Firefighter Requirements in Alabama – Steps to Become a Fireman

Firefighter Requirements in Alabama

 So you want to be a Firefighter.  It’s not for everyone, but if a burning building, rescuing people (or an occasional cat or two), or extracting people from crashed cars appeal to you, then this is the career you have been waiting for!

Firefighter Training Requirements: EMT Training/Physical Agility Test (CPAT)

 Alabama Fire College (oh no, college, you’re saying to yourself!) or AFC, is the place to go for your training. It was created by the state of Alabama to train Volunteer, Paid and even the Industrial Firefighter. One good thing  about  college you will receive college credits and you can go on to get your associate’s degree.

 Candidates for college (there’s that C word again!) must be medically cleared by a physician first. You will also need proof you have taken and passed a First Responder Training, or an Emergency Medical Training (EMT) class.  Get those barbells out before you start this one……….You will have to pass the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT) before enrolling in the college.

 Now to the nitty gritty of what to expect….

 Some examples of Firefighter 1’s basics are….

  1. How to handle the initial emergency call
  2. Using the FD radio to send and receive
  3. Forced entry
  4. Using SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) in an emergency operation

Team work is one of the most important foundations you will learn and come to appreciate…. The whole operation of a firefighting crew is working with your fellow firefighters, watching their backs as they watch yours. There is no room for big egos here…some examples..

  • Exiting a hazardous  site as a team
  • Working as a team to fight fire, or rescue those from crashed cars
  • As a team you conduct Search and Rescue inside structures
  • Horizontal and vertical ventilation fire fighting must be conducted with your team mates
  • Control flammable gas cylinder fires is a team effort

You will learn…

  • Pumpers and how to connect to a water supply
  • The difference in Class A, Class B, and Class C fires….each must be handled in its own unique way
  • Scenes will need to be evaluated so to illuminate for the best coverage
  • The importance and how to’s  of shutting off building utilities

After the fire the importance of Prevention, Preparedness and Maintenance will be learned. This aftercare is as important as putting out fires….You have to be ready to roll when the call comes in

All your equipment will have to be checked….

  • Hand tools
  • ropes and ladders
  • SCBA
  • Fire hoses and more

Additional Requirements: Polygraph Test/ Firefighter Interview & Exam

Now to the part you have been waiting for ……EXAMS…..

Written exams 70% and higher will get you a passing grade….the Physical portion will be graded on the quickness of performing all skills, ability and agility you perform with, and showing the working knowledge you have mastered!

Here are some additional steps that are required before getting hired by a fire department:

1. You must pass the firefighter entrance exam (also known as the civil service exam in some states).

2. You must pass a background check that is free of any felony convictions.

3. You must pass a drug screen test.

4. You must pass the polygraph test. I recommend downloading How to Pass Your Polygraph ebook.  I encourage you to look over this  e-book before sitting down for your polygraph test. You can thank me later.

5. You must go through and pass an Oral Board Interview. To prepare for the oral interview, we suggest reading through Master Your Firefighter Interview before sitting for your interview. It’s a very good interview preparation book for future fireman.

It sounds like a lot to learn and do but being a firefighter is one of the most exciting, rewarding and much needed career in our communities.

Go for it!!

Alabama Fire Fighter Salary/Pay scale

Within Alabama there is a lot of variation in Fire Fighter Salaries. These variations depend on on a wide range of factors from population to general competitiveness in the market.

Below is a chart containing the average salary of a fireman. However the data collected are national averages, meaning your pay could be more or less depending on the agency.

Position Minimum annual base salary Maximum annual base salary
Fire chief $78,672 $104,780
Deputy chief 69,166 88,571
Battalion chief 66,851 81,710
Assistant fire chief 65,691 83,748
Fire captain 60,605 72,716
Fire lieutenant 50,464 60,772
Engineer 48,307 62,265

 Firefighting Jobs in Alabama

The directory below is a list of every fire station in the state of Alabama. If you are looking for a firefighter job in your area, please visit our career job center, and then enter your city and state in the search function.

  • A and M Volunteer Fire Department
  • Abbeville Fire Rescue
  • Abernant Fire Department
  • Adger Volunteer Fire Department
  • Akron Volunteer Fire Department