Deputy Sheriff Jobs, Salary & Employment Information

If you’re interested in becoming a sheriff’s deputy in your respective county, then this web page is for you.  While it’s possible to start a career as a Deputy Sheriff with only a high school diploma or GED equivalent, having relevant work experience or coursework from a 2- or 4-year college will greatly improve your chances.

Experience as a security guard, private detective,or having any military experience will help prepare you for a career in Law Enforcement. Continue reading to learn more about beginning a career as a County Deputy Sheriff.

What is The Job Description of a Deputy Sheriff?

First, there are two functions of a deputy sheriff. There is the corrections side of it and  there’s the police side. Many applicants start off in the jail as a corrections officer and then move on to the street as a county police officer. The duties of a county corrections officer are many, but one important task is to monitor and transport inmates to and from court.  Additional responsibilities include logging inmates every move, jail extractions, cell phone contraband searches, and more.

The primary role of a Deputy Sheriff police officer  is to ensure law and order as well as work to prevent crime. More specifically, a Deputy Sheriff is responsible for patrolling assigned areas, investigating reported crimes, and answering requests for service. Operating in these capacities, a Deputy Sheriff will make arrests, interview witnesses and victims, question suspects, and collect and file evidence and testify in court.

How to Become a Deputy Sheriff

The minimum educational requirement background to be employed as a Deputy Sheriff is a completed high school diploma (or equivalent GED). Depending on your state or county, there will likely be a Civil Service Exam you’ll need to pass in order to gain admittance to the training program for Deputy Sheriffs. A 2-year associate’s, 4-year bachelor’s degree program, or certification from a vocational training school, especially in a field like criminal justice, law enforcement and administration, or behavioral science will improve your desirability for this position.

Requirements & Qualifications

To become a Deputy Sheriff, you must pass a background check and a physical test as well as the Sheriff Deputy Examination. You shouldn’t have any felonies or misdemeanor convictions, and you should be in good shape and overall healthy in order to pass tests for hearing, vision, agility, and strength. Good team work skills, sound judgment, and strong interpersonal skills will also serve you well as a Deputy Sheriff.

Employment & Salary Information

Data from 2006 shows that Deputy Sheriffs had a median annual salary of $30,400 – $47,460 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Employment in this field is expected to grow at an average rate of 11% from 2006-2016. Job applicants with military experience, work experience in law enforcement, or a relevant educational background will have the best opportunities.

If you’re scheduled to take the civil service exam CLICK HERE to download a study guide.