Erie County/Buffalo Police Exam Study Guide – Advice on the Test

If you’re looking for information on the Erie County and/or the Buffalo PD written exam you’ve come to the right place. You must understand both agencies are very particular in their choice of candidates. If you want to do well on the civil service exam whenever it’s offered next, I recommend downloading a police exam study guide at this website.

The selection process for the Erie County Sheriff Office as well as the  Buffalo PD is extremely competitive. A poor score on the exam can mean waiting for another  year or so until you can retake the test.  Because of this, I encourage every applicant to study up on the test before taking it.

It’s not hard at all to locate materials that will help prepare you for the civil service test. Even if you don’t download a police exam study guide from our online store, you can always get one later from a reputable source online.

If you’re one of the few that gets hired by either the Erie County Sheriff Office or the Buffalo police department consider yourself extremely blessed. Anyone who follows the law enforcement industry in New York know both agencies provide a generous salary and health insurance among other benefits.

They can’t compete with some of the wealthier counties in New York. Nevertheless, their police officers are very well paid  and overtime is always available if you want it.

Keep in mind the Erie County Sheriff Office and the Buffalo PD make the process tough to get your foot in the door. Both agencies are not like NYPD where there’s a revolving door of cops leaving everyday. Their retention rate of new police officers are higher than NYPD and as a result, new applicants are forced to wait on the eligibility list for future hire.