How to Train for the State Police Fitness Test

How to Pass the State Police Physical Fitness Test

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know what you’ll have to do for the state police physical fitness test and/or how to train for it. Regardless of how you found this webpage, one thing remains true, the state police fitness test is no laughing matter. In fact, a great majority of applicants will fail the state trooper agility test and sadly the number one reason for this is simply a lack of preparation. That is why I recommend that every person who desires to be a state police officer one day seriously follow a police specific workout program.

The truth is the one-size-fits-all workout programs that you find online or inside a  fitness magazine were never designed for law enforcement applicants. So why follow it and end up grossly muscular which will severely affect your endurance or cause you to get so depleted of energy that you can’t do 10 measly push-ups? I hope you see why I highly recommend a law enforcement specific workout plan for potential recruits.

This article will give you some tips and insight on how to pass the state police physical fitness test your first time through.

What is Involved in the State Police Physical Fitness Test?

You’ll be doing exercises in the following 4 areas: aerobic (running), anaerobic (sprint), push-ups, crunches, and possibly an obstacle course, and/or a dummy drag.

You’ll be rated on a scale but the trick comes with the age groups; with different age groups come different demands.

Just to state the obvious, the older you are the less you’ll be required to do. Female applicants will have to do less as well but don’t get excited just yet because  it’s not significantly less than their male counterparts.

If you want a full list of these ages and gender requirements, visit your state trooper’s website.

3 Steps to Training for the State Police  Physical Fitness Test

1) The first thing you’ll want to do is write down the top grade you can get for each category. For example, 60 pushups would be a perfect 10 for a 20-25 year old.

After you do this, add a few reps and shoot for that. I would personally shoot for 70-75 just to be safe (and maybe impress your future training officer).

2) Since you’re more than likely  training to your limit during your state trooper physical fitness test , I would suggest training to your limit while you are preparing for the test. However, this is taxing on your body so do not do it everyday. You can try it every other day or ever 2 days, depending on certain factors such as how much you eat, your genetics, etc.

3) The third thing you’ll want to do to pass your state police physical fitness test with ease is to start learning how to visualize. It’s going to help you tremendously through the grueling workouts the state police will put you through and it’s going to help you reach your goals faster.

The requirements for the state trooper physical fitness test aren’t too difficult but if you’re out of shape, they will prove to be a challenge.

Using these 3 techniques and making sure you prepare in advance, the state police physical fitness test should be a walk in the park for you.

And if you need to lose a lot of weight to make it easier (remember, doing anything with your body will be much easier if you weigh less), there are a large variety of books available online to help you get a fit body but the only one that burns fat at warp speed is the Fat Burning Furnance weight loss system.

Good Luck On Your Test!

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