How to Listen To Local Police Scanners Online

Do you listen to the local police scanner in your home or car? How often do you listen to it? Whatever reason may be for listening to it, or whatever time of day it is, did you know you can listen to a local police scanner without having to own one?

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Years ago, you had to own a police scanner so you could hear what police were responding to, or to find out if there were any fires in the area. With a police scanner, you could keep up with what the police and other emergency vehicles were doing at any given time. Sometimes, even first aid responders could listen to the scanner, hear about someone in trouble, and respond accordingly.

Internet Police Scanner Feed

With the Internet, listening to police scanners has changed. The entire landscape of police activity has changed. If you really want to listen to a local police scanner, and you don’t own one, you can go online and listen. You just go to a website that provides audio feeds of radio scanning and tune into it.

Some websites are set up so you can go to the state you live in, and pick the exact county you reside in. Once you do this, the system provides a list of actual feeds that are available to listen to. You can listen to the actual broadcast. You can also find out how many people are listening to that channel and click a link to the location where the feed is coming from, or provides more information about that feed.

One such place you can go online is This is one place of the top places to go if you wish to listen to police scanners online. Since the police speak in code, if you really want to understand their language and what they are saying, it may be a good idea to learn the coding before you begin listening.

Police Scanner Codes Online

If you go to this website and scroll down the page, you will find a list of codes that are used while listening to the scanner. It might be good to print this code list so you can have it handy, if you are into listening to scanners.

Listening to local police scanners is not illegal. But it can get boring at times, unless you are really into it. If you listen to it for fun or as a hobby, you may not care about the codes, just to learn the language of what the police say when responding to a call.

If you are keeping track of where emergency aid is needed at any given time, so you can offer help, then listening to it will benefit you more. The website Radio Reference can help you a great deal.