Houston police department exam

The Houston police department is the largest police department in all of Texas. It’s also one of the hardest agencies to get hired on as a police officer. Nevertheless, being a police officer for HPD is a very rewarding career.

The great thing about HPD is they offer fantastic benefits like an awesome  entry level salary, career advancement opportunities, and endless overtime opportunities. The one aspect of the department that almost always seems to be a hurdle for potential recruits is the HPD police entrance exam.

Houston police department uses the National Police Selection Test standards as their primary screening tool to identify quality candidates. The Police Officer Selection Test (also known as the POST test) is an entry-level basic skills test that helps law enforcement agencies like HPD to select the most qualified applicants. The examination has eight main categories that are used to measure your ability to perform the duties of a police officer and they are as follows:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Directional Orientation
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Report Writing Skills
  • Memory Recognition

The best way to get prepared for the Houston Police Officer examination is to get yourself a good Police Exam Study Guide that covers the eight main categories mentioned above. The best way to get a study guide that mirrors the Houston Police Officer test is through your recruiter. Big agencies like HPD should have some sort of  test preparation system that allows prospects to study for the exam.

In the event they don’t have a study guide for candidates, I suggest going to the bookstore and buying one. If you are lazy like me, you can download one immediately at any police exam website site.