Federal Agent Jobs – DEA, FBI, ATF, CIA, Secret Service

Federal Agent Job Description

Federal agents, also known as special agents, are investigators employed by the United States Government. Federal agents work in all three branches of government as well as many independent government agencies.

However, the vast majority of all agents work within the departments of the Executive Branch investigating various crimes involving that department’s specialty.

Special agents investigate and enforce laws ranging from computer crime to fishery violations, murder, and everything in between.

Median Annual Salary

Based on the GS pay scale, including a 25% premium known as Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP):

$60,199 – $94,268

Education Requirements

Most federal agencies now require all candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree with preference given to candidates with degrees in “critical skills” such as information technology, engineering, foreign language, finance, and medical studies.

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Candidates with master’s degrees are usually hired at a higher GS rating,


thereby giving them a higher starting salary.

Job Outlook & Future Employment

Competition is expected to be high for jobs in federal agencies even while employment is set to grow 11% over the next ten years.

Applicants with relevant degrees will have the best opportunities to get hired by a federal agency.

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