County Detention Officer Jobs in California

Correction officers (also known as detention officers, jailers, deputy sheriff) are responsible for supervising prisoners, enforcing rules, and maintaining security within the walls of a correctional facility. Requirements to become a county corrections officer in California vary from agency to agency, but often include predetermined amounts of training and work experience.

Job Description:

Correctional officers in California have the duty of maintaining order in a county operated detention facility. They watch over inmates and make sure that all rules and regulations are met while those incarcerated serve their sentences.

Requirements & Qualifications:

Here are some general requirements that you must meet before you are offered the position of a detention officer (also known as deputy sheriff) in the state of California:

  • Must have a High School diploma or G.E.D
  • Must have a California driver’s license with good driving history.
  • Must be in good shape in order to pass the physical fitness test. Overweight and out of shape applicants are often not hired as correctional officers. That’s why it is so important to follow a proven weight loss plan if you are a slightly overweight.
  • Must pass the polygraph test. According to professional polygraph examiner A.J. Phillips, author of How To Pass Your Polygraph Test, 50% of first time test takers fail their polygraph examination even if they are telling the truth. A.J. explains in his polygraph prep book how to pass your polygraph test your first time through.
  • Must pass the oral board interview. I recommend reading interview expert, Robert Lawrence’s new ebook, Killer Interview Secrets. In it, Robert gives advice on how to beat out the competition, even though they may be more qualified than you (using these techniques shows the “intangibles” you offer the agency that no one else can!
  • Must not have any felony convictions or any criminal cases pending.
  • Must not have any convictions involving cultivating, transporting, or distributing illegal drugs of any kind.

Salary Outlook:

The salary projections of an entry level correctional officer will continue to grow every year. As the need for corrections officer steadily rise (partly because of a high turnover rate among first year officers) expect the income potential to continue upwards.