sure are either wrong or the best, you may find that there is only one choice that you are sure is best. If so, you probably will do well to choose this answer as the correct answer and mark it on the answer sheet.

Sample question #1

Q1. Of the following, the most important caution to observe before beginning work on a new task assigned to you by your supervisor is to ensure that:

A. you understand fully the relationship of the task to the general function of your assignment

B. you know precisely how long the task will take to complete

C. you understand fully your supervisor’s instructions for doing the task

D. the other employees in the office know what your assignment is

The correct answer is C.

2. Interpreting Text Material:

There are some questions which will involve interpreting a quoted text (reading material) that deals with corrections work. The stem of each of these questions starts with the quotation followed by a question asking you to interpret the quotation or to draw a conclusion from the quotation. Your task is first to read the quotation so that you understand what it means and can interpret it and then answer the question on the basis of the information contained in the quotation.

Sample question #2

The Constitution gives certain fundamental rights to each citizen. These include, for example, the rights to free speech, to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, to privacy, and to freedom of association. When a person enters a jail or prison, these rights are limited by the needs and nature of the institutions.

Q2. Citizens’ rights, provided by the Constitution, include the right to .

A. privacy

B. free speech

C. freedom of association

D. All of the above

E. A and B only

The correct answer is D

3. Sequencing:

Some questions will test your ability to sequence written material in a logical order. This relates to reading comprehension and writing ability. The sentences are labeled with Roman numerals. Choose the alternative which arranges the sentences in the correct order.

Sample question #3

Q3. I. The officers on graveyard shift responded to the scene.

II. At 0300 on the morning of December 17, a fight broke out in cell block C.

III. Officers Davis, Williams, Green, and Johnson entered the cell and Officers Jefferson and Brown watched from outside the cell.

IV. Subsequently the fight was broken up and inmates were put in separate cells.

V. Two inmates acquired injuries requiring medical attention and they were transported to the hospital after the disturbance was settled.

VI. Recognizing that the officers in the cell were outnumbered, Officer Jefferson went into assist them.

A. IV, II, III, I, VI, V

B. II, I, III, V, VI, IV

C. II, I, III, VI, IV, V

D. I, II, III, IV, V, VI

E. III, IV, I, II, VI, V

The correct answer is  C.

4. Math Questions:

The Math questions are designed to measure your ability to perform basic math calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages.

Sample question #4

Q4. You are booking an inmate into the Detention Facility with the following monies: 5 dimes, 7 quarters, 5 one-dollar bills and 3 twenty-dollar bills. What is the total amount of money this inmate has in his possession?

A. $62.75

B. $67.25

C. $72.75

D. $77.25

The correct answer is B.

Sample question #5

Q5. Twenty percent of the inmates housed in the Detention Facility are juveniles. If there are 1,500 inmates in the Facility, how many are juveniles?

A. 30

B. 150

C. 200

D. 300

The correct answer is D.

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