Florida Post Police Academy curriculum

If you want to become a police officer in the state of Florida there are some major hurdles you’ll have to overcome first. The process may be a bit intimidating at first but once you go through it and successfully complete all the requirements, you’ll realize it was all worth it.

The first hurdle in your quest to become a police officer in Florida is the post training academy. The law enforcement academy in Florida is not easy. Not only are you expected to pass the physical fitness test, but you’ll also have to pass the core curriculum at the academy.

After being accepted into the police academy, cadets will go through a rigorous training program that covers the following:

  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Crisis Intervention/Conflict Resolution
  4. Physical Training
  5. Patrol Procedures
  6. Defensive Driving
  7. Self Defense
  8. Firearm Training
  9. First Responders

Instructors at the academy will go over arrest and booking procedures, preliminary investigation techniques, as well as radio and communications. The Florida police academy curriculum is not easy. That is why I recommend every recruit officer get a study guide before going to the academy. I do hope this article helped you in some way.