Federal And State Correctional Officer Exam

Whether you are scheduled to take the corrections officer exam for a state, federal or local agency this correctional officer study guide will help you pass the test with a top score.

This manual will provide candidates with proven test taking strategies when taking the examination in a multiple-choice format.

You’ll get first hand knowledge of what’s going to be on the actual entrance test.

Corrections Officer Exam Tips

This study guide includes the procedures that you should follow during the actual examination. It also provides you with practice examination questions, which give you an idea of the types of questions to expect.

Answering the practice questions below allows you to assess your own ability and identify those ability areas on which you should focus your study efforts.

In addition, the familiarity with the test process gained in taking the practice examination below could serve to increase your confidence level and reduce anxiety about taking the test.

Some of the anxiety associated with test-taking situations may be related to the novelty of the situation, that is, applicants simply are not used to taking tests or taking a test with thousands of other individuals. Having this first-hand experience with the test-taking situation can help reduce your anxiety level.

Online Practice Test


Allocate no more than 30 minutes to complete the following (15) practice questions.

Questions 1 to 3 are based on the following table.


Admissions of Inmates to Municipal, County & State Penal Institutions

Institution Number Direct Admission from the Courts Admissions by Transfer from other Institutions Total Admissions
Male Female Male Female Male Female
1 3,483 1,024 67,789 0 71,272 1,024
2 100 0 25,371 0 25,471 0
3 1,542 0 9,748 0 11,290 0
4 342 45 5,275 125 5,617 170
5 822 150 642 82 1,464 232
6 483 44 1,743 238 2,226 282
7 675 12 522 65 1,197 77
8 744 98 3,755 174 4,499 272
9 691 26 679 17 1,370 43
10 0 1,214 0 8,432 0 9,646
8,882 2,613 115,524 9,133 124,406 11,746


1. According to the table above, in institutions that received both male and female inmates by transfer, which institution received the largest number?

A.      Institution Number 4

B.     Institution Number 6

C.     Institution Number 8

D.     Institution Number 10


2. According to the table above, the number of female admissions by transfers from other institutions to Institution Number 8 is 10 percent of the number of male admissions by transfers from other institutions to Institution Number X of both male and female inmates.  What is X?

A.      2.

B.     4.

C.     6.

D.     8.


3. According to the table above, which of the institutions had the LARGEST difference between the total admissions of male and female inmates?

A.      Institution Number 8

B.     Institution Number 6

C.     Institution Number 2

D.     Institution Number 1


That is just 3 practice questions to the state, county or federal correctional officer test. If you want a more in-dept look inside the test with tons of sample questions and answers visit Pass The Correctional Officer Exam.

The answers to the Practice Examination are listed below.

1. A

2. C

3. D