How to Pass the State Trooper Test

Whether you want to work for a state agency as a state trooper or become a big shot detective, there is no denying the fact that you’ll have to the pass the State Trooper Examination first. The law enforcement exam is not easy, especially the state trooper test. The fact is 30% of all test takers will fail the exam on their first try. If you properly prepare, you can potentially keep yourself from joining this statistic.

So how do I prepare for the state trooper test?

Right now, you can start practicing for the memorization and recognition test. Studying can be rather simplistic. For example, if you are at the park, pick out one person from the crowd and remember everything about them from head to toe within a 40 second time frame. Next, ask a friend to quiz you, while your back is turned to that person.

You can do the same thing with vehicles and commercial buildings in your community. If you do this enough, you’ll be ready for the memorization recall test. Don’t just stop there; grab a newspaper and read an article all the way through. Then have a buddy quiz you on what you’ve just read. What you are actually doing is sharpening yourself for the reading comprehension test. If you do that enough, you’ll be laser ready for the state trooper examination.

The state police exam is not quite as hard if you are prepared in advance. The next thing you can do is locate a reputable State Trooper Study Guide and study it thoroughly. I hope this helps you out.